March School Holiday Activities for Kids in Singapore (2015)

Looking for a fun activity with your kids this month? If you have no idea yet what to do, here are just a few of activities that you might want to enroll to. Enjoy great and exciting moments with your child as young as they are as you can’t bring them back to their childhood!


The Great Egg-Venture Giant Eggs Mass Painting Media Preview - Parkview Primary School 2Go on The Great Egg-Venture
A hundred giant eggs have been painted by local students and artists selected though a design competition. These will be scattered around the Sentosa Harbourfront precinct as part of the Giant Egg Hunt where people can participate to win attractive prizes. Come check out these giant Easter eggs (which measure 1.8 metres by 1 metre) at the local egg-hibition and take part in the biggest egg hunt in Singapore. There’ll also be Easter Fringe Activities with promotions and events for the Easter weekend

When 14 March to 5 April
Where Sentosa HarbourFront Precinct and around Sentosa
Cost Free
Details Here and here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.18.11 PM
Be a Kiddy-preneur
Tease out the little entrepreneur in your child at Sentosa Kidz Flea. For the fourth year in a row, this flea market by kids, for kids, comes back in time for the school holidays so that children aged seven to 12 years can have a taste of running their own business. Book a stall — if one is still available –- and sell new or pre-loved toys, books, accessories, handicrafts, etc. Or just come, shop and have fun watching performances. Sentosa Islanders and POLW (Port of Lost Wonder) members get to enjoy special prices.

When 14 to 22 March, 2-7 pm.
Where Sentosa Beach Plaza
Cost From $60 for five days
Details Here.

March holiday
Be a Cool Chemist
KidsSTOP! at Science Centre Singapore is holding a Cool Chemistry workshop for children aged four to eight years. Through demonstrations, experiments and hands-on activities, children will learn about the importance of chemistry to a doctor, an engineer and a chef. They will get to experiment with solids, liquids and gases. Last but not least, they will also make their own soap!

When 17 March (4 to 5 years old) & 18 March (6 to 8 years old), 12 noon-2.30 pm.
Where KidsSTOP!
Cost $42.80 including GST
Details Here.


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Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Furniture (1)

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Styling one’s room does not imply that you’re going to drain your pockets. Getting the very best interior designer is generally the first decision for those who can afford, but for those who can’t, performing it yourself is the answer. You could plan in advance and look for ideas over the internet or mags to visualize the effect on your actual living room area.

Below are some illustrations of living room design inspiration that you may possibly want to include at home.

I.    Tropical decor is energetic with lively overtones. The luxurious greens and yellows of natural flora are just two of most popular hues you can get in a tropical living area design concept. Pick colors which can be found naturally such as the shade of trees and shrubs, plants, flowers and fruits. Visualize a tropical woodland or a marketplace loaded with tropical fruits to inspire your style.

II.    Victorian Design is about class and heritage. You would generally discover Victorian Style living rooms in Victorian style homes and hotels. The factor is classic allure with a splash of color and texture. Victorian style living rooms communicate richness.

III.     Classic Modern Design is most likely amongst the most common design for living rooms. Residences that have Classic-Modern style design enjoy primarily on the comforting feel and structure of the living space. Should you have a very geometric or distinct edged space, toning and softening it with textures is a way to do it.

IV.    Hawaiian-inspired Design is not really so difficult to achieve. The atmosphere on this theme is vivid and natural. You can use island sun or ocean hues as inspiration when shopping for paint and material colors and incorporate native decorations, wood furnishings and flowers to finish the look.

V.    Modern Zen Design was created to bring coziness and pleasure to your living space. This living room design idea is quite well-known today particularly for folks who wanted to have stability and comfort into their home. Having a focal point in your living room and accents to balance the structure are the key ingredients. Come with a natural atmosphere by opening the space and letting in some sun light wraps up the Zen atmosphere.

No matter what living room design idea you find attractive, be sure that it’s going to meet your needs and way of living. Make sure to consult with a designer who understands how to deal with a limited budget and complies with what you need. And always remember to select the design that you’ll enjoy for some time.

