What To Do When You’re Locked Out of Your House

Losing the key to your apartment is one of the occurrences that can lead you to being locked out of your own home. When such events take place, especially at odd hours when you really need to get into your house, most people turn to breaking down the doors or windows to gain access. But how do you address such kind of emergency?


So you’ve locked yourself out of your house. Now what?

Ideally, you’ll already have given a spare house key to a trusted neighbor or friend for just such an occurrence. But if not, here are a few things to try:

Ask for help

Do you live with roommates? Can they come home and let you in? Sure, it may be an inconvenience to ask your housemates to come let you in, but not nearly as inconvenient as being stranded outside your house, especially in the cold. If you rent your place, try reaching out to your landlord. They will usually have a copy of your house key and, depending on their location, may be close enough to swing by and let you in. If you live in an apartment complex, stop by the manager’s office and ask to be let into your place. Just make sure you can provide proof of who you are and the fact that you do indeed live in the complex.

Look for unlocked windows

Open window with plastic frame during cloudy day

Of course you would never leave your windows unlocked, but on the off chance you did, an unlocked window is the perfect entry point. Simply remove the screen, lift up the window, and shimmy through. Be careful as you enter through the window, as you’re likely to be off balance. Also be aware of what furniture or items may be lying below the window, such as end tables, TV’s, or other household items.

Grab a credit card

This method of lock-picking works only on spring bolts, the kind usually found on standard-issue doorknobs. Doors with deadbolts will not budge under the force of a credit card.

To attempt the credit card lock pick, start by choosing a card you won’t mind possibly destroying, such as a defunct Blockbuster membership card or an outdated gift card. Laminated cards tend to work the best due to the flexibility of the plastic.

1. Insert the card between the frame and the door at the point where the latch is located.
2. Hold the card perpendicular to the door and start pushing and wiggling the card.
3. While you push, start bending the card away …

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Creating a Romantic Garden

Well, keeping the love burning and the romance going is essential for any  relationship. If you have a garden then you can make use of it by adding some romance and surprises for your loved one.


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The subtle and alluring attraction of nature, a quiet place to sit and enjoy a cool drink, invites you to stay awhile. Call it a stress-buster, a respite, or just breathing space. I call it a romantic garden.

Just as the Romantic Era of the 18th century affirmed the importance of feeling and imagination over standard custom, the romantic gardener chooses concern with nature and natural surroundings over convention. Walk into any garden and see the pleasant surroundings, but walk into a romantic garden and your whole mood can be changed. In a romantic garden, you feel welcomed by the softly colored, fragrant blossoms and a path which beckons you to come further into the garden to find your special place. Whether you are a new or experienced gardener, you too can add romantic ambience to your garden.

Metaphors are important in the romantic garden. They are the illusions, the subtle reminders of other places and things that draw us out of the ordinary. For instance, in a Japanese garden, a drift of stones represents a dry stream, and a large rock is a mountain. The sounds of water flowing from a small fountain tucked between shrubs or flowers mimic the sound of a flowing river. A pond edged with ivy, irises, and low, cascading grasses connects us with nature and soothes our spirit.

The romantic garden relies on imagination and intuition which can be achieved by using spontaneity rather than strict form and convention. Here are a few ideas to start you thinking about creating a romantic garden.

What does a romantic perennial look like? Romantic flowers are usually found in soft shades of pink, lavender, yellow, and white. They come in all shapes and sizes, often projecting a feminine lacy look or a smooth, rounded appearance. For example, old-fashioned bleeding hearts, with their heart-shaped flowers, together with the frilly white bells of Lilies of the Valley (pictured here) are delightful spring blooming perennials for the romantic garden. The large, flouncy blossoms of hardy hibiscus announce their presence later in the summer, followed by the soft, rounded mounds of hardy garden mums which bloom well into fall.

For an especially romantic feel, try hanging glistening tear drop crystal ornaments from silk strings on the branches of a small tree above a bed of silvery lamium. If your garden area is mostly in the shade, consider using broad-foliage hostas like ‘Summer Music’ and ‘Old Glory’ combined with the finer textures of ferns and Corydalis. Picture these …


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Trenchless Sewer Repair

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In the past, whenever a pipe at your home or building’s sewer system burst open, getting it fixed typically involve digging up the entire yard, tearing up the driveway and so ruining all of Grandma’s darling rose shrubs. But this time by using the trenchless sewer repair system, you will no longer need to go through such home and yard trouble. The only digging you are going to be concerned of are the two access holes that ought to be dug to ensure that the trenchless sewer repair to be effectively done. Digging up these two access holes can be very minimal so they are not likely to give you any yard or rose bushes problems.

You cannot assume all plumbing service companies offer this type of repair so inquire first prior to hiring anyone. To give you more reasons as to why you need to ask for a trenchless sewer repair over a traditional dig-and-replace method, listed here are the benefits of using the former.

1. The cost is comparable or even less expensive than other methods. Plumbing businesses don’t usually charge the same fees. Therefore if you genuinely wish to obtain the same service for a much lower cost, then do your homework. Start researching. Call plumbing companies, find out about their services and charges then price compare. The internet is also a good resource. A few plumbing companies have websites which you could hire and tap them with just a few mouse clicks.

2. One additional apparent benefit you get is that the trenchless pipe repair method is a lot quicker, efficient, and tidy compared to tradition method. It is because it doesn’t involve digging trenches, that saves a lot of time and make it more efficient and tidy.

3. No mess and destruction done on your yard. You don’t have to worry about a driveway, a patio, a side walk, a fence, a cable line or a gas line being destroyed. The only digging to be completed will be on the two access points that ought to not concern you the least bit.

4. If your yard contains shrubs, trees or other landscaping elements, these might need to be removed in traditional method. But it’s no longer essential for trenchless approach.

There are two basic types of applications, the ‘pull-in-place’ (PIP) process and the ‘inversion’ process. Invisible Excavation specializes, in both. Another most frequent method of CIP lining is Inversion, that is an every second, less innovative method, where the liner itself rolls out of the point of entry as it is permeated with water, air or steam and when cured-in-place, the end is trimmer to allow for flow.

These are merely some of the benefits from a trenchless sewer repair. If you are to compare these benefits to the ones that other conventional methods offer, trenchless repairs will hand down win.

Now you know this important info about a trenchless sewer line replacement you can make a more informed decision about whether it is advisable for your house or not.

How to Making Your Scent Last All Day

Keep your scent last all day with this simple hacks. You can ensure that you’ll be smelling free all day without reapplying your perfume again and again.


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Perfume has been described as being the “ultimate sensory experience, calling up emotions and forgotten memories.” If there were lessons in fragrance then fragrance 101 would be learning the secrets to making your scents last all day.

How long a fragrance lasts on the skin is not the same for every individual.As a general rule a perfume (or parfum) or eau de parfum should last anywhere from six to eight hours while an eau de toilette can last anywhere from three to four hours. The higher concentration that an eau de toilette has the longer it will last. Dry skin doesn’t retain scent as long as oily or combination skin. Oily skin contains more natural moisture and that’s why it holds in scent longer. The PH levels in a person’s skin (which is the amount of acidity in the skin) are not the same for everyone. What your own personal levels of PHs are will determine how a scent will react to your skin. Other things such as pregnancy, menopause, stress, medication and hormonal changes, even eating foods with a lot of garlic or spice in them can affect how they smell on you and how long the scent will linger on your skin.

The best way to encourage your scent to last all day is to layer it. In other words use more than one product of the same scent. For example start with a body wash or body gel and then use the complementary scented soap. If your fragrance doesn’t have its own soap, then to avoid a clash of scents, use a non-scented soap. After your bath or shower while your skin is still wet apply a generous amount of body cream or lotion and then

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Preschool

“Learning is a process and a preschool starts the academic journey for your child.  A preschool definitely makes a great start for your child, but you also must ensure that you look at all important factors before you select the preschool you find most suitable for your child.”


boy and two girls writing

You probably think you have this preschool application thing solved.

By comparing the cost, location, length of the school day and quality of the playground, it may seem obvious where to send your kid for a day of finger painting and circle time. Ok, mom and dad. Those factors are important but kind of obvious.

One thing you might want to consider: Are the other parents like me? Ann Furst of St. Louis, MO, recently changed her son’s preschool and realized she and her husband were looking for a good community of parents. “We realized that we would have the potential to meet life-long friends through our son’s nursery school, so we wanted to be sure we were surrounding ourselves with other families that had core values similar to our own.”

So what else should you really be thinking about? “There are hundreds of factors parents can use when deciding on preschool, but they often miss the point and are blinded by perks,” says Jenifer Wana, author of How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child. “In the scheme of things, an organic garden for the kids to farm in will not make or break their experience.” Schools make a big deal over their extra programming to differentiate themselves from other schools.

Together with Linda Hassan Anderson of the National Association for the Education of Young Children in Washington, D.C., she created this list of the 8 factors parents need to focus on while touring the preschool circuit.

1. The Teaching Staff

Reggio Emilia. Montessori. Waldorff. There are plenty of school philosophies but most likely it’s not going to make or break your child’s preschool career or experience. The more important, if not the most important factor, both experts say, are the teachers. And it’s the most difficult thing to evaluate!

So what makes a great teacher? The best teacher will bond with your child and make him feel safe. Once they have that connection the teacher can more easily help your child learn. Pay a visit to the classroom at various times during the day so you can observe free and directed play. Does the teacher engage the kids, crouch to their level, ask them open-ended questions and encourage them to be inquisitive? “Even at recess they need to be teaching by helping kids interact with each other, focusing on sharing and taking turns,” says Wana. A great teacher will also help kids socialize and encourage a student who is standing alone in the corner to join in and play with others.

2. The Director

“She might not be present in your child’s day-to-day schooling but she’s extremely important because she’s in charge of running the school, setting the curriculum, motivating the teachers recruiting teachers and families and managing the budget,” says Wana. Some are warm and fuzzy and know all the students’ names while others are more focused on fundraising and management. Whatever her style, she needs to be effective in running a successful school, minimize staff turnover and keep teachers enthusiastic about their jobs.

Set up a meeting. What is his/her philosophy for the school? How does she …


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5 Ways to Get This Look: Coral and Gray Bathroom Ideas

“Gray has not just entered the fashion industry by storm but it is now also lurking in every home and interior design. See and find inspiration in these beautiful gray bathrooms.

Remember my guest bedroom? I loved decorating that room. The combination of coral and gray remains one of my all time favorites. So it’s easy to see why this bathroom pictured at Martha Stewart Online stopped me in my tracks. It’s a palette of gray, coral, and just a hint of blue-a match made in heaven with my guest room!

  • 5 ways to get this look coral and gray bathroom ideas, bathroom ideas, home decor, painting, storage ideas, The beadboard walls and pedestal sink make the room feel farmhouse fresh Charming Little Nest

    The beadboard walls and pedestal sink make the room feel farmhouse fresh. @Charming Little Nest
  • 5 ways to get this look coral and gray bathroom ideas, bathroom ideas, home decor, painting, storage ideas, Aqua Blue Shower Curtain Centsational Girl

    Aqua Blue Shower Curtain @Centsational Girl
  • 5 ways to get this look coral and gray bathroom ideas, bathroom ideas, home decor, painting, storage ideas, I found this aqua colored Ikea Rastog Lark Lola

    I found this aqua colored Ikea Rastog @Lark & Lola

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New Look For Today’s Kitchen is Rustic Country Style! Read It Here!

In your house, the decor you set for your kitchen, frequently becomes the decor for the house, so what should you do if your decor choice is rustic? The rustic kitchen is not plain, nor will it lack class. Numerous deluxe mansions have a rustic style. Rustic style kitchens are the best way to build a warm and cosy feel in the house of any size, great for those who wish to bring their rural surroundings indoors, or for those city dwellers that are looking to include a touch of the natural to their decor to create a country paradise in the concrete jungle.”

Photo by www.homeportfolio.com

When you hear the word rustic, your thoughts may well envision log cabin style décor with bear rugs and dark paneling on the walls. Or, you may be thinking of a more country style rustic, with copper pans hanging from the pot rack and rooster on the countertops. Nowadays, rustic kitchen are incredibly classy and chic. They fit flawlessly traditional and country style homes given that they efficiently depict that old-fashioned and cozy appearance. While several retailers are championing the sleek minimal line for 21st Century kitchen design, the reliable rustic country kitchen look remains to be a firm favorite with conventional, timeless sentiments that last a long way into the future of your property. 

The following are our some tips for achieving the ideal rustic country kitchen design:

Creative Storage
To bring the natural rustic design into the kitchen, you’d like cabinets and storage areas of natural looking materials whenever possible. Kitchen cabinets are certainly more than a storage space as they deliver a strong personal statement of style & taste of the house owner. Cabinets are not limited by design and color. You can find good quality wood, fiber and other modular designs available. Cabinet design is dependent on the kitchen decor style, material, colors, door style and accessories.

