Types of Surveillance Cameras

Are you planning to buy a security camera for your home? Do you already have an idea of what to buy and what to look for in a security camera? Before you make that purchase, carefully read this first to guide you on the types of cameras available in the market and choose what is really suitable for your need.


Wireless X10 Color Camera Wireless Color Camera: These indoor cameras are convenient for watching a specific room or area. Although the video signal is wireless (letting them transmit to any TV in the home) they still require power. They can run from batteries or plug into a wall outlet. Sometimes, low end wireless cameras use the same frequencies as WiFi Internet and will jam your wireless internet connection. Also, you may not be able to operate more than 1 or 2 at a time.
Low Light Camera Low Light Camera: As the name indicates, these are cameras that operate in low light. They are typically Black & White cameras with a large lens that allows them to capture a lot of light. More expensive cameras will operate in Color during the day and switch to Black & White at night. Check the lux rating on the camera to see how much light is required for the camera to capture an image.
Infrared Camera Infrared (IR) Camera: The LEDs around the lens of this camera emit Infrared light. This light is then captured by the camera itself allowing it to see heat. IR cameras are typically Black & White cameras that function as low-light cameras when IR is not needed. IR cameras have a 0 lux rating since they can see in no light, but the IR emitters have a range that limits the distance that the camera will work. Also, IR cameras are specifically designed for indoor or outdoor operation. Too many IR emitters in a small room can overpower the sensor leading to a washed out image.


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Common Errors in Bathroom Renovations

Renovation of a smaller bathroom is as necessary as redesigning a master bath. However often times, homeowners make numerous erroneous choices that lead to several bathroom design complications. Not only the common bathrooms, but those designed on present-day lines incorporate shocking slip-ups. A number of these problems had been determined below:


bathroom remodel diy

Photo from http://brittanyparkcs.com

* Budget is only set for new fixtures or fittings. There is no intended fund for further repairs or hidden problems of the bathroom.

* Often, when people have made a decision to renovate their residence or any area of the area, they get so excited that they would want to make things immediately without correct planning. Even if the supplies aren’t yet ready or the concrete plan is laid out, they tend to start the demolition and construction impatiently.

* Due to such negligence in pre-deciding the time frame of the project, many a times, a bathroom construction or remodeling project gets delayed indefinitely. Construction can begin only when the requisite product reaches the spot.

* When construction process is in haste, there are particular points are often overlooked for instance grab bars, towers bars and etc.

* Plumbing facet is one of those activities which are neglected with regards to renovating. Provided that the bathroom seems great, then homeowners would believe that its perfect. However in the future, they’ll eventually realize the significance of replacing the old and rusted plumbing.

* One more domestic plumbing concern is that home owners sometimes get caught up with modern day bath accessories, but don’t realize their financial restrictions. They give a go indication to repositioning the plumbing fixtures without estimating the load of this job on the overall funds.

* Electrical components are sometimes overlooked in bathroom renovations. Due to some changes, the electrical circuit may not be the same as before or there could be an additional fitting required yet are neglected.

* Improper door location, crowded toilet location, a lot less leg room round the toilet seats, etc. arise due to limited clearance in the plan.

* Ventilation is often neglected which ends up to unclean area because moisture has no exit point. For that reason, molds and germs actually starts to grow.

* Small bathrooms can have space issues so storage ideas like racks or cupboards must be installed. Yet this is oftentimes forgotten.

* Adding oversized bath tubs consume a lot of floor area. So going around in a bathroom gets to be hard.

* Saving money on low quality fittings just like toilets sinks and shower fixtures cause pointless expenses on servicing every few years. Likewise poor flooring by saving on floor tiles leads to water damage.

Before we make any decision, we need to make sure that we already have carried a concrete plan. Abide by it and avoid making exactly the same errors as pointed out. This way, you can make certain you will relish a great bath in your new bathroom.

14 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers

Feeling helpless with your outdated and lifeless bathroom? Do you want some upgrade but you just can’t make up your mind or you find it hard where to start? Well, if you think that your bathroom has no hope anymore, you better check out these wonderful transformations.


1. Before: Sponge-Painted and Outdated

An old toilet and vanity mixed with heavy sponge-painted walls made this bathroom a prime makeover candidate.

old bathroom


After: Gorgeous Gray

The homeowner steered clear of major plumbing work by keeping the room’s layout the same.

Moroccan cement floor tiles, from Artesana Interiors, almost read like a fine rug. Ditching the sponge-painted effect for Nemo’s penny tiles delivered the biggest impact space-wise. The homeowner also swapped out the dated vanity for a classic Kohler pedestal sink; an efficient commode by Toto replaced the old water-wasting toilet.