Constructing a Kitchen Breakfast Bar: 6 Dos and Don’ts

When you plan your house, I recommend that you put a small area for your breakfast bar. There will always be a time that you just want to jump in and out on breakfast bars instead of preparing or arranging the entire dining area. I strongly suggest that you install one in your home not necessarily hire a contractor but build it yourself. However, if you are not confident enough, then you can just order one.


1 – Do Leave Enough Room for…

Navigating around the kitchen breakfast bar. You will need to consider that stools or chairs will need enough room to be pulled out and sat on and people need to be able to still walk around them comfortably, without squeezing through a tight space. Measure the area properly so you don’t end up with a gap that no one can get past.

2 – Do Calculate…

The height and length correctly. Use a standard height for the kitchen breakfast bar, unless you require a customized height. If the kitchen breakfast bar is replacing an older one and you are keeping the stools or chairs, measure the height so that there is room for the chairs to sit underneath the kitchen breakfast bar when pushed in and not being used by anyone.

3 – Do Use Proper and Solid…

Support bars on your kitchen breakfast bar. Remember that the weight of elbows and items will need the correct amount of support in all the right places
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3 Ways to Add Curb Appeal

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It is acknowledged by everyone that as the time goes by, the charm our houses devalue. Various factors and elements develop this situation and its inescapable. Actually, it’s not just limited to aging homes but additionally to properties which are not well maintained. As a house owner, you should realize that such things as chipped painting, dirt, grime, mold and mildew could affect the way your home appears and for that reason, it’s going to lower that home’s value.

Each residence’s attraction is called the curb appeal. If the home’s curb appeal makes a good first impression to anyone specifically for possible house buyers, they’re going to want to see what’s inside it. If you’re thinking of putting your property on the market, lack of curb appeal can have issues. To address this matter, here are some simple outdoor improvements which will enhance the curb appeal of your property.

A. Clean The Interiors and Exteriors of Your Property

Cleaning the residence exteriors is as important as cleaning what’s indoors. By eliminating all the mess and rubbish from your residence will attract prospective buyers into your residence. To help you out, use a power washer to wash the exteriors of your house. Using the power washer, you may get rid of the dirt, salt scum, and grime out of your veranda, driveway, and outdoor patios. You can easily rent or purchase a pressure washer or you can hire the expertise of a professional pressure washer in order to avoid accidents and incidents. Finally, do not ignore the gutters. Unclean gutters will not just be unattractive; it is going to fail to do its function which means you must not forget that aspect. By simply cleaning it, you can actually make a big difference in the curb appeal of your abode.

B. Improve Your Landscaping

The most common and the easiest way to improve the attraction of your home is integrating nature in it. In addition, you should remove the weeds and all sorts of dead flowers. You can replace the old plants or just add more when possible. Purchasing local plants and flowers is a great way to save money. A landscaper can also be a big help in achieving this task however, if you’re comfortable enough you’re able to do the task, then just carry on. Reach out with your neighbors and ask what kind of plant is good for your area.

C. Repaint The Walls

Develop the house by painting the front or the exterior of the house. Normally painters are hired to do this job. But what we don’t realize is that, it is not that complicated and you could actually do it with your family. Prior to this, you need to first make certain that surface is clean and ready. And also, take into account the climate when conducting this activity since climate can impact paint adhesion.

Security Locks: 5 Common Types

Locks are useful to protect people as well as their property against theft and damage. You can find a lot of kinds of locks in today’s market and all of them have some type of bolt which is used as the locking mechanism. Now, you may see combination locks, time locks, chain locks and electronic locks. In picking the correct type of locks and the right keying system, you need to have a careful consideration.

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A.    Padlock
These kinds of locks are a locksmith’s dream. They’re just one of the least difficult locks to open. A few padlocks may be re-keyable, while other are not. In addition, some padlocks retain their key once the lock is unlocked so that the key cannot be removed. Some other padlocks are bolt-cutter resistant by having a surrounded shackle. It is just a portion of the lock that lifts up, and thus preventing bolt cutters to get a good grasp.