Go Natural
The idea of a rustic kitchen is to bring the outside, inside; meaning making use of plenty of natural colours and materials whenever you can to create a great country feel. Examples of items that look wonderful in a rustic space will include a stone sink, a copper hood, wooden parquet flooring and stone worktops. Individuals will feel in the rural environment coupled with latest technology giving it the innovative rustic feeling. 

Fixtures and Fittings
The kitchen design must have unity in all its components such as wooden table, rustic shade cabinets, and open wooden shelves with vintage kitchen accessories giving it an ideal rustic interior design. Rustic kitchen design ideas may be simplified but the theme should austerely be rustic. 

In a nature inspired rustic kitchen, floors
can be stone or wood. Stone is likely to do very well in the kitchen since it holds as much as getting wet better than wood. On the counters, you want to get rid of as much mess as you can. The naturally rustic kitchen have a minimalist feel, considering that the main reason for this type of décor is to bring natural substances in. 

Fabrics and Soft Furnishings
may be a cliché to far, yet take into consideration your curtains, chair cushions/covers and table cloth – sourcing traditional designs and patterns to develop a heritage cottage feel is a great way to go and will play the role of dressing the rest of the room

Types And Uses Of Barbecue Grillers

Many people get into a grilling routine with time that we haven’t changed. With our fast paced lifestyles, this is an excellent way to eat right and get it done in the time you have. To a lot of people, you’ll find nothing better than enjoying an outdoor barbecue grill with family and friends at home or at your favorite picnic spot. Getting your own meat, marinating it over night or possibly for few days just so the flavor sinks in after which grilling it on your own grill and maybe have a few (blank) friends over, yes it is actually a great pass time. What exactly is really intriguing is that barbecue grills aren’t just of just one type. Generally there are three main forms of barbecue grills, charcoal, electric and gas. Let’s check out the variations of each type of barbecue grillers.”

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Nowadays you will find a grill to suit just about any type of culinary use and physical space. It’s been a huge increase to the amount of options available for the home and vacationing cook. Not only can a person cook all sorts of things that they want on their grill, they may also utilize the appropriate type of fuel to fit their taste and sense of efficiency. Using these options available, consumers may also locate a size and complexity to fit their budget and residence. This all boils down to cooking anything you want whenever you want, and even wherever you would like it. It’s a great boom to the flavors that just a grill may bring. Here are the basic types of barbecue grills available to assist you in finding the best model that works for you.

The most classic is the charcoal grill. Though you may now find infrared style grills, this doesn’t suggest this traditional grill has gone out of style at all. Rather, this product has seen a resurgence. The charcoal offers anything you grill on it a tasty grilled and smoky flavor that is challenging to come by anywhere else. In the past, these types of grills were simply hollow steel balls, yet these days these models come in numerous sizes and styles with a load of accessories. Best of all, modern models tend to be easier to clean than before.

This does not imply charcoal has no its rivals. Gas, propane mostly, is perhaps the favourite type of grill. Propane is affordable, safe, and has no leftover mess like charcoal does after grilling. It is a good convenience. Plus lighting is a lot easier with instant heat, no waiting for coals to get to temperature. Propane also gives its very own unique flavor to everything it grills too. These models also provide the greatest number of options for the griller as well: side burners, flat tops, and huge sizes. Many of these options make these products a great choice for the home. Moreover, the products can be found in small portable sizes suitable for camping.

Another kind of grill would be the electric grill. The great thing about it is that it provides a new cooking experience. One of many reasons why electric barbecue grills happen to be quite popular is because of the way in which it cooks the food. Cooking food on an electric grill has been proven to burn all the fat in the foods that you’d be cooking. Utilizing such a grill is noted to be healthier in relation to other possible choices.

Guidelines For Granite Countertops Maintenance

“A granite countertop is of highest preference when your kitchen, bar or bath is concerned. It adds attractiveness to your home which last for a long time as it’s remarkably durable because of hardness and strength. It’s available in a wide range of textures and patterns. A granite countertop can be a great investment in your home. Some homeowners opt for granite counters in the kitchen area, while others prefer them in the bathroom. But it is more visible on kitchen areas as they are stain, heat and scratch resistant which means you can put a hot pan and not concern yourself with dulling it.”

Photo by www.greatlakesgm.com

Granite has grown to be excellent option in the kitchen as it delivers what a gourmet kitchen appears like with the help of an artistic, yet practical element to the space. They are available in various textures and colors without any two slabs being identical, making them unique.

