A quick pre-check prior to starting a renovation

A quick pre-check on your own home prior to starting a renovation is certainly a brilliant idea. Here are a few things you need to check before you commit to a minor or major renovation.



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A.    Determine which stuff in the house you’re able to recycle: doors, windows, wood, cabinetry, flooring, and so on.
B.    Make a list of the things in the house that you don’t like. Determine what design changes would most enhance the lifestyle of someone living there-you or a potential buyer.
C.    Check the insulation and home’s envelope. Is there a need to enhance the insulation level? Or check whether the room is fully sealed and without air leaks.
D.    Check showerheads to determine if they must be upgraded for energy efficiency.
E.    You may need professional advice with regards to your hot water system. An electrical storage model will have the highest greenhouse effect. Should you have one, you should consider whether it’s worth upgrading to a solar or natural gas system.
F.    You’ll want to lessen the energy utilization of your lighting. You’ll save money if you change incandescent bulbs with warm white fluorescent bulbs. It’s also possible to use 50W halogen bulbs instead of lower wattage IRC bulbs. This will save energy.
G.    Locate possible hazards like: termites, dampness, asbestos, structural problems or accessibility to the site. These can cost you greater expense than you anticipated.

Professionals can perform a good job on renovation planning and many others. However, if you are on a constrained budget, it can be hard as such. That’s the reason why you must really plan and think about everything you want to achieve beforehand. It’s very easy to change your mind, increasing the scope of the task, while the renovation is happening.. This may blow your costs out of proportion.

Assessing each section of the home is important because you might miss something if you just center on one area. When remodeling, first impressions count. The initial impressions create the perception worth of a house. Once the design and other elements fuse well, it generates an even more fulfilling feeling. Renovating things like the exterior or entry interior paint; mailbox, backyard garden and landscaping; windows and draperies; doorway, welcome mat, doorbell or hallway and even making sure there exists a pleasant smell can do wonders to improve perceived value.

Knowledge of the whole process is very crucial on the results of the renovation task. The owner of a house must have a fix plan on the theme, design and functionality of the area to be renovated in the house. While planning, don’t simply concentrate on the appearance but on the overall reason for the renovation. Take into consideration the budget, comfort along with the adjustments of the entire family in the process