19 Different Types Of Outdoor Wall Lighting (Complete Buying Guide)

 Your outdoor space will come to life with the installation of beautiful outdoor lanterns and garden lights. Outdoor wall lighting does not only enhance the beauty of your home during the night but also ensures the safety of your family to avoid accidents during the night.

Discover the different types of outdoor wall lighting that you can take advantage of to boost your home’s outdoor aesthetics. 

Whether you need security lights, ambient lighting for a particular area in your yard, or light fixtures to accessorize your home’s exterior, here is our ultimate guide to outdoor wall lighting for your home.

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Outdoor Wall Lighting Buying Guide

When considering outdoor wall lighting, or outdoor sconce lighting, there are several things you should consider.

Some consumers choose outdoor lighting strictly for design, while others want lighting for security. A variety of motion-triggered flood lights, for example, work well for security. However, you certainly don’t have to sacrifice style for function.

There are many styles of wall-mounted outdoor lighting, so there are absolutely options to match the style of your home as well as your own taste.

“Sconce” is simply a term for any wall-mounted lighting, indoors or outdoors. Sconces are wonderful because they can provide any type of lighting you need—ambient, accent, or task lighting—depending on the sconce you select.

A. Exterior Sconce Purposes

Your first consideration when shopping for lighting for home’s exterior is the purpose that you want your lights to serve. This will, to some degree, dictate the types of options that will work for you.

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