10 Ideas for Landscaping Property Lines

Properly line plantings or privacy landscape or whatever you call it gives your home seclusion from the others. If you want to add more privacy in the landscape, you can put perimeter plants, stone walls. You can instantly stop those wandering eyes and noise in the neighborhood by getting smart in your landscape design.


King's Gold (image) has golden foliage. It is a taller version of Gold Mops. - David Beaulieu

Photo from http://landscaping.about.com

1.  A “Golden Touch” for a Property Line

It’s not difficult to see why evergreen shrubs would play a critical role in landscaping property lines. By definition, evergreens provide foliage to admire all four seasons of the year. And that same trait enables them to offer something else: year-round privacy.

Just because they go by the moniker, “evergreen,” however, don’t think that you’re restricted to the color, green with these landscape workhorses. Some offer a glaucous color; but in this article I discuss some shrubs that will make your yard shimmer with gold.

Depending on your tastes and goals, evergreen shrubs (or deciduous ones, for that matter) can be planted in hedges that will be trimmed, planted in rows and left untrimmed, or grown in mixed borders.


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