Moving Up: 7 Tips for Your 2nd Story Addition

Planning is the key when taking on a project that involves removing your roof. Before you plan your 2nd story, research what obstacles will need to be dealt with.

When you need to add space to your home and don’t want to expand farther out onto your property, the only place to go is up. Adding a second story can double the living space and is an exciting change for you and your family, but there are a few things to consider before getting underway with this remodeling project.

Make sure it’s allowed.

Discuss with your remodeler how local zoning and health regulations may affect your plans. Rules and regulations, such as allowable “Floor Area Ratios”, “Lot Coverage”, and “B100″ are critical to know about up front before you start designing and building.


Check the foundation and structure.

Your home’s foundation and framing might have been structured to support only a certain amount of weight. Before increasing the load, have your contractor examine the foundation and current structure to determine what structural reinforcement needs to be done to support an additional structure.

Determine the size of the second story.

Some people add a full second story to their home, while others might just want a partial addition.

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We recently expanded a home by adding a second story bedroom and some dormers. Your decision might be based on space needs, budget, or both. If you expect that you will need more space in the future but don’t have the budget now, consider building the second story area you need, but saving the finish work for later. It’s more cost-effective to do the structural work all at once than to go back and add to it in the future.

You don’t need to know exactly where and how large each room will be. You don’t have to have figured out where the staircase will fit best or the right placement for the bathroom plumbing. A good Design-Build remodeler can take care of drawing up the plans based on understanding what you want the second story add-on to achieve.In progress Clark Construction of Ridgefield, Inc. gambrel addition in Redding, CT.

When you add a second floor to your home, you will likely want to make changes on the main floor. You probably have one or more bedrooms that will move upstairs, so what do you want to do with those rooms once they are vacated? Do you want to create a larger space by knocking down walls?

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Keeping Your Home Mold-Free

Mold can quickly end up in any residence, since mold is a natural organism. It can cause destruction to the residence primarily furniture, ceilings and wall foundation. If you have any long term moisture issues at home particularly when your home is mainly composed of wood, it is commonly inevitable they’ll cause mold development.. Then all of sudden, you are going to just be shocked that mold are destroying your house without you realizing.

Mold is normally undetectable to the naked eye, for it being incredibly tiny we usually do not notice it. Times when visible mold comes out occurs when larger colonies appear, and cluster together, and that’s exactly when people’s concerns grows. Usually the mold is behind the wall space of a property and it’s worse than what the people realize is visible. And then, a mold remediation firm will come in that exposes to the house owner of more mold than what they actually anticipated.

Mold growth normally starts in small and simple situation at home. A few signs that you’ve got a moisture problem are water stains or discoloration on wall space, flooring or ceilings in the home. Discovering these could be considered a sign that there is mold growing within or behind the material. Additionally, when you notice a lot of cumuli at home then it’s an indicator that you have a large amount of moisture and hence a sign that you could have a mold problem. Mold spores do not reproduce or develop in a lack of moisture. And so, indoor mold development could very well be avoided by controlling indoor moisture and humidity. It’s very helpful to prevent serious damage that these molds can cause and to protect the family also.

When molds grow below carpet, behind walls, or at the backside of furnishings, you can’t identify the growth except if it arises the musty odor or anyone in the household starts suffering from mold allergy. A mold inspection should be done in the event that indications of mold exist in the house. Do not disturb the mold unless you are set for cleanup or professional remediation. It is always encouraged to let the professional mold remediation firm perform inspection and suggest for solution.

When looking at a mold remediation firm, ensure that the company is licensed and insured to perform the job. Additionally, another helpful advice is that, to make sure that they are carrying it out effectively and fully is to employ an industrial hygienist to write the scope of work and to deal with the pre-test and post testing. Should you follow this rule then your mold dilemma will be solved.


Bathroom Mats

With regards to providing the necessities for a wonderful and relaxing bath or shower, you can find a huge number of products to select from. Everything from body brushes, loofahs, soaps, oils and bath crystals can help improve the bath for a relaxing and enjoyable treat. One essential aspect that many people over look is the need for non-slip shower mats.

