Create a Versatile Kitchen for Entertaining

The very last part of our home where I put so much consideration before construction is our kitchen. Kitchen is the place for everybody! Whether you cook or not, a great kitchen will encourage in doing so. That is why, I make it a point that our kitchen must be for the whole family. It should be versatile enough to accommodate whatever we want to cook, do or share in our kitchen.


With the right seating, a kitchen island can serve as your kitchen table. Remove the chairs and it becomes a serving area for entertaining. (Photo by Moss Building & Design )


Entertaining should be fun, not stressful. Whether it’s a holiday feast or an impromptu gathering with friends, coming together in your kitchen is about so much more than food.

But let’s face it: You do want to feed your guests. When it’s your immediