How to Move and Travel with Your Pets by Car

Everybody loves to enjoy a great vacation with their family and friends and many of them also prefer taking their pets with them. We can show our love to them by taking all available safety precautions whenever we have them in the car.

If you’re planning a long distance move and have to get your cat or dog to your new home, then you’ll need to do some extra work to figure out how best to move them, including ensuring their safe arrival while on the road. This article is based on my own personal experience of moving cats from Canada to the US and the US to Canada as well as driving two large dogs from the Yucatan in Mexico to Canada.

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If you’re moving your pet across international borders, I recommend reading this article on international moves that will provide some specifics about preparing pets.

Decide How Best to Move Them

In my many years of moving house, each time we’ve had to move pets with the only difference being the number of animals we had to move. Most of the time we flew them to their new destination, in particular when the number of days traveling by car didn’t even seem feasible. However, one of our last moves, one that took us from Canada back to the US, was the first time I needed to weigh flying our kitties to their new home versus moving them down by car.

In our case, one of our cats was 21 years old, which is old for a kitty. She has special medical needs, including high blood pressure and I was worried that flying her down, even if she were to fly with me under my seat, that the stress would be too much.

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How to Raise a Chill Kid

You are a blessed parent if your kids doesn’t throw tantrums. As a mother, i could say that dealing with kid’s bad behavior is the worst duty of a parent. We all want our kids to behave and just chill. Learn how to raise a chill kid from this article.

Sure, you may have good reasons to get angry (traffic jams, job challenges, dropping your iPhone in the tub), but put yourself in your child’s shoes. Her life might be filled with all manner of frustrations: other kids who want to play with her stuff, grown-ups who end a playdate when she’s having fun, a big sibling who has privileges she can only dream about, and a whole world of things she hasn’t mastered, from brushing her teeth solo to making her own chocolate milk. It’s no wonder that young kids spend so much time in meltdown mode.

(C) Constant Contact

(C) Constant Contact

While you can’t eliminate the triggers that enrage her, you can teach a child as young as a 2 or 3 to control her temper. “Your job is to help her develop strategies for expressing and dealing with this powerful emotion,” says Dana Dorfman, Ph.D., a psychotherapist in New York City. Parents may be tempted to try to rein in their child’s reactions (“It’s just a game of Candy Land; you don’t have to get so upset about losing”), but doing so will probably just fuel her fury. Instead, you want to empathize while still emphasizing the importance of finding a better alternative to simply freaking out.

Kids who manage to stay composed when a maddening situation arises are better prepared to succeed in life. A study at the University of Pittsburgh, for example, showed that children who were good at regulating their emotions did better both academically and socially than those who had poor impulse control. And researchers at Arizona State University, in Tempe, found that such kids also tend to be more resilient in tough times.

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50 Genius DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Express Your Gratitude

Father’s day is fast approaching and it would be great if we have something special to give to our father. This year get him something different. Put your imagination and creativity to work. Here are some of unique DIY ideas for a father’s day gift that will please him like nothing else. 

Father’s Day is just around the corner and you may be wondering just what you can get for the Father in your life. If you have a dad, husband or even a son who’s a father and they seem to already have everything, choosing a gift can be difficult to say the least.

Dads are very appreciative of any gift, generally. If you want a gift that he’ll really appreciate, why not make something special? You can create a Father’s Day gift that is completely unique and unlike anything anyone else would even consider.
In honor of fathers everywhere, we have compiled a list of 60 great DIY Father’s Day gifts that you can easily make yourself. Some of these are a bit more complicated than others but they are all very unique, very special and are sure to put a smile on dad’s face. Instead of trudging through lines at the sporting goods store to get him something that he may already have, just make him something yourself. He’ll really appreciate the effort that you put into his gift and you’ll appreciate the ease of making it, plus the fact that DIY gifts are really inexpensive is also a good thing.

Digital Tablet/Device Sleeve

If dad really loves his tablet, make him a special sleeve that will protect his favorite digital toy. This is a sewing project but it’s a relatively simple one. Not only do you get to create a protective sleeve for his tablet, but the pattern has areas for holding pens and pencils and other necessities so this will quickly become his favorite accessory. It has room for everything and will fit all standard sized tablets, readers and other digital devices. Plus, it will look like you spent a lot of money on it. Only you will know it’s a DIY gift.