A custom medicine cabinet hangs in the powder room, along with a towel rack from Moon River Chattel.


2. Before: Builder Basic

This tract home’s master bath looked the same as it did when it was built in 1998.


After: Full of Personality

By retaining the master bath’s layout, thie homeowner avoided the expense of moving plumbing lines, relying instead on cosmetic updates. One change: a single sink console, made possible by closing off a secondary closet entrance. The exterior door opens straight onto the pasture.


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Great Ideas To Enhance Your Interior Wall

Often, regardless how you style your own home or whatever you put in it, it still wouldn’t look as amazing as you’d expect. You might wonder at times that you have already set ample decorations and incorporating more will only make the home into mess but things are still not working right. Well, most likely the issue lies on your wall. Don’t you think it’s too simple? Or does not it have some shade? If you’d like to put a quick change in your home, the walls are the easiest option. By having accent walls, wallpapers or stencil your house will certainly have a changed look without emptying your pockets.


Photo from http://www.revlayer.com

A.    Use Stencils

Stencils are one more great approach to come up with a stylish, unique look without much effort. You can find literally thousands of stencils readily available out there which can make the wall decorating process very easy and effective. All that you should do is choose your theme, paint color, and where you would like to place the stencils, and you can make something that won’t be found somewhere else. From flock in the kitchen to raindrops in the family area, the possibilities are seemingly countless.

B.    Use Textured Wallpaper

When you wish to try out wallpapers, you should check out the texture as dependent on the surface where you’re putting it. A nice thick texture will cover virtually any small disorders and can make the preparing job easier with less planning required. You need to find and choose the appropriate pattern for your wallpaper. Vinyl is definitely an popular wallpaper which is ideal in all areas of the home, providing an easily wipe able surface. The hard-wearing properties vary based on the grade of vinyl.

C.    Paint an Accent Wall

It really is pretty evident that people have concerns on playing with colors on their houses. Many will opt to just go for the neutral and basic colors because they are afraid that their color choices are going to make the house smaller or darker. Of course, this indeed is true especially if you aren’t knowledgeable enough on wall colors and you do not have an interior designer to assist. However if you desire to make your home pop, why don’t you just paint an accent wall. An accent wall is the unique color that you will paint to one of your walls. Therefore rather than painting the 4 walls with one color, you will make an exclusion to one. Painting it with a unique color could make it stand out and then you can begin to add attraction to the wall and décor it as you wish. That is the safest method to deal with painted wall as you can just repaint the accent wall if you change your mind and want to have a uniform wall.

D.    Choose One Wall to Fill with Art or Mirrors

There are other approaches to cover a wall rather than just using paint or wallpaper. Instead of hanging art work and decorative mirrors sporadically surrounding the walls, why not choose one wall to house them all? This has been a go-to trend for wall decor for several years already, and is also a look that probably won’t be vanishing sooner. If you’re planning to beautify with art, attempt to stay with pieces which are similar in theme, and with colors that complement each other, and change up the sizes of every piece. When you use mirrors, use ones with various frames and sizes to create a work of art with no paint!

Most Essential Baking Kitchen Equipment

Lots of people may have thought about baking in their but they ended up not doing it instead. Without a doubt, a lot of reasons are already described that baking is an extremely expensive hobby or a very calculated activity that simple mistake could destroy all, in the end stops some to follow it. However, those who love baking can confidently say there is a pure enjoyment and fulfillment when their baked goodies came out well. If you’re on the side of that you’ve finally decided to make it a try, then you’d made the best decision. On this page, we will discuss to you what kitchen equipment that you need to have so that you can start off your very own cake.

There are a lot baking devices in stores which could confuse you what to get first, thus here are the essential equipment that you’ll need for you to start off your very first cake.

1. Conventional oven: Tend not to confuse yourself since this is totally different from your microwave oven. Conventional ovens are merely one of your biggest investments in baking. It would likely really be expensive with regards to the features and make. These aren’t exclusively used for baking as they can be used for grilling and cooking other things.

2. Kitchen mixer: It is a very helpful tool when you don’t want to tire your hands with mixing and wish to have consistency as to what you’re baking. It is a time-saving equipment since you can mix your dough, frosting and many others by making use of it. You are able to freely select from stand mixers or hand mixers however these vary with features and cost.


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3. Measuring cups: Should you observe, a lot of the dry ingredients and some liquid are measured in cups. This is exactly why you’ll need these measuring cup set for making your baking experience simpler. These set usually comes with ¼, 1/3, ½, and 1 cup. Also you can obtain measuring spoons which include sizing’s such as ½ tsp, 1 tsp, 1/3 tbsp, ½ tbsp. and 1 tbsp.

4. Baking pan: This is available in different sizes and shape to carry various volumes of mixture. The type of baking pan you have to acquire is dependent upon the kind of cake that you’re baking per your recipes. Present to the staff in the baking supplies store what cake you are baking and they will be able to give you a hand on the right kind of baking pan you will need.

5. Weighing scale: Consistency and accuracy is very important in baking. One particular error could spoil everything. This is why you will also need a weighing scale to have the exact quantity of ingredients as shown in the recipe. Weighing scales varies from digital to analog scales.

Though it could cost a little to start your very first cake but the experience and satisfaction it brings is worth it. When you have perfected the basics, then you can move forward with a more intricate recipe and shortly you’ll just realize you have mastered the art of baking.

Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening


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Are you currently into some activity or physical activities? This doesn’t suggest engaging in sports but additionally carrying out fruitful things while benefiting you in a lot of aspects. The top illustration of this is gardening. Discover what the benefits you will get from gardening.

i.    It allows you to get connected to people who have same interest.
ii.    It can make way for exercising for both seniors and youngsters
iii.    It impacts the mineral density of the body bone.
iv.    The simplest way to de-stress and be one with nature.
v.    It conditions the mind and improves self-esteem.

The activities in gardening are certainly not that far in other workout routines such as sprinting, swimming and etc. You may have exactly the same potential benefits to these in gardening by lifting pots and heavy materials, dig holes or removing big rocks, cutting the grass, digging and carrying soils and removing weed growth

In the above described functions, all of these involve muscle strength. By exercising your arms and leg, you’ll be able to reduce coronary illnesses. Likewise, if you carry out this frequently, for example 2-3 hours weekly, it is possible to reduce the risk of critical illnesses like weight problems, weak bones and high blood. Besides those physical advantages, it can greatly profit the family in cutting expenses for food since you can just plant veggies on your property and if there are excess, you can market it to your neighbours.

Coming once more to health improvements, gardening enables you to stay physically and mentally fit. A lot of older people who live a non-active life get a new take on life with gardening. It’s salutary and inspiring for seniors. Furthermore, there are lots of children who do not believe in the sciences of growth. Gardening may help them to understand botany, nutrition and genetics. If this motivates them, then later they might contemplate career opportunities in agronomy, food processing, horticulture, recycling and seed saving. They also get to know how farmers work day in and day out to grow his farming garden. The hard work that the growers give, in exchange they only obtain short profits.

Nonetheless, you simply can’t accomplish all things in gardening. There’ll be a point in which you need the help of professionals like garden clearance.

As you advance with your gardening, there’ll be that time that plenty of garden waste would pile up and you will find it tough to dispose at home. So it’s encouraged to get help of an efficient garden clearance company. A highly skilled and professional organization will likely have the proper understanding and resources to compost your green waste in an eco-friendly manner

Gardening is indeed a extremely helpful activity for everyone. It doesn’t just relieve you from stress and anxiety; you can also get fit by carrying it out. You can additionally help the environment and value nature more. Start gardening today!

Create a Versatile Kitchen for Entertaining

The very last part of our home where I put so much consideration before construction is our kitchen. Kitchen is the place for everybody! Whether you cook or not, a great kitchen will encourage in doing so. That is why, I make it a point that our kitchen must be for the whole family. It should be versatile enough to accommodate whatever we want to cook, do or share in our kitchen.


With the right seating, a kitchen island can serve as your kitchen table. Remove the chairs and it becomes a serving area for entertaining. (Photo by Moss Building & Design )

(c) http://www.angieslist.com

Entertaining should be fun, not stressful. Whether it’s a holiday feast or an impromptu gathering with friends, coming together in your kitchen is about so much more than food.

But let’s face it: You do want to feed your guests. When it’s your immediate family, preparing meals in an inefficient kitchen is something you just get used to. Add in friends, neighbors, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and your inefficient kitchen can be very frustrating.


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Save Lives: Home Fire Safety Tips

In several statistics, it is noted that fire results in more death when compared with natural calamities. Because fire can happen at any time without our knowledge, it may quickly take lives and erase all of the stuff that we invested our entire life. Being aware of this, it’s advised that people must take safety measures that can help prevent and reduce fire related accidents. Making your house fireproof is definitely the answer.

Once the fire has started, you simply can’t just stop it instantly and it may be extremely tough and time intensive to put it off once it already spread in the area. But making the house fireproof probably won’t be that difficult so it’s easier to do it in advance. Just adhere to these basic tips.



