How to Grow Lots of Fruit on Your Citrus Trees

Growing citrus trees is challenging but rewarding. Like most plants citrus trees have their own special requirements. If you want your citrus trees to bear lots of fruits, follow these steps and you will soon have a flourishing, bountiful citrus tree to make you proud.

It’s hard to imagine life without citrus… without zesty fresh juices full of vitamin C, more-ish lemon delicious puddings, a squeeze of lime in a soda or a Corona, or hot water with lemon to kickstart the morning. Life would be so very bland without these things.

(C) Gardenologist

(C) Gardenologist

Citrus trees are some of the easiest fruit trees to grow in your backyard. Their popularity is deserved — they are ornamental yet productive, have handsome, shiny green leaves and fragrant flowers, and add wonderful flavours and zing to cooking. Equipped with these growing tips, you should be harvesting box loads in no time at all.


Citrus plants love sunshine — five hours a day is required for maximum fruiting. Planting them in a north-facing, warm and sunny position is best. In cooler climates, grow them alongside a sunny wall, where radiated heat will warm them. Alternatively, bring pots inside during winter.

Citrus plants like water, but any water must drain away quickly and not pool in the root zone. To prevent this, before planting, dig a hole in a potential planting spot and fill with water. If it takes more than 30 minutes to drain, the drainage is inadequate. Mound the soil or choose another spot.

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10 Ways To Create A Spa Bathroom Design

Who wouldn’t love their very own spa bathroom in their home? With a little bit of planning and a weekend of your time, you can have a brand new look in the bathroom without breaking the bank.

Life is busy and at times stressful, which is why creating a spa bathroom design can be so crucial. Nothing is more important than your mental wellbeing, which can mean spending time to take care of yourself. How do you create the perfect spa bathroom design you might ask? Easy! Just read on below!

1. Stretch Out in a Soaker Tub
Soaker tubs are amazing for many reasons. One of them is the beautiful aesthetic they bring to your bathroom design. The other is the fact that you can truly stretch out! No one likes to be cramped in the tub, and soaker tubs prevent this from happening (to most people). They allow you to fully enjoy your soak and rest your back and neck on a much more comfortable surface.

(C) Home Guides - SFGate

(C) Home Guides – SFGate

2. Continuous Tile For a Spa Bathroom Design
Running one tile choice on the floors, on the walls, and over the tub surround is a great way to create the spa bathroom design. Not only does it create the illusion of extra space, it keeps your eye running from one surface to the next, giving the space a continuous flow that is much more relaxing than a space that is broken up with many different elements.

3. Captivating Candles
Candles are the ultimate in relaxation. Lighting a few candles, and keeping several for when those run out, will be the perfect way to add ambiance to your bathroom. It will help you ease in or out of the day, add a soothing aroma, and give a dim light that is not harsh on the eyes.

4. Neutral or Calming Color Choices
This is an obvious choice, but your color choices will greatly impact your mood. A spa bathroom design does not feature bright red, orange, or yellow walls. If blues or greens are used, they are subdued shades, typically on the lighter spectrum. You can’t go wrong with a crisp white, a calming grey, or a subdued tan.

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A Warm Bathroom Using Heated Towel Rails

You will find a way you can get warm and snug soon after a shower. Heated towel rails are a superb way to do so, while adding a great touch to the style in any room. An ice-cold towel can reverse the lovely feeling you get after having a hot shower. Not only can these rails help you stay dry and warm, you’ll give a touch of elegance to any selected area of your house. Their design can be so appealing they can be placed in modern bathrooms, or even tactically stand in the living room area.

Barely taking any space, heated towel rails are meant to fit into modern homes; often areas where space is limited. They frequently consist of two metal rods with several others linked between them in spectacular designs. The classy, stainless steel used gives the impression of a modern technology savvy property owner. Clearly, you are likely to need to heat more than one towel heated in the house. This is why the rails are created with several bars, which can resemble a ladder or CD rack. The towels overlap each other in a way, making sure each is on its own bar, making it dry and heat up efficiently.