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How to Say No to Your Kids

As a parent, sometimes we find it hard to say ‘no’ to our kids. They will use every argument they can to get what they want. But its also our responsibility to explain to them why  it’s a ‘no’ to avoid misunderstanding. For those parents who suffer from this, learn some helpful tips from this article.



Saying no is never easy, but it’s often necessary. Here are several ways to make it easier on both you and your kids.

No. It’s a little word with a lot of influence, especially for parents. Maybe it’s because of what happens after we say the word “no” (you know, the screaming and tantrum-throwing) that we skirt around it, try to disguise it and sometimes just don’t say it all.

“News flash: Kids need you to say ‘no,’” says Lori Freson, M.A., a licensed marriage and family therapist. “Children are not emotionally or developmentally equipped to make major decisions or rules, or to self-regulate. That’s your job. And if you don’t do it, your child will feel a sense of confusion and internal chaos, which could manifest itself in stomach aches, headaches, tantrums, and even ulcers.”

That’s why it’s a big deal every time you dodge “no” for the more kid-friendly “here, get distracted by this ice pop.” But, we all know, putting your foot down can be harder than it seems. We turned to the experts for seven strategies on how to say “no”—and make it stick.

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Keeping Your Home Mold-Free

Mold can quickly end up in any residence, since mold is a natural organism. It can cause destruction to the residence primarily furniture, ceilings and wall foundation. If you have any long term moisture issues at home particularly when your home is mainly composed of wood, it is commonly inevitable they’ll cause mold development.. Then all of sudden, you are going to just be shocked that mold are destroying your house without you realizing.

Mold is normally undetectable to the naked eye, for it being incredibly tiny we usually do not notice it. Times when visible mold comes out occurs when larger colonies appear, and cluster together, and that’s exactly when people’s concerns grows. Usually the mold is behind the wall space of a property and it’s worse than what the people realize is visible. And then, a mold remediation firm will come in that exposes to the house owner of more mold than what they actually anticipated.

Mold growth normally starts in small and simple situation at home. A few signs that you’ve got a moisture problem are water stains or discoloration on wall space, flooring or ceilings in the home. Discovering these could be considered a sign that there is mold growing within or behind the material. Additionally, when you notice a lot of cumuli at home then it’s an indicator that you have a large amount of moisture and hence a sign that you could have a mold problem. Mold spores do not reproduce or develop in a lack of moisture. And so, indoor mold development could very well be avoided by controlling indoor moisture and humidity. It’s very helpful to prevent serious damage that these molds can cause and to protect the family also.

When molds grow below carpet, behind walls, or at the backside of furnishings, you can’t identify the growth except if it arises the musty odor or anyone in the household starts suffering from mold allergy. A mold inspection should be done in the event that indications of mold exist in the house. Do not disturb the mold unless you are set for cleanup or professional remediation. It is always encouraged to let the professional mold remediation firm perform inspection and suggest for solution.

When looking at a mold remediation firm, ensure that the company is licensed and insured to perform the job. Additionally, another helpful advice is that, to make sure that they are carrying it out effectively and fully is to employ an industrial hygienist to write the scope of work and to deal with the pre-test and post testing. Should you follow this rule then your mold dilemma will be solved.


Maternity and nursing bras 101

It is important that pregnant and nursing women have supportive, comfortable bras. During this time, a woman’s breasts are constantly changing. It may seem like finding the perfect maternity or nursing bra is a daunting task but don’t get discouraged!


Do I need a new bra during pregnancy?

Yes, most likely. Like the rest of your body, your breasts are changing too, becoming bigger and more sensitive to the touch. Chalk up this metamorphosis to hormonal shifts, weight gain, an expanding rib cage, and, later in pregnancy, mammary glands that are preparing to make milk for your baby.

While it may be tempting to make do with the bras you have (think of the savings!), it’s best to invest in a few good bras. Your growing breasts are heavier – the developing glandular tissues can add on a few ounces per breast, at least – and deserve some comfy support.

How do I know when it’s time for a new bra?

A good rule of thumb: Tight ain’t right. When you take off the bra and see indentations where the band and straps were, your breasts are spilling out of your bra cups, or your bra feels too snug, it’s time to purchase a new one, says Felina Gallagher of the Upper Breast Side, a breastfeeding resource center in Manhattan.

Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, and your breasts will change in a way that’s unique to you. You may find that your cup size continues to increase throughout your pregnancy, or your breasts might grow during your first trimester and then not increase in size again until the last few months. Depending on how you grow, you may need to go bra shopping several times during your pregnancy.

What’s the difference between regular, maternity, and nursing bras?

A maternity bra is a souped-up version of a regular bra – specifically designed to comfortably support your growing breasts during pregnancy. Wider straps, a soft cotton lining, and extra hooks and eyes on the band are just a few of the features you’ll typically find in a maternity bra. Maternity bras usually don’t have underwire cups. Note: Some regular bras offer these features as well and will work fine during pregnancy.

Maternity and nursing bras differ in one basic way: Nursing bras have clasps or panels that allow easy access to the nipples for breastfeeding.

Many women prefer a combination of both, buying maternity bras or larger sizes of their favorite pre-pregnancy bra …



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7 Beauty Changes to Make Before You Try to Get Pregnant

Having a baby is both exciting and demanding, rewarding and frustrating, worrying and yet emotionally satisfying and fulfilling. Efficient methods and techniques help with pain and with any problems in different pregnancy stages.


Along with skipping happy hour and saying sayonara to sushi, you know there are certain skin-care ingredients and treatments that are off-limits when you’re pregnant. That’s because they might be harmful to your unborn baby or there’s simply not enough evidence to prove that they’re completely safe. But what you may not realize is that many of these same skin-care rules apply when you’re trying to conceive.

Whether you’re thinking about trying to have a baby or are actively working on it, here are the key changes you’ll need to make to your skin-care routine to keep you and your baby-to-be safe and healthy.

Get a skin check.

Moles can change, darken, and enlarge during pregnancy, so it’s best to have your dermatologist do a skin check—including full-body photos and mole mapping, if you have several moles—before you get that BFP. “This way, you’ll have a baseline for what they looked like before and you won’t worry yourself unnecessarily,” says Maritza I. Perez, dermatologist at Advanced Aesthetics in New Canaan, Connecticut, and director of cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai Westin New York City.

These skin checks are especially important to do before trying to conceive, since recent research shows that melanoma is more aggressive and deadly in pregnant women. A January 2016 study found that women who were diagnosed with malignant melanoma during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth were …


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Finding The Appropriate Place For Your Family

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Today, when individuals search for homes, they tend to focus more on the style that would fit their spending plan. They’ll spend their time and effort on the physical aspect of the home without thinking about the external aspects. When you purchase a house, it is necessary you to become familiar with the community. Here are a few pointers which could help you in finding the appropriate place for your family.

1) Location - Even when the home is not really that attractive but if it’s in close proximity to major institutions like hospital, academic institutions and etc. then it is a good deal! A great spot will always be a good thing regardless of what the real estate market does later on. Make sure that the means of transportation is available.

2) Security - The crime rate and safety of the place is important for the family. Just what is the use of a wonderful house if your family is not safe. To learn more about it, check out the local newspapers, or search on the internet. You also can ask close by areas with regards to the neighborhood.

3) Travel time - Pay attention to time taken to commute to the office. Check also for route navigation, public transport options, taxicab fares, transit stop distance as well as other personal requirements. The agent must offer you alternatives in regards to these factors to be able to still save.

4) Schools - Check out schools locally. This can help you send your children very easily and save time. Even if you do not have youngsters to send to school or really don’t plan for children, schools in the neighborhood are a positive aspect simply because it’s going to add substantially to the value of your home. In a country wide study executed by Redfin in 2013 shows that People in America pay $50 more per sq. ft. to houses which have top rated schools in community than regular ranked school.

5) Property Taxes - Property taxes are based on the worth of the property, such as land and improvements, and are determined by the local government. It’s vital to factor in these costs since, dependent upon the area, they can be extremely high.

Take a look at the real state condition and look at specific markets and trends for long term plans and references. Check for any enhancement the past five to ten years or any development plans later on. These developments will likely result in hike in taxes and the value of the house may change consequently.

Look for a suitable locality for your new house. Choose one based upon your preferences such as anonymity, newer development or older area, distance to dining establishments and shopping centers, parks, walking to amenities, busier active area or quiet streets, etc. Remember to research well and have professional guidance if you think you’re not confident.


