Benefits of Installing Door Alarm Systems

Who is watching your home when you’re away? It could be much more than your neighbor. While much of your belongings might be easily replaced, much of your “special” souvenirs and valuable items may be irreplaceable. In case you are unsure whether you require a door alarm system, here are several factors why you should install one.

(C) GearXS

(C) GearXS

1.Prevention of Crime – The door alarm is definitely a adaptable shock sensor alarm. It’s very suitable for office, home, hotel, or travel and it also needs no installing and assembly. You simply simply dangle it on any doorknob. Once installed, it immediately picks up any vibration. As soon as the alarm is tripped, it is going to create a 98dB warning sound for 20-30 seconds, and immediately reset in 3-5 seconds. The sound the device creates is noisy enough to disturb the burglar and once he / she begins to panic, it is more likely that the person will be captured before he or she does the crime. The level of sensitivity of the alarm can be simply adjusted using a screwdriver. It’s perfect to keep you and your household safe from harm. It’s ideal for anyone and works extremely well just about everywhere.

2.Fire Protection – Door alarms also usually consist of a central control panel to which heat detectors and smoke alarms are connected, with horns or bells attached to them. They get activated when the system triggers an alarm. Although control panel operates from residential electrical power, it also has an emergency battery that operates the system 24 hours during outage. Fire accidents can occur anytime at home, if you have a door alarm that is installed in the house, then certainly you can be certain that your family safe in this kind of emergency situation.

3. Care Giving - The placement of wireless door alarms alert the appropriate person or staff when an elderly, Alzheimer patient or a young vulnerable child leaves a particular area. This will alert you to any unusual behavior which will be especially helpful at night. The volume may be increased before you go to bed in order that the chime is noisy enough to wake you from sleep, this would permit you to sleep without worrying about listening for the front door opening or notifying you to any unsupervised wandering about the house.

As the entrance to your home, your door is the focal point of any attempt at home invasion. Thus, it might benefit you to focus your safety measures on your door and of all the home security products the purchase of an alarm for your door is a wise action to take. In addition, think about reinforcing your door and the locks. Keep the alarm all set to go, totally charged and on at all times and you’ll feel and be much safer, guaranteed.