Constructing a Kitchen Breakfast Bar: 6 Dos and Don’ts

When you plan your house, I recommend that you put a small area for your breakfast bar. There will always be a time that you just want to jump in and out on breakfast bars instead of preparing or arranging the entire dining area. I strongly suggest that you install one in your home not necessarily hire a contractor but build it yourself. However, if you are not confident enough, then you can just order one.


1 – Do Leave Enough Room for…

Navigating around the kitchen breakfast bar. You will need to consider that stools or chairs will need enough room to be pulled out and sat on and people need to be able to still walk around them comfortably, without squeezing through a tight space. Measure the area properly so you don’t end up with a gap that no one can get past.

2 – Do Calculate…

The height and length correctly. Use a standard height for the kitchen breakfast bar, unless you require a customized height. If the kitchen breakfast bar is replacing an older one and you are keeping the stools or chairs, measure the height so that there is room for the chairs to sit underneath the kitchen breakfast bar when pushed in and not being used by anyone.

3 – Do Use Proper and Solid…

Support bars on your kitchen breakfast bar. Remember that the weight of elbows and items will need the correct amount of support in all the right places
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