Heated towel rails are also multi-functional. They not only double as a radiator to maintain your bathroom warm and cozy, they also act as a storage facility for your towels, freeing up space elsewhere at home, and, since they are chrome finished, they’ve got a wonderful stylish look which may only put in more bathroom’s appearance and feel/atmosphere.

Condensation is a common problem in a bathroom. It’s not just bothersome because it causes problems seeing yourself in the mirror after bathing. As soon as water vapor cools against the painted surfaces of your bathroom, it seeps directly into every crack and leeches into the wall. This tends to cause mold problems along with further cracking of the paint. Heated towel rails reduce this by heating the entire room consistently so that there isn’t a cool surface to condense the water vapor from your bath.

The rails have been made available in all sizes to cater for hand towels to large body towels. The property owner can simply have the rails featuring the required sizes. Furthermore, the heated rails have been designed to keep the heat emitted from the bath tub or hot shower. The rails let the house owners to experience a cozy warm and relaxed sensation. At the same time, the towel gains a smooth silky and soft feel.

With respect to the sizes of the bathrooms, the rails help to increase the general heat of the bathroom. This plays a huge role of conserving the electricity power bill. A heated towel rail also helps by allowing light clothes to be hang for purpose of drying.


The Benefits Of Electronic Door Locks

Obviously, home security is essential to homeowners. Not only do they would like to avoid the chance of losing their possessions however they don’t want to be attacked, possibly even critically injured. As security techniques have evolved, electronic doors have grown to be extremely popular. Each and every house or commercial building has a lot to benefit from an electronic door access system. Little or big, you will find properties that must always be kept safe and sound and a door access system can ensure to provide this safety and security.


Electronic doors appear in differing types, afford different levels of security, and functions that are somewhat different
There isn’t any reason to have a key with this type of electronic door lock. All you want do to get in your house is punch a code in the keypad. There are advantages with this system, like when your hands are full there is no need to root around attempting to find your home key. Once you punch in the code, the door is unlocked. This can be popularly known as keypad door locks.

(C) Amazon

(C) Amazon

The second type of electronic door lock is one that makes use of Security items just like magnetic scanner disks, coded keys, remote controls along with other like gadgets. This kind of door keyless lock isn’t as widely used as those with the pin code authentication. However, they’re helpful for areas that receive a high volume of traffic. For the reason that each and every security token can be coded with a diverse signature. Hence, one can track who opened the door according to their specific signature. These tokens will not be easily replicated and work nicely in an environment in which there I a high employee turnover or where contract workers are busy. Pass codes and locks need not be changed each time an employee is replaced or a fresh set of contract workers begins work on a project.

The very last type of electronic door that’s regarded as highly secure is using biometric locks. These latches make use of fingerprints or even eye scans to open doors. They’re regarded as the safest form of locks due to the fact no two fingerprints are similar. It will only recognize the prints already registered with the system, that means no strange prints will unlock the door.

Online Security

Eliminating that ring of keys could be a excellent experience. By using a keyless latch, you won’t worry about being locked out and your home or office will have an extra step of security. Electronic doors completely eliminate that risk.


20 Garden Ideas that Will Blow your Mind

I really love flowers that’s why I always make it sure that my garden being taken care of. I get inspirations from the pictures I saw online — the designs and styles of gardens.  And this article has blown me away seeing these beautiful pictures of gardens.

Your garden or backyard should be your oasis. Whether you want a place to relax and unwind after a long day at work or a lovely area to entertain on weekends, your imagination is your only limit. Many people think that having a small space means they are bound to only the simplest of decorating features, but it simply is not true.

This list of twenty gorgeous garden ideas has something to appeal to every sensibility. Whether you want a riotously colorful flower garden or a romantic place for summer nights, find your perfect inspiration here.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Personally, number four is perfect for my idea of a relaxing oasis. The lovely little pond can be scaled up or down to create a beautiful focal point that will impart a feeling of peace and serenity.

If you tend to do a lot of entertaining, number twelve may be more your speed. A beautifully manicured lawn with a lot of space for guests is key, while carefully chosen flower bushes lend privacy and incredibly colors. Try tall hedges in place of traditional fences to keep your garden feeling safe and secure without sacrificing the beauty of nature.

