How To Set A Welcoming Summer Table

No paper plates and Styrofoam cups required this year. You can set an elegant summer table with very little effort and even less money.  Let me give you some great ideas from an article that you can play with to create some fantastic looking tables for this summer.

Have you had your first outdoor dinner party yet? Enjoying a meal outside is the best way to make the most of the summer months. When it comes to setting a summer table al fresco, you can really let your creative side shine. Inspiration can be taken from almost anything, be it the natural surroundings, a favorite color, or the flower currently in bloom.

For my summer tabletop, I was inspired by terra cotta. The warm hue is making a comeback (you a can see more terra cotta inspo here). To create my tabletop, I paired terra cotta rimmed dishware that I found on with golden-hued linens, birch flatware and cut glassware with soft lines. The mixture of warm tones, pops of white and a variety of textures kept the table feeling both warm and welcoming, but also light and airy. To up the fancy factor of an outdoor place-setting a bit, all you have to do is layer your dishes. A salad plate, atop a dinner plate, atop a charger elevates an outdoor table from humdrum to holy cow. A mound of fresh flowers will also make everyone at your table feel special. Keep scrolling for all the details on how my summer table came together!

If you’re also looking for a similarly simple, yet stunning summer appetizer, I’ve got your back. The Prosciutto & Melon Toast recipe below is the perfect solution. It’s bright, vibrant, delicious and crazy easy to make! Plus I’m always partial to food that goes with my entertaining color scheme.



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5 Home Décor Tips to Cool Down in the Summer Heat

Redesigning your home for summer gives you the opportunity to have fun with your home. Make a few changes that make your home feel refreshed as well as refreshing.

It’s no surprise that temperatures are certainly starting to heat up. You might be jumping from the air conditioner of your office, to your car, then to your home. When you reach the home front, you want your home to be cool and comfortable. But not everyone wants to install an air conditioner in their home. Today, we’ll show you some fun ways to cool down your home décor, no air conditioner required.

Find the Right Colors

Depending on where you live you may be dealing with hot temperatures just a few months a year, or all year long. But no matter how long it’s hot at your house, one of the best ways to cool down your home décor is to change the color scheme in your room.

It seems like there is always a cool breeze blowing when you are at the beach, so why not find some inspiration from the sandy shore; earth tones of the sandy beach, crisp white of the ocean waves, and grey and blue of an endless ocean.

You may not want to modify your entire color scheme for summer, so instead, just swap out simple items like linens, and pillows.

White sheer curtains are a great way to lighten, and brighten, up a room.

Or replace your dining room chairs with slipcovers in a lighter, summer shade.

Controlling Outdoor Elements

You know your home better than anyone; this includes where the sun hits your home during the day or where it can catch the best breeze. You can design your home around these natural elements.

Beach Style Kids by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Stedila Design


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Roof Leaks – Finding the Source of Your Roof Leak and Fixing It



Heavy snow, ice build-ups, torrential rains, as well as winds not just loosen shingles but in addition take a heavy toll on other roof components. These roof components wear out in time when exposed to various elements. As a result, leaky roofs become one of the major problems for homeowners. And also as roofs age, the likelihood of a leak only increases.

What are the most common roof leak causes? Listed here are just some examples.


Most experienced roofing companies is going to agree that 95% of leaks which aren’t associated with the roofing material will in some manner be contributed to flashing failure. Flashing was designed to provide a watertight transition between roofing materials and protrusions (like chimneys, skylights, or vents) as well as valleys. In most circumstances repairing or replacing the flashing is a possible solution. When the flashing material is still performing its job and has been installed correctly a “through-wall” flashing can take away the leak.

Weather Exposure

Your roof gets no break from the elements, it really is on duty safeguarding your house. 24-7 and for all four seasons your roof sits. Roofing paper may be dried out in sun. The sun can also result in the tar to running and sagging, all of these effects weaken the roof. It may continue to crack and split as it gets more weak. Additionally, the windblown rain can lead to major issues. Angled rain gets pushed underneath your roof coverings causing water to get where you wouldn’t like it.

Restoration and Maintenance

A simple method to protect your roof and home from leaks would be to have it restored. Roof Restoration may easily add another 15-20 years of life to your roof and provides your property a new sparkle.