Granite is definitely an durable and strong igneous stone that is formed from volcanic that’s why it’s an perfect material for countertops, as it is incredibly hard, resilient and heat resistant. Besides its material features, granite is a truly beautiful reflection of nature. Below are great tips to ensure that you keep your granite countertops in top-notch condition:



One of many important tasks you could undertake to protect your investment is the routine sealing of your granite countertops, which makes it nearly resistant to stains setting its surface. A lot of products are available for sealing granite out there, but it is a must to have the know-how to complete the process correctly. As an over-all rule, it is a sensible idea to reseal one’s counter one per year, but, several types of granite have different traits, varying degrees of porousness. To know whether one needs to reseal or not, cleanse the counter very carefully and give it time to dry. Then, put a small quantity of clear plain tap water on to the granite and allow it to pool for a few minutes. Should you wipe away the water with a clean, dry cloth and discolored area is left behind, the granite calls for resealing.


Even when you have protected your granite with sealants, it’s always a smart idea to be proactive and prevent stains from positioning. It is best to cleanup splatters instantly, utilizing a blotting technique rather than wiping to prevent scattering the spilled substance. A lot of stains may generally be taken off by cleaning the surface with dish soapy water. You must never clean up your counter tops with acidic cleaners, because these may cause scratching. Later on, make sure you always dry the surface with a clean cloth.


Make sure to clean the granite countertops often. While slicing fresh meat or fish, thoroughly clean the granite soon otherwise granite will damage quickly. The easiest way to clean the granite countertops is clean the countertop with mild soap and water to cleanse the place. While washing the counter top use detergents or cleanser avoid using rough cloth for it’ll surely scratch the granite.

These are only some of the techniques to care for your granite countertop. If you take daily maintenance steps, immediately cleaning any splatters, getting rid of stains that already exist, and sealing your countertop for protection, it could improve the look of your home and add to its value for many years to come.

Buying Kitchen Faucet | Top 5 Tips

“When coming up with your kitchen, you could think about cabinet styles, flooring, and appliances when creating the appearance and feel. What most do not understand is that the kitchen sink may have a substantial role in your design. While it’s only intended for washing dishes, rinsing food, and cleaning your hands, the kitchen faucets can be found in countless choices. There are many common old styles that people opt for but through the years the designs of kitchen faucets have expanded in appearance and function. With today’s kitchen faucets there are lots of choices. Today you will find a large number of styles available to the consumer that’s in accordance with functionality, color and materials. This means you need to know how to pick the one which will do its job and will carry on doing it for several years.”

Photo by livinator.com

  Are you in the middle of redecorating your kitchen and about to replace the kitchen faucet? It is always nice to install a new faucet to your kitchen sink. Kitchen faucets are really easy to purchase from home improvement stores or even online retailers. These come in numerous styles to pick from. The tough part is when you have chosen the right one for your kitchen sink. You might need to spend hours to find one that meets your taste and budget.

If you want to get the ideal faucet with no hassle, you will need to know some things to consider before you make a purchase. Listed here are 5 things that you must think about when picking a kitchen faucet:

1. Style

Make sure your kitchen design matches the faucet style. A modern kitchen might not look right with a rustic, farmhouse themed kitchen faucet. Faucets may also vary in angles, curves, and details. Today you can find multiple stylish designs of kitchen faucets which are equipped with a hip pull out spray spout.

2. Finish

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of finishes; as polished brass, satin black, stainless steel, and more. There are many options out there but make sure that you match the finish with your other kitchen hardware such as cabinet door handles or drawer pulls.

3. Accessories

Kitchen faucets also come with side accessories. Lotion and soap dispensers, air gaps, and sink strainer are ones you may select. Side sprayers are available to clean those large pots and pans. The faucet can also be a pull out faucet which turns into a sprayer with a push of a button. Select carefully what you want to include in your faucet.

4. Brand

There is a wide choice of brands and manufacturers that make beautiful, efficient and reliable faucets. Merely pick one which has good reviews from customers. Most branded faucets could ensure that your faucet would last you a very long time and are very practical. Purchasing a cheap product will just end up costing you more in the end.

5. Budget

You have to set your budget reasonably. You need to have this in mind so that you can weigh your options and pick the one which will benefit you the most. Just always remember to never compromise quality over a few bucks.

Improve your kitchen and improve your quality of life with great kitchen faucets. Find the faucet that sticks out and really spices up the kitchen. Read some reviews to get more ideas on your purchase.