Home Energy Saving Tips

Electricity is really a necessity and the fact is that we can’t live or function without this. Energy utilization in the home is one of the biggest contributions to the rise on the carbon footprint. You can do your part to cut back the carbon footprint by lessening the electricity utilization at your residence. Listed here are 5 significant ways that will allow you to lower the electricity usage at home.

1) Turn off just about any unnecessary appliances. This can be a typical situation that is often overlooked at home. It’s because since you hardly understand just how much electricity is consumed by these unimportant electronic devices. Plugged electronics, even if switched off, continue consuming energy without you knowing. Switching off these home appliances is the very first step you should take in order to reduce the electricity at home.

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2) Go solar. Solar power and lights are fantastic ways to minimize your electricity usage. The solar panels can be used to heat up the geyser for you to have hot water without needing to use electricity. Geysers use an enormous amount of electricity to heat up, but solar panels don’t require any electricity. Solar lights could be set up in your backyard. Providing you outdoor lighting that requires absolutely no electricity aside from sunlight.

3) Buy energy efficient appliances. Without doubt, effective appliances don’t just conserve your funds; they also save or conserve the environment. The fewer energy we all utilize, the lower our demand on carbon footprints will be. Search for Energy Star label when you purchase a home appliance or acquire natural gas appliance rather than electricity powered. Usually, most energy-efficient appliances will be more expensive at first, but they are going to conserve your funds over time.

4) Decrease the usage of air-condition. Cooling and the heating aspect of each and every home are probably the largest sources of skyrocketing bill. It might be a need to some, however, make a little adjustment in lessening the utilization of air-conditions. Search for cooling tips that may help you effectively cool-down the home with no extensive utilization of ACs.

5) Use LED lighting. An additional way to conserve on electric usage is thru the use of Led lighting. LED lighting is going to get to its ultimate illumination the moment it is switched on, emits less heat and is an affordable solution. When planning to reduce electricity at your residence then this is the initial change you must make.

Through your own simple ways, you’ll be economical and conserve the environment too. We should be mindful that every energy we use corresponds to valuable natural resources such as coal, oil or gas. Thus, using less energy enables us to sustain these resources and make them last longer for the future.


Sandwich Makers

Mornings will always be about hurrying in your schedule. And this usually leaves you with no time for preparing breakfast, which is the most crucial meal for the day. Yet, sandwich makers have simplified the task of preparing sandwiches within just a couple of minutes. You can utilize it to grill and toast other food items too; hence you get several breakfast options.

Sandwich is amongst the most tasty and oldest food types known to mankind. Essentially it is only 2 slices of bread with any kind of filling in between the slices, the filling range from cheese, meat, eggs and many others. The normal sandwiches that you just eat could become out of the ordinary when it’s made with your sandwich maker. It is an appliance that you just think isn’t essential yet soon you’ll understand how good it is.

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Sandwich makers have brought a new cooking trend in the appliance market. It has made cooking breakfast meals simple and straight forward. If you make the purchase from a registered appliance manufacturing company, your experience will be great.

A sandwich toaster is a simple baking and heating machine. It has two square concave plates of metal that clamp together to form an enclosed toast room. These square concave plates seal the edges of the bread, to hold in the filling. Earlier the plates are made from cast iron to cook over the stove, open flames or coal. But now electric sandwich toasters are available in local and online market place.

Manufacturing companies design sandwich makers in such a way that minimum oil is utilized in cooking food. For that reason, snacks prepared in this appliance are absolutely ideal for health. They are available in a grease eliminator surface, which will help the food to get prepared with minimal or no oil. It is for this reason that breakfast snacks prepared in sandwich makers are completely appropriate for health.

It is regarded as multipurpose as it could be used for various reasons such as grilling and heating. A lot of the modern devices have interchangeable components that can be removed and used for different purposes. It’s used as an indoor grill since it is easy to clean and cook in these appliances.

Aside from those rewards, sandwich makers are very simple to use. They need no cooking outbursts at any stage of cooking, thus supply a different cooking experience. As most of its parts are removable, cleaning a sandwich-maker is so easy. It is a perfect kitchen gadget for your breakfast and short meals, needs hassle-free maintenance.