The bottom line is that consistent, routine maintenance and roof repair is quite economical when compared with serious repairs. Checking up on maintenance of your roof may stop leaks. This maintenance work must be done correctly and to a high standard. Use a respected roofing company to complete quality work for you. Rest easy knowing you have made good decisions about your roof work and you will not have leakages for a long time to come. If you’re not maintaining your roof on a regular basis then might you soon face issue of leakage. Roof repair is the greatest option to keep your home secure from the leakage and never try to repair complex leaks all on your own. Likewise regular care of roof is more cost-effective than major repair.


Water Heater Maintenance Tips – By Your Friendly Plumber

We depend upon a water heater every single day. Because they’re generally installed in the garage or basement, we do not think too much about it until and we don’t have any hot water or we discover water leaking on the floor. Many water heaters will last for a long period because they have been given proper maintenance to improve their life. By extending the life of your water heater, you’ll save money because you do not have to purchase a new one. Regular maintenance of the water heater must be on every homeowners’ honey do list. This maintenance needs to be scheduled at the minimum, yearly, based on the quality of water in the area up to 2 or 3 times per year.



Flush your water tank at least once a year (twice a year is really recommended) to remove sediment accumulation. Sediment causes the burner on the heater to operate harder than it has to. To get this done FIRST SHUT OFF THE GAS VALVE. Then utilize a garden hose and hook it up to the hose bib on the bottom of water heater.

Very carefully open the temperature/pressure relief valve at the top of the tank by lifting the lever. Leave the valve open. Open the drain valve in the bottom of the heater enabling the water to flow out through the garden hose. If the sediment is clogging the drain valve then try closing the temperature/pressure relief valve and turn the cold inlet valve back on to “power flush” the sediment out.

In some instances the sediment hardens straight into big chunks that could block the drain valve. In that case, then wait until everything cools down, take away the garden hose from the drain valve, take off the valve if needed, and make use of a long screw driver to break up the clog. This is a really untidy procedure.

Tank has become flushed Close the bottom valve and the relief valve. Turn on cold water valve and allow heater fill up before relighting the pilot. In certain case you might experience low pressure at some of the faucets. This can be caused by deposit in the lines. Eliminate the aerator of the clogged faucet and fix it out.

Today you have got peace of mind in the assurance that you have done what you could to extend the life of your water heater, and decrease your electrical or gas utility bill.


6 Steps to Creating Your Butterfly Garden

Everyone enjoys watching butterflies fluttering about among flowers. By creating a garden specifically for butterflies you can attract and enjoy even more of these beautiful creatures. You can easily make a beautiful butterfly garden in your own with these 6 steps.



Butterflies are among the most beloved insects. Someone once called them flying flowers. They float, they flutter and they dazzle us with their colors. We relish their dance of spring. Then there’s the bad news: Because of pesticides and habitat loss, the populations of our cherished butterflies is in decline.

A few simple tips will have you on your way to creating your own butterfly habitat. Any home garden, even a container garden, can attract butterflies. My vision is a patchwork of schools, businesses, home gardens and parks around the country that provide insect habitat, restoring communities of beneficial insects. The steps are simple — like most of earth’s creatures, butterflies just need food, water, sun and a safe place to have a family.

1. Use a Diversity of Plants

Butterflies, including the anise swallowtail (Papilio zelicaon) seen here, want nectar from a diversity of flowering plants. And they find the plants when they are in large blocks of color. Like a sign over a roadside diner, blocks of color say, “Hey, we’re open for lunch.” Select a variety of nectar plants for adult butterflies using these guidelines:

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How To Create A Sparkling Design Look For Your Bedroom

Probably one of my favorite design ideas for a bedroom. This kind of look is unique and really attractive. I may want to try this kind of design idea once I’m done with my other remodeling project.


Creating a sparkling design look for your bedroom could not be any easier when you follow the following easy steps to ensure the most modern look possible. It starts with a good design idea which means choosing the best color pattern. The most popular color of today lies within the family of gray and the overall look can be jazzed up when you layer the color with slight variations of the main color.