Take a look at these twenty fantastic garden ideas – many of which can be implemented in spaces of all sizes and shapes – and find your perfect backyard sanctuary. Mix and match ideas to create something that is both uniquely your own and will appeal to a wide range of people.

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How to Hang Pictures on a Wall Straight & Secure Every Single Time

Hanging pictures in a space, along with adding decorative flair to a room, also allows us to bring style and character into our own home. However it’s not just hanging a frame in your wall but to make sure it is attach to the wall safely and secured.

Use this guide, & you’ll never patch an unnecessary hole in your wall again

You get a new amazing piece of artwork home from the gallery or get a professional family portrait back from the framers, and you’re so damn excited about how good it looks that you just can’t wait to get it on the wall. So you break out the toolbox and start hammering away, only to get disastrous results. Does this scenario sound familiar?



It’s happened to the best of us. When you don’t take the time to properly hang something on the wall, you wind up with a crooked mess. Or even worse, you put it in a part of the wall that can’t support weight, and you wind up with some broken glass and a big hole. But when you abide by a couple of rules of thumb and follow our handy tips, your wall hanging will look like, well, a work of art.

Like, did you know that you should drill a hole and hammer in an anchor before you put in a nail to hang a picture on a plaster wall? And if you fashion a piece of painter’s tape as a little shelf prior to drilling, you’ll have a little catch-all for all the plaster bits that are destined to fall.

If you’re hanging a picture on a brick wall, that’s a whole new ballgame. You’re definitely going to want to pick up a brick clip.

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Advantages of RTA Kitchen Cabinets Every Homeowner Should Know

Renovating or remodeling your kitchen could be a very expensive task especially at this age and time. If you’d like to save significant amount of money while ensuring that you will get the appearance that you want for your kitchen, the very best choice is to get RTA kitchen cabinets. These are designed from high quality plywood or solid wood however, you need to assemble them at home.

You can purchase RTA cabinets in a wide variety of finishes just like Sunset Maple, Honey Maple, Glazed Maple, Chestnut Maple Glaze, Natural Oak and Marquis Cinnamon.

The RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA cabinets or “ready to assemble” cabinets are for the do-it-yourself person because they have to be put together first in the home just before installing them. Buying them would be a practical investment for you since they are simple to put in and cost effective, apart from the fact that they are created from good quality wood and are brought to the doorstep within a short time after making an order. They’re typically made from Male, Oak, Chestnut, and Bamboo.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest


The increase in demand has made RTA cabinets available even in the most deluxe hardwood species. This combination of beauty and quality may be acquired at a fraction of the price of pre-assembled units. This tremendously helps in reducing costs in terms of labor and initial expenditures without taking shortcuts.


Why should you choose ready-to-assemble cabinetry for your Do-It-Yourself renovation? The answers to this question lay out the delightful benefits of RTA cabinets to your DIY kitchen remodeling project: Other than being budget-friendly, there are more benefits that RTA cabinets can bring to your DIY kitchen remodeling project.

  • You can achieve the kitchen of your dreams in a less expensive way.
  • They will help you save considerable amount of money for other house renovation needs.
  • It can be done by anyone who can see and adhere to instructions.
  • They are not low quality as how others may believe of it.
  • With ready-to assemble, all it takes is two weeks for the package to be delivered right at your doorstep.
  • If you will do the assembling and installing yourself, you are able to considerably cutback the labor fees.

Overall, RTA cabinets really stand out as the more affordable option for your kitchen remodeling that assists home owners achieve quality in both function and form. Besides the many rewards in terms of savings, they’re also excellent options in which assure a timely finish so you and your loved ones can enjoy the results in the least wait. After a little research, you can find cabinets for your kitchen that happen to be made with premium quality materials such as hardwood doors and plywood boxes.


Know Plastic Furniture Advantages And Benefits

Plastic furniture finds its presence in almost every household or office. Having a wide range of variety and designs, it could fit in nearly every kind of decor. It is important to go through the pros and cons of it, should you be looking for getting one.

Plastic furniture was first created by Douglas Simpson and James Donahue in the year 1946. It’s made of several types of plastic which includes PVC, polymers and polypropylene. Well liked due to the versatile qualities and advantages, it is found in nearly every household these days. A lot of people choose to utilize these type of furniture in comparison to wooden and metal furniture since it is ingrained with a number of advantages.

