4 Types of Outdoor Patios


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Patios have become very popular not only for the attractiveness it adds to the property but in addition they function as the place for many different family routines such as barbecuing, eating, recreation or maybe just relaxation. The beauty of patios further contributes to the curb appeal of the house that is certainly best for future plans of selling it. Moreover, patios have different types that you could choose from depending on a person’s personal taste and the design of the house. And listed below are the 4 most popular designs;

Dry-Laid Patio – A dry-laid patio is a great choice for the qualified DIY\ zealous. Putting in a dry-laid patio usually requires minimum skills and experience. It’s a simple process of digging up the site for the patio, laying a bed of sand and placing the preferred design of paving stones above. It is additionally vital to possess proper drainage set up to be certain rain water will be able to get away. The preferred stones for this particular type of patio include cut and natural stones.

Mortar Patio – Mortar patio is actually similar to dry-laid style but instead of sand and gravel, it uses mortar. If you live at a location where it usually rains or the weather conditions varies from mild winter to hot summers, the sand has a tendency to wash down and then becomes uneven. This mortar is perfect to seal the stones and fill the gaps in the stones. It really is a lot more permanent when compared with dry-laid patio.

Slab Patio – A slab patio is praised for ability to allow far more load than either the mortar or dry-laid patio.While this type is fantastic, they are also very expensive. You must use a professional contractor to get this job completed particularly if you do not have experience in construction works.They also can provide the wanted size and shape for the patio and get the concrete poured to the formed area.The concrete is continuously leveled and smoothed until it is wholly set and dry.

Raised Patios – A raised patio area can offer something a bit different to the more standard ground-level patio area. The height of a raised patio may range from one or two inches to two or three feet. They feature an incredible solution to create a patio in the backyards that have very bumpy or sloping surfaces. This type of patio in addition necessitates a retaining wall set up to help retain its shape and provide extra strength.

Since there are already different styles, layout and design of patios at present, it would not be that tough for you to choose what to choose. You can check on publications and the net to get more ideas and to finally know about what exactly is ideal for your house. Finances are also a consideration with regards to your final decision. Just bear in mind that whatever you choose has to be of your personal preference.