Color Layering

Start with a nice light gray wall color to formulate a solid base color to build on through the course of the rest of the design. Next, select flooring in a contrasting color such as an ebony or dark brown hardwood flooring that is what will make the lighter gray walls pop. Then select bedding in a complimentary pattern that offers interest. Try using a paisley, striped, or floral print for optimal appeal. And finally add pops of color by selecting a bright vibrant accent pillow or a vase in a loud color such as; orange, red, or hot pink.

Add Interest

In order to add interest, think about a single focal point such as a translucent chandelier to be hung above the bed that will reflect the light and add a feminine sparkling quality for additional ambiance. A lower cost, but equally stunning, a look can be accomplished by covering the head of the bed with a hoop-shaped canopy of light friendly fabric that has crystals strategically sewn in that will reflect the light and create a mood, setting reflection on the wall.



Important Landscaping Tools – The Top Five


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Landscaping tools can be purchased in garden shops, hardware stores, along with other shops all over the world. There are several equipment that it could be difficult to understand what landscaping tools are useful and needed and which could probably be in your garage. To possess a great garden you undoubtedly really need a few tools. Here are 5 tools which are vital for any landscaper or gardener.


The shovel is the master of landscape tools. Without the shovel, exactly how can you dig holes? Almost all properties would require a full-size shovel, but for a person with a small yard or just a patio garden, a hand shovel is all that is essential. A shovel helps to make the shallow ridges for growing tiny seeds plus the hole for growing developed trees.


Your wheelbarrow is a great and helpful tool for committed landscapers out there. Wheelbarrows are extremely ideal for transporting junk and often delivering needed tools back in their right spots. They haul dirt and bring in plants. They’re able to allow it to be achievable for one individual to cart a load which could else be extremely hard to handle.


The rake is the most hassle-free and easiest method to clear up fallen dead leaves. Leaf blowers drink gas, make racket, disturb the neighbors, and require maintenance so it will be more preferable to use rakes instead. Also you can use it to spread much or straw evenly in large beds and to move mulch aside for new plantings.


To keep your lawn looking its best you’ve got to trim or prune your shrubs, lawn as well as other plants. Trimming is vital for certain crops to develop and trimming can keep unmanageable plants from growing all over the place. There are plenty of kinds of pruners with small, handheld pruners being the most in-demand. You will also find pruners that could deal with larger shrubs and small branches; these have much longer blades than a hand-held pruner. Shears and saws may also be handy in case you have plenty of large trees and shrubs in the garden.

Watering Can

In some cases lawn hoses just won’t reach the spot you ought to water and that is when the watering can is beneficial. Depending on your garden you may possibly not possess a hose but will use a watering can to perform all of your watering. In case you have container plants or just planted seeds then a watering can is a must. The watering could gently waters plants and will not wash away any newly planted seeds.

These are just the top five standard landscaping equipment you need to have for your garden. As you get much more specialized you’ll be purchasing more certain tools as you need them.


Shower Pump The Secret Behind Powerful and Comfortable Showers

Are you unimpressed with your shower pressure? Does the force of your shower’s water pressure leave plenty to be desired? Perhaps you live in an old block of flats with poor water pressure? There’s nothing more irritating than passing up on an stimulating shower every day – or a relaxing one last thing during the night… especially when it’s all too easy to resolve with a shower pump.

It’s true that everybody wants to have lush and comfortable showers everyday, right? What would you feel if the water level suddenly decreases or decreases? Definitely, you’ll feel dissatisfied and disgusted. It is really nice to take a bath with increasing water pressure and level. You will not only be satisfied, but relaxed, rejuvenated and relieved too.

(C) Wickes

(C) Wickes

Shower pump is a crucial equipment in all bathroom. If you wish to have a powerful shower, then buy one for your bathroom. You do not need bathroom retrofitting or refurbishment to get the water pressure and water level you would like as you just have a shower pump to do the trick very easily. The strong pressure made by the pump comes from its water propeller.

At the moment, there’s two kinds of pumps, the single pump and the double shower pump. The single pump one has one valve and only makes normal water temperature, but you may boost the pressure of water. Meanwhile, the double pump can accommodate 2 showers in an instance, either hot or cold. With double pump, you’ll be able to mix cold and hot water easily.

