12 Amazing Bedroom Vanity Table and Chair Ideas

Vanity sets will always be essential for nearly all bedroom designs and styles to give an area for day-to-day grooming. This is most especially true for girls who usually can go outside without checking  themselves in the mirror.  Not  that just it helps you fix yourself, its design can simply make huge difference and impact in your room’s design.


A vintage flavor and traditional style, this vanity set features a neutral duo tone and a very sophisticated essence. You’ll have some space to keep your necessities, space to style the tabletop as you see fit and a personal space to enjoy everyday. And pay attention to the beautiful details of this piece with its custom-designed crystal hardware and heirloom look.

Bedroom Vanity Table and Chair Ideas


This vanity selection has a delicate fashion but also versatility, functionality and options. Instead of the shelving for organizing and displaying, you can opt for a mirror and switch out the pieces as you see fit! This pick is a great choice for a young teen or even a college student with her own apartment.

Three Drawer Vanity Desk


A vanity set without the “normal” Victorian appeal, this modern piece is perfect for smaller spaces with a contemporary vision. It’s classy, elegant and clean but still very serene and functional to help get ready for your day. The mix of silver and traditional neutrals also make for an interesting and easy piece to blend.

Small Contemporary Vanity with Mirror


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