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a)    Install and Routinely Check Smoke Detectors and Alarms

Due to the fact fire may start just anywhere in the home, we can’t always be on the lookout 24/7. As soon as the fire starts, you simply can’t just easily pick up on it with your own senses immediately. You’ll just notice it if the fire is already big and impossible to put out without the assistance of firemen. This can be a major reason why it is essential that you install smoke detectors and alarms to alert you always. The most critical location in the house that there ought to be smoke detectors is the kitchen. Though if you have extra money, you may as well put up in areas where there is too much use of power.

b)    Ensure to possess Fire Extinguishers

In a matter of minutes, fire may easily spread and burn the entire area once it is not put off immediately. With the aid of fire extinguishers, you could have an on hand fire equipment in case there is this emergency. Yet make sure that it’s accessible and free of obstructions. Also, it is essential that you check and ensure that it is in good condition since if it isn’t, it can be futile once fire occurs.

c)    Take away the Excess Stuff

Is your home loaded with flammable items? Those combustible materials that might instantly spread the fire in instant like wood, paper and cloths. If yes, then clean them up and store just those that happen to be really important. Avoid possessing too much junk inside your home so that if there are any accidents, it would take more time for fire to spread.

d)    Use Fire Resistant Carpeting

Your flooring type is additionally essential. If you use wool and synthetic carpeting, you must change it now to a fire resistant carpet. You may even spray some fireproof chemical on the rugs also.

e)    Fireproof Furniture

You could fireproof your fixtures through the use of a fire-proof chemical on them, which will come in liquid and aerosol form. In case there is residential fire, these chemicals will prohibit the spread of flames.

Container Gardening in Singapore & Green Living

As you can observe in my previous posts, I’ve been encouraging people to put some green in their homes. It doesn’t really be big or you’ve to own a house with a huge yard but what I mean is for us to do a little bit gardening in our home. You may not have a garden to grow your plants but surely your empty containers will suffice it.



African Violets Love the Outdoor Singapore Weather

Photo from https://suite.io

If you have a balcony or other outside patio area attached to your living space in Singapore you can quickly surround yourself with green plants & colorful flowers. This can be accomplished by purchasing various sized containers from a local plant shop. Plant the bigger containers with some larger plant specimens mixed in with a variety of smaller blooming plants to add color. And voilà! You have created “un beau Jardin!”


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Choices for Metal Roof Colors

Deciding on your roof color might be the least of your concern. As this is the section of the home that we rarely see and observe, we could find it hard to decide to what color we would want to have at home. Many times you may opt to just copy your neighbor’s roof in order that you won’t have to trouble yourself anymore. However to enhance the curb appeal of your house, you should take extra time and effort to have the right one that matches it. Here are some tips.


Photo from http://www.modernenviro.com

i.    Neutrals

Neutral shades are: gray, black, white, and brown. Gray and brown are definitely the most common colors and they easily draw notice of numerous people; therefore, if you want to draw attention, they are the best shades to choose.

For grey colors, they closely fit blue, white and black. If you wish to go timeless and don’t wish to become risky enough for home roofing, go for color grey. Grey roofs are popular simply because they may actually match just any exterior color and also it doesn’t get out of from style.

ii.    Contrasting colors

Break free from the matchy matchy style for your roof. Should you look in the color wheel, you will find what colors contrast the other. Check out the exteriors of your house and see what colors contrast it.

Select high-contrast colors to make a bold eye-catching result. These highlights architectural detail and designs; low contrast colors conceal details that could be desirable in some instances. As an illustration, try using a warm color like cream or ivory that has a cool neutral, such as grey or black ridge cap and drip-edge.

iii.    Bright colors

If you wish something one of a kind and prominent, you may go for bright colors. Red, orange and blue would be the common bright color options. Some prefer to use bright colors because it gives distinction on their homes and visitors could locate fairly easily the home. Yet, you must take extra attention when you wish to make use of these colors since if isn’t blended well, it would be very overpowering or too distractive to the eyes. Consult with experts to guide you especially when you wish to make use of such colors.

iv.    Earthy colors

These colors help out with blending your house with the surroundings. Among the best earthy colors are: gray-blue, brown, sage green and olive green.

You ought to realize that these colors usually complement homes which are made out of stones, wood along with other earthly materials. If you’re unsure of the very best earthly color which you can use, you should seek the services of an experienced professional who will assist you.

At the end of the day, it remains your decision which will prevail. Just don’t forget to observe your surroundings, look at your neighborhood and consider the climate in your place because they may well be a determining element for your roof color.