B.    Dead bolts
Deadbolts tend to be the most secure kind of bolt. Dead bolts are mounted to a steel frame on the inside surface of the door. Such deadbolts lock with a key from the outside and through turning a small knob from inside. Other deadbolts are set in the door. They’re just termed ‘dead’ simply because they cannot be pried open. It comes in either a single or double cylinder model. Here as well, both the single and double cylinder deadbolt locks feature a key on the outside. The first kind features a thumb-turn handle within the and the latter using a key.

C.    Knob Locks
They are the most regularly used types of locks on doors. Then again, it is not wise to use these on outside doors since the only security of the knob is easily destroyed due to its structure. The door must have an opening for the lock to be set up into.

D.    Combination Lock
A combination lock works with a sequence or series of numbers or symbols to be opened and accessed. The combination numbers and/or symbols may be inputted using one rotating dial, an electric or mechanized keypad. In case a rotating dial is used, the dial interrelates with a number of discs or cams.

E.    Mortise Locks
Mortise Lock possesses a locking mechanism mortised (cut) into the door. The doorknobs screw to the locking mechanism. Mortise locks have either spring bolts, deadbolts or both. A deadbolt measure about one inch long provides highest security. Mortise locks are incredibly strong when set up in a tough door. Also, they can remarkably compliment the outside appearance of any home

A Basic Guide on Buying Dishwashers

Dishwashers are a modern convenience that many of us are very used to. Residences, condominiums and most apartments currently have one as a standard appliance, much like a stove and freezer. Similar to any appliance, although, they do not last for a long time. If it’s time for you to purchase or change a dishwasher, make time to look into the many choices that are out there. With expenses ranging from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, pick carefully to ensure you get the appliance that most closely fits your requirements.

These are simply a number of the considerations while you shop for a dishwasher:

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•    Size and Color/Finish
How big is the space for your dishwasher? The regular sizes are 18″ and 24″ for the built-in type. Stainless steel finishes tend to be the most popular, however, you might also pick from common finishes such as a white, black, beige or even a wood grain finish.

•    Functions
Timer delay is extremely beneficial function for selecting the optimum time to perform a load. You’d also want a dishwasher with a half load function. This function allows you to tell the dishwasher to wash a less load only in the top tray.

•    Budget
Your budget will actually dictate the features that you can have for dishwasher. Quite often, those that are expensive features more advanced systems as well as energy saving features that will absolutely save more money in the long run. This means you need to be ready in paying out a large amount if you wish to have a quality one. Furthermore try to look for the warranty terms that are included with the product to avoid further cost for repairs.

•    Controls
Classic models have the controls on the front of the appliance. A number of models have become designed with the controls at the top, so they are not seen once the door is closed.

•    Interior
Look for a dishwasher which includes adjustable racks that may be lowered and elevated to adjust to various sizes of crockery, pans and glasses. Moreover, some machines would include detachable baskets which are ideal for placing knives in vertically.

Dishwasher is certainly not cheap which means you ought to think wisely and conduct some research before you purchase one. You’ll want to ensure that you purchase the quality ones in order that you’ll have no complications later on.

25 Coolest Room Partition Ideas

Dividers are not just there to separate or create privacy to each section of the house. They are also used as a work of art by homeowners. Sometimes, the dividers themselves shout the theme or the personality of the person living in it.


1 | 

2 | 

3 |

4 |4


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Guide in Choosing Your Bathroom Shower

Showers have been used for many longs years by now and is one the vital bathroom fixture in every home. Even so, it might be challenging to pick the right one or the most appropriate for your house since there already a lot of choices to choose from. To be guided in your decision, here is quick overview of each kind.