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Nothing beats them in terms of maintaining your place slip-resistant. Furthermore, they act as heat insulators for cold bathroom floors that can be really not comfortable particularly if you have just had a cold shower. In addition, without having rubber floor mats, you’ll be leaving a puddle of water in your wake, making it a slip hazard for the next one who will be using the shower room. Mopping the floor after each use of the shower room is not a wise decision when compared with simply using rubber matting in them.

1. Quick-drying: They should be quick-drying to make certain they perform to their optimum capabilities. They must have the ability to dry as soon as soon as possible in order that the next bathroom user may take benefit from it. Bamboo mats are seen as the best out of numerous materials.

2. Absorbent: This is the primary purpose of the mat; therefore it ought to be noted. Fortunately, most shower mats carry out this criterion thoroughly, with the exception of rubber mats.

3. Fungus resistant: It is a very important criterion as it could have an effect on the health of the users. A mat that dries faster will also fight fungus better. Rubber mats are most resistant, while bamboo mats follow closely. Cotton mats aren’t fungus resistant, and hence must be washed frequently in hot water.

4. Comfortable to the feet: They ought to be comfy to stand on. Remember, you will be using them for the shower room, and more or less, you are barefoot when you shower. So you should make sure that you are comfortable whenever you stand on them barefoot.

5. Availability: There are numerous bath mats on the market. These come in numerous sizes and colors. This means that it is possible to find one that suits the taste of the buyer and matches their bathroom decor. Since this item is very inexpensive it must be a standard safety product found in every bathroom.

Before choosing a shower mat, it would be helpful to look at the benefits and drawbacks above types of mats. Bamboo is the most versatile, but if comfort is the most important factor, cotton is the best. It needs to be washed on a regular basis to keep it safe for use.


Bathtubs – A Buyer’s Guide to Materials

Nowadays, there are already plenty of bathtubs with many types that you can get in the marketplace. Each varies in design, shape, material which makes it difficult to acquire the best one for the house. Moreover, it becomes more difficult when you have to follow a particular theme at home. You must include in your criteria the color and design that can match the entire look of the place. If before it us unusual for the ordinary family to get an indoor bathtub, however right now every household can have one in their individual house.


One important aspect in getting a bathtub is the materials used. Your decision can differ on the style of your home and several other factors in your home structure. Each bathtub can satisfy your desire of a good bathing experience, but few of them will make it incredible. One can like a bath in the bathtub; however the real difficulty starts with regards to the irritation of cleaning and maintaining it consistently. You can simply avoid them by choosing the correct bathtub material. Among the materials that are used to make bathtubs are:

• Wood: Wood has been used in bathtub fabrication for centuries. You’ll find them generally in most of the oriental and Japanese bathroom designs too. It is good for cold spots where water should be kept warm; yet, maintaining wood is bothersome and time intensive. It could actually create mold, as a result of dampness, and can even chip off when not looked after well.

• Copper: Copper is a good material for bathtubs. It’s regarded as good to health and gives luxury to your bathroom area. But when talking about keeping it looking like brand new for very long, you’ll need to invest hours regularly. Other than this, it is quite high-priced as well.

• Superior Solid Surface: These solid surfaces are created from stone resin mixtures thus providing the appearance and feeling of stone, however with extra toughness. These could be molded into almost any shape with respect to your bathroom bathtub design ideas. Aside from this, they’re easy to sustain also.

• Fiberglass: Fiberglass gel coat bathtubs are made of fiberglass plastic and enclosed in a gel coat. Air bathtubs and whirlpool bathtubs are usually made this way since it is quickly molded. They feature glossy, smooth, and easy to clean finishes and area. It’s not as durable as acrylic and can be scratched as well as cracked if it’s hit hard enough.