Benefits of Plastic Furniture



When compared to wood or metal furniture, plastic you need less maintenance. For example, it is not necessary to paint or varnish your plastic furniture periodically like word or metal furniture. Cleaning and washing the plastic pieces is additionally easier than washing the wood or metal ones. Moreover, a number of plastic furniture items can be easily kept in less space. You can easily stack plastic chairs one over the other, thereby saving space.

Plastic-furniture tends to be lighter, quite definitely lighter, as compared to most other traditional forms of furniture. In addition, it tends to be made in a way that it could be dissembled to its barest pieces, reducing its physical size to small dimensions. The end result is a reduction in the likes of shipping costs; which is important, particularly for furniture bought online – mainly because shipping costs on things such as furniture may be rather high, however with possibility of reduction as the weight and physical dimensions are brought down.

Plastic can be recycled and shaped in to different shapes and designs, without causing any harm to the environment. No trees are cut in the making of plastic materials. Thus, the ecological balance isn’t getting disturbed too.

Disadvantages of Plastic Furniture

In spite of a lot of advantages, plastic furniture has a few drawbacks too that can’t be ignored. Plastic generally falls short of the style and elegance which wood or metal furniture can provide.

For the environmentally aware, there is the fact that plastic, as a furniture-making material, is rather environment-unfriendly. Right now while it’s true that the proponents of plastic furniture argue that one of its advantages is environmental friendliness (in that making it does not entail cutting down trees), the other side of the coin is that plastic is a non-biodegradable material. As it turns out, the environmental impact of cutting down trees to make wooden furniture could be very easily mitigated by simply planting more trees. Plastic is after all, on the most part, a non-biodegradable material that is certainly likely to continue exerting harmful effects on the environments for what could turn into millions of years.

Now that you understand the benefits and drawbacks of plastic furniture, you can make a knowledgeable decision and choose them as per your need and preferences.


Shipping Container Swimming Pool: An Innovative Pool Design for Your Home

I must say that this is really an innovative one. The one who thought of this design is really witty. I know summer is coming to end but you might want to consider having a pool using a shipping container.

Shipping containers are used in many different ways. For sure, you have seen container homes which are a very good way to reused shipping containers.

But did you know that it can also be used for swimming pools?

Yes, that’s right! Shipping containers can actually be transformed into pools for your home. Apart from being unique, it also has many impressive features.

What we will feature today is the innovative pool design from Modpools. They design modular pools which are configured to suit the one’s need. Their pools utilize the structural rigidity of a modified shipping container in order to provide users with a relocatable hot pool.

But that’s not all!

It is also very easy to set up. It only takes minutes to install it and the family can already enjoy its cool waters. When it’s winter time, you can increase the water’s temperature at 30°c/hour in -10°c weather.

Know more about this pool below:



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Easy Makeover: A Hardworking Homework Room

A homework is where you kid’s study or or sometimes do your planning here. And based from my experience it’s really hard to concentrate when you have a messy homework room. You don’t need an extravagant makeover for this. Just go for simple and easy one!

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Remember how I’m slowly slinking around my BFF’s house and eating all of the food in her fridge making over rooms for her? (You’ve seen her living room upgrade here). Well, I’m back with a sweet and simple homework room that we pulled together for her kids….juuuuust in time for school to be over for the year. #FlawlessTiming

Thankfully they’ve already found that it’s pretty useful year round. Our goal was just to create a space that’s functional, not too spendy, and something that can grow with them (the kids are 2, 6, and 7). And since it’s right off the foyer, we wanted it to look nice since it’s one of the first things people see when they step through the front door.

Let’s flash back in time to the room as it looked when they moved in. It’s a gorgeous house with big windows and a cool spiral staircase. Our secret weapons for this makeover? Not-so-secret things like some fresh paint on the walls, a light fixture switch, a new rug, some homemade art, and a few inexpensive finds from Ikea, Target, and HomeGoods. No item that we bought for this room was over $160. Even that giant rug was under $140! I know, it’s pretty exciting.

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