I.    Bath/Shower Mixers

The hose and spray on this sort of shower are combined with a bath mixer tap, and the temperature can be adjusted with the bath taps. It is simple to install as a replacement for existing bath taps. The tap(s) and shower flex are one unit and if the shower is used or the taps are used could be determined manually by using a lever. The spray head could be screwed off and on the flex. It is a really cheap alternative and no extra plumbing is required. But, the bath/shower mixers also have problems with bothersome temperature control possibilities.


II.    Manual Shower Mixers

Mixer showers are often called as this since they are a combination of the hot and cold water sources (inside of a valve) before it is available at the shower head. They depend on a person to alter the shower temperature level when variations in water pressure set off temperature changes. One of the strengths of this type is that temperature level and flow correction is very simple as the controls are more accessible in comparison with bath fillers.

III.    Thermostatic Mixers

It’s an ideal selection for schools, medical facilities and open spaces because of the inbuilt stabilizer unit which produces constant water temperature. It has a fixed wall unit, a hose, water spray and a valve. This kind of shower has the ability to control the flow of water and to combine cold and hot water to obtain the ideal water temperature. It really is user-friendly for its ability to instantly adjust temperature of water and pressure.

IV.    Electric Showers

An electric shower is plumbed in to a mains cold water supply and it heats the water electrically. The device allows the temperature and pressure to get adjusted via a knob. Models with temperature stabilizers be more effective because they remain unaffected by other taps elsewhere in use within the household. It must be installed on its own circuit and not spurred from any other connections or equipment.

V.    Power Showers

This product is a lot like a thermostatic mixer shower in that it brings together cold and hot feeds, however it does so by using an integral pump – therefore, the need for a power source. It supplies a great shower experience with a great deal of water pumped out. Even so it could be a high-priced fitting, as plumbing & electrics will also be essential.

Bathroom Fixtures in Colors

If before we can only experiment on our walls to add color on our room, well in this new age you can have wide choices of colorful fixtures to choose. You can now have a red sink, a blue toilet, a pink tub and or whatever you want inside your bathroom. Today, almost everything is possible especially when it comes to home improvement. Just always remember that when try out these fixtures, you have to consider the interior design basics as these colors may be overwhelming if not incorporated properly.


Bathroom Fixtures in Colors


 Adding Color to the Bathroom

If you’re like most people, your bathroom is the one room you haven’t changed as long as you have owned your house. Rooms like the kitchen and living room clamor for our renovating attention, leaving the bathroom last on the list to be upgraded.

But when the time comes to modernize your bathroom’s décor, plan to do it right. Don’t just repaint the walls with a new color. Think of going all they way. Plan to replace your outdated sink, vanity, tub and toilet. With today’s selection you can install bathroom fixtures in colors to fit any decorating theme.

Color can be added in small ways for a quick way to freshen the look. The easiest way to add smaller splashes of color is to accessorize with things like shower curtains, borders …


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12 Amazing Bedroom Vanity Table and Chair Ideas

Vanity sets will always be essential for nearly all bedroom designs and styles to give an area for day-to-day grooming. This is most especially true for girls who usually can go outside without checking  themselves in the mirror.  Not  that just it helps you fix yourself, its design can simply make huge difference and impact in your room’s design.


A vintage flavor and traditional style, this vanity set features a neutral duo tone and a very sophisticated essence. You’ll have some space to keep your necessities, space to style the tabletop as you see fit and a personal space to enjoy everyday. And pay attention to the beautiful details of this piece with its custom-designed crystal hardware and heirloom look.

Bedroom Vanity Table and Chair Ideas


This vanity selection has a delicate fashion but also versatility, functionality and options. Instead of the shelving for organizing and displaying, you can opt for a mirror and switch out the pieces as you see fit! This pick is a great choice for a young teen or even a college student with her own apartment.

Three Drawer Vanity Desk


A vanity set without the “normal” Victorian appeal, this modern piece is perfect for smaller spaces with a contemporary vision. It’s classy, elegant and clean but still very serene and functional to help get ready for your day. The mix of silver and traditional neutrals also make for an interesting and easy piece to blend.

Small Contemporary Vanity with Mirror


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