Bring in Beauty of Nature Through Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants is useful. Apart from cleaning the air, they may also boost the appearance of your property. Fresh plants are able to blending with just about any theme of décor inside a house. No matter whether you’re an enthusiast or a new comer to growing houseplants, listed below are among the greatest choices.


• Pony-Tail Palm Tree
This is a unique appearing houseplant which produces an awesome inclusion in your home. The trunk area can be defined as enlarged and swollen. The leaves of this palm can reach lengths of six ft. and appear as if they were shooting out from the palm. Comparable to a camel, this particular plant can retain Water in the trunk area for some months up to 12 months. It will grow perfectly with a sprinkling of watering.

• Angel Ivy Ring Topiary
This is popularly known as the wire vine. It will grow to at least one foot in height plus nearly as broad. It does respond well to misting with water. The perfect temperature range is between sixty-five and eighty degrees, wanting vibrant light although not liking direct sunlight. Spider mites could become a difficulty with the plant therefore examine them frequently.

• Moth orchids
They’re among the easiest to grown as house plants and that is why they have become plant growers alike. There are various types of these orchids and hybrids have been developed that provide many different colored flowers from a single plant. While most moth orchids have flowers which can be white, cream, yellow, rose and lavender some with stripes as well as other variations hybrids may offer you a single plant with a number of these colors, the flowers often blooming in succession.

• Chinese Evergreen
If you’re a first-time grower of any plant, you may find Chinese evergreen to be very easy to take care of. It lives in low light areas to keep its leaves dark green and almost silver. Before watering it, you need to let it dry. If the temperature drops below 45 degrees, then it may well not do well. The maximum height can reach 3 feet. The shortest height is 18 inches.

• Ficus
The Ficus tree is a desired plant amongst indoor growers. A wholesome plant boasts deep green shaded leaves and the stalk will build up a braid shape. This means four or maybe more stems (stalks) are interwoven and develop in a braided manner. It is really an intriguing and distinctive appearance. Regular watering helps to keep the foliage from sagging and dropping off.




Choosing Your Bathroom Sink


In regards to modern bathroom sinks, this is what each and every homeowner should be aware of about it. Sinks are probably one of the most essential fixtures in our houses. With all the styles available, choosing the best small bathroom sinks can in fact be a lot of fun. Obviously, it could be a bit time-consuming but doing all your research won’t just save you a lot of headaches but can also help save lots of money too.

A pedestal sink is an excellent choice specifically if you are working with a small bathroom. These pedestal sinks have a bowl size of about 20″ or less and so are made to fit in a bathroom. You can choose a regular pedestal sink or a corner pedestal sink. They vary from ceramic to finished copper. They have different bowl shapes and it just depends on your choice. It is a good way to fit a sink into a tiny bathroom, especially with limited bathroom floor space.

Bathroom sinks with a semi pedestal or bottle trap let you install the sink at a height which is ideal for you. Bathroom sinks with semi pedestals also are great for small bathrooms or a cloakroom suite because they aid to maximize the available space and give the illusion of a larger bathroom. Wall-mounted sinks additionally make cleaning the floor quite simple too and can develop a streamlined appearance to the room.

Under-Mount Sinks, also called bottom mount sinks demand a mounting kit. As the name indicates, they are placed underneath the surface of the bathroom counter. This means the edges of the cut for the sink shall be visible hence they must be polished or clean as the sink practically sits under the counter below the hole. These bathroom sinks are often very attractive and offer an up to date look, but they can be pricier. These are available in many designs and sizes that make it simple for the buyer to pick out for his house.

Cloakroom sinks are specially created for small spaces like a cloakroom suite and have smaller dimensions. Cloakroom sinks are usually wall-mounted to help free up as much floor area as you can and you will find a number of styles available.

Corner sinks are the perfect solution for a small or awkward shaped bathroom as they fit right back into the corner of the room maximizing just as much space as possible.

