20 Small Bathroom Ideas

“Little bathrooms may appear like a troublesome task to tackle, be that as it may, these spaces may acquaint a sharp plan challenge to add to your plate.  Each configuration component in a little restroom ought to have a reason and be functional somehow or another to make a space-sparing area. Making a practical and stockpiling well disposed lavatory may be exactly what your home needs.”

Photo by http://homerenovations.about.com/

Photo by http://homerenovations.about.com/

Here, Dutch Boy’s High Spirits nicely complements the natural wood touches.

  • Dutch Boy: High Spirits and White C3-4
  • Bracket lights on either side of mirror.
  • Subway tile on lower portion of wall.
Photo by http://homerenovations.about.com/

Photo by http://homerenovations.about.com/

If you’re looking for some great small bathroom ideas, you need to think outside the box–figuratively and literally.

Small Bath, Defined

A small bathroom in the eyes of Donald Trump will probably be different in the eyes of you or me.

So, for one thing, small bathrooms are small in relation to the overall size of the house. Generally, we can say that a small bathroom ranges from 16 square feet to 50 or 60 square feet.

Secondly, small bathrooms do not all have the same functions. A small bathroom can be:

  • Half-Bath: A toilet and sink, just a place for guests to take care of their basic needs and wash their hands.
  • Three-Quarter Bath: Toilet, sink, and either shower or tub. A fully-functioning bathroom to take care of all of the residents’ needs.
  • Full Bath: Toilet, sink, shower, and tub. It’s difficult to shoehorn a separate shower and tub into a small bathroom, so these tend to be combined as one unit.

In this photo, peaceful colors give bathroom feeling of spaciousness. Wainscot-fronted shelf behind sink provides storage space.

  • Paint: Wainscot is Valspar Sparkling Sage (5005-3B ); Wall Main Color is Woodlawn Promised Land (5007-6C);
  • Bathroom console sink 35 1/2″ x 23 1/4″ x 36 1/4″ high. Shop Direct – St. Thomas Console Sink
  • Wainscot board


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