The pumps work with different types of output power frequencies. Read the specifications and be certain it’s the correct one. The same goes for the induction meter. Making use of wrong pipe and power specs will cause problems. You also have to take into account the water quantity. Only buy the pipe that’s adequate for your needs, nothing more, and nothing less. Keep in mind buying pumps entails a lot of planning and consideration because of the many factors you must consider to find the right one to meet your needs and requirements.

Setting up a shower pump is relatively easy. Instructions for installation are usually provided within the package of the pump or an instruction manual is included with every purchase. On the one hand, you will have a professional install the pump for you to make certain you possess the right power source, i.e. voltage; the right wattage and that your plumbing is in good order.

Additionally make sure the electrical parts are set up after the piping configuration is finished. Do not attempt to install the pump unless you know how to handle the wires. By knowing how to acquire a shower pump, you can be certain it’s going to fit properly. Following the installation guidelines, those problems with water pressure will disappear.


70 Practical Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas

If stored items are organized, then finding and accessing them becomes much easier and quicker. Kitchen drawer ideas out there are endless now. You can probably get more ideas that you can put in your kitchen. I’ll give you some ideas based from this article.

Those of you who like to cook know how hard it is to fit all cooking equipment you use into a contemporary kitchen. Lots of us live in apartments which usually have quite small kitchens. There isn’t enough space for all modern appliances, kitchen utensils, sauces, spices, dry ingredients, grains, root veggies and other stuff. Although you can find cabinets with a bunch of drawers on every kitchen. We’ve gathered for you a lot of cool ideas that can help you to organize things in these drawers. They feature all kinds of drawers starting from top drawers and ending with narrow bottle holders. All these drawers could fit different organizers to store different stuff.

You’ll see that bottle drawers are perfect for storing spices or kitchen utensils. In top drawers, you can store dry ingredients, digital scales or even a phone charging station. Large pull out drawers could be used to organize your dishes, pans, pots, lids, and even recycling trash cans. Besides, we have several DIY kitchen drawer organizers that could be a cheap and smart alternative to those organizers you can buy from kitchen manufacturers like IKEA. Take a look and declutter your kitchen right away!



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Budget Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Budget remodeling does not indicate that you need to buy the least expensive goods and labor. It clearly indicates you can be a sensible home improvement organizer. You need to take the following home improvement recommendations to heart. They will help you in trimming prices and also producing an initial bathroom restoration.

Planning is an integral part of the entire remodeling project. It needs to consists of all the essential adjustments that you intend to carry out in your bathroom starting with the fixings, purchasing devices, changing the harmed product, expanding your bathroom room if need be and also the designs. Slim you prepare to those that are possible with your methods.



Make a listing of things you want to upgrade, in no certain order, and why they trouble you. After that, when you have actually completed your list, assign a number from one to ten to every thing, with ten troubling you the most, 9 the 2nd most, and more. Just one number can be assigned to any type of given complaint.

Currently you have actually evaluated just what bothers you most, and also can concentrate on that a person thing. When you’ve done that, start looking for a brand-new variation of whatever that item might be. If it’s a new sink, for example, visit your regional home improvement shop as well as begin familiarizing on your own with what’s readily available as a substitute. You’ll intend to get a feel for your tastes, as well as just how those tastes will inevitably match your budget. That can be especially essential when it concerns components that you want to match, for instance, bathroom, tub, and sink, as an example. If you desire whatever to be the exact same style, you’ll have to price every little thing, to observe if the whole package is within your means.

In case nonetheless, there are particular updates that you wrap up every little thing in the bathroom is a ten and you cannot choose which thing to change first, think of redoing the floor too. Simply transforming the look of the floor could make a massive distinction in the method the entire bathroom looks. It’s entirely possible that as soon as the brand-new flooring has actually been set up, you might determine that whatever else had not been actually so poor, nevertheless. It’s also a relatively very easy diy task, so you’ll be able to gain confidence in your capability in the process.

These few suggestions for your budget bathroom renovation are genuinely the most effective recommendations when it associates with offering a brand-new fresh look for your bathroom without having you spend a lot. Begin now to see the would certainly a brand-new appeal provides to your experience in the bathroom as far as home decorating is concerned.