In selecting the perfect kitchen sink material, make sure you take into consideration your budget, the style and colors utilized in your kitchen and just how much you use your sink. Once you’ve established such factors, you can select which type of material listed above is best suited for your home. Certainly, you’ll find some sinks in other great materials, like composite granite and copper sink. The option is in your hand.


How To Give More Space To Your Bathroom


Regardless if you are sharing your bathroom with someone else or using it alone, you have to make sure that you keep it tidy and organized. It is challenging to keep the area in order due to many things you have there. You have the toiletries and other bathroom supplies. You also have towels and bathrobes in the cabinets. The following are some of the other simple tips that will aid maintain your bathroom organized:

• Shower Corner Twist N Lock: Need more storage space in your shower, but don’t wish to tear up your tiled walls with nails or screws? This three-tiered rack connects to the corner of your bath or shower with “twist and lock” suction cups – no tools are required! The metal shelves can take shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, razors, and more.

• Over Door 2 Basket Towel Rack: Several apartment bathrooms just have a single towel rack with space enough to support one bath towel. This presents a challenge when two or more people utilize the bathroom for bathing. In addition, these bathrooms rarely have sufficient space for storing for bathing essentials or spare bathroom items. It address both of these problems by transforming unused space into an organized storage area.

• Sink Space: Even if you have space for storing under your bathroom sink, it might not be enough. Maybe you have towels, cleaning materials, spare bathroom supplies, and other stuff that have to be put there. For this reason this expandable under sink shelf is really handy – as it provides additional shelving space for those essential items.

• Vertical Pill Dispenser: Bid farewell to sorting through pill containers in a messy drawer. This seven-tier shelving system sits on the countertop and features a drawer for each day of the week. Each has 3 separate compartments for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pull the right “day” drawer open, take your pills, and you’re simply done.

• Tension Shower Organizer: Among the places within the bathroom which is quick to become a point of contention is the shower itself. A lot of showers were not intended to accommodate the full complement of items, shavers and loufas many of us use day-to-day during our shower routine. It’s just the solution that will enhance your in shower storage capacity many times over

The Golden Rule

Clearing up clutter in your bathroom area is about making smart choices to work with what you have. You should not tear out your old bathroom and spend a ridiculous amount of money expanding. All you need is to take the time to research some convenient bathroom organizers and check and remove your rarely used supplies. Enjoy your bathroom with these de-cluttering and organizing tips.


Meat Grinders

Food preparation in the home can be very exciting, why don’t you include a lot more to what that can be done. Lots of people love cooking and want to get different flavors and personalize their meat by experimenting. With all the appliances available to make cooking a lot easier, meat grinder is probably the least popular. But fortunately nowadays, it’s growing in popularity and many people are now aware of its benefits.

Grinding your own meat can be a pleasant and rewarding experience, especially when you realize the cost savings factor by not having it done professionally. Meat grinders of today are much more innovative than they used to be and offer more benefits than ever before. You’ll be able to basically set your grinder on autopilot and let it do most of the work. All you really need to do is get it started after which be there to take away the finished product. They are quite powerful and help you get rid of the food contamination from processed or readymade ground meat.


There are two types of meat grinders. The first is the manual the other electric. Manual grinders are also a smart way of grinding meat in the home as they don’t cost much and you can have quality grinded meat from it easily. These grinders are best suited for those who want to have meat items for their family as they do not have to grind a large quantity of meat. Therefore, anyone can have a top quality meat by grinding it with these super easy manual grinders for preparing healthy food choices at your home.

With all the continuing development of technology and time, electric grinders have developed in the marketplace. This will make your work carried out in minutes. As it runs using electricity and by itself, you can grind your meat in a very short time. It also has the power to grind massive amount of meat at a time. Electric meat grinders may process almost all meat types. Some types of meat are so tough for a manual grinder. You can also fine-tune the machine to get a specific texture, from coarsely shredded to very finely shredding bits of meat. It is something you won’t be able to achieve using a manual grinder.

You will find meat grinders being sold in about any department store that you could find, or even online through many retailers. Wish to accomplish something yourself and your family with regards to offering the food you need? You can consider taking on the task of meat processing yourself in order to give a great supply of meat for your family. Thus don’t forget, if you are searching for a healthier and simple way to eat, you need to know first what you eat.



From start to finish your bathroom makeover adventure can be a big task to conquer. Advance planning and staying on track can make this experience a lot more enjoyable. The sweet reward of your remodeled bathroom can be just around the corner!


Are you considering a bathroom re-design? If so, you are likely considering all the design features that you want and should include in the room.

However, it is important not to overlook the potential features that definitely shouldn’t make their way into your plans for the bathroom’s design.

We have seen many bathroom design sins over the years. In this article we have rounded up some of the most common design mistakes that should be avoided when considering your bathroom re-design.


Coloured bathroom suites should be avoided at all costs. Although a trend in avocado or creamy yellow suites existed in years gone by, the time for these is definitely not now.

If you’re after a dated, tired-looking bathroom then go ahead and install a coloured bath and toilet.

For a stylish, clean and simple look, always stick with a white bathroom suite. It provides a timeless and more sanitary feeling design, as well as acting as a selling point when marketing your home.

Coloured Bathroom Suite


Another surprisingly common mistake we see is the use of carpet in the bathroom. Yes, it’s warm and comfy underfoot, but it will soon become damp, mouldy and smelly. Not what you want in a room that should feel clean and relaxing.

Instead, choose one of the many more suitable bathroom flooring options such as tiles, linoleum, rubber or wood. These are all easy to keep clean and mould free.

And if these options don’t offer the warm feeling that a carpet does when stepping out the bath, then consider installing underfloor heating, invest in a pair of slippers or use a bath mat.

Bathroom Carpet


It’s all well and good designing a modern, simple and minimalistic bathroom. But it needs to be practical as well.

All too often bathroom storage comes as an afterthought. If there’s nowhere to store your bathroom essentials then the bathroom isn’t really very usable.


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Tips in Cleaning Marble Floors

Flooring is the most important aspect which makes a house gorgeous and stylish. Compared to additional flooring options like ceramic tiles and granite, marble flooring is much more appreciated and widely used in homes and offices. However keeping your marble floors correctly maintained, so they always look their best, does require a bit of work. Owning marble is definitely an investment and keeping it maintained needs to be a priority for any owner. Here are some ideas to help marble floor owners maintain their flooring looking its best each and every day.


1) Removing dust, dirt, and any other particles from the flooring will keep it shiny, beautiful, and in great condition. Sweep your marble on a daily basis with a micro fiber broom. It will only take a little bit of your time but the results lasts for a long time.

2) Mopping your floors at least once a week is well recommended as it will remove any dirt that may be rubbed in on your tiles. When choosing a mop you should try to pick a better mop. One that leaves your floor scratch free is a micro fiber mop. It is more high-priced, but is a great move especially because you invested big money on your marble floors.

3) It is really an important item that marble floor owners should absolutely consider. Using any cleaners with acid or citrus ingredients can basically ruin your marble flooring rather than cleaning it. Make sure the ingredients of any cleaning product that you are going to use to verify it is safe for marble.

4) It is extremely important for you to keep your marble floors dry. As soon as you are over with the cleanliness within your marble flooring make it sure that you’ve dried your floor with the spongy and chamois clothe. Have small rugs to defend your marble floor from any form of damage and avert it from a ruined look.

5) Well, if you’d like your marble floors to become anti-stain within their structure and works, you could consider brushing the floor by making use of a stone sealant. A light layer of the sealant minimizes all procedures of staining. Subsequent to utilizing the sealant; ensure that it stays for drying (about 48 hours), as a way to avail ideal results.

Now that you learned how to clean marble floors, you won’t have to be worrying anymore. You’re on your path to cleaning and maintaining your residence. You’ll find nothing much more pleasing than visiting a clean, well maintained home and although many people won’t mention it to you, they will notice if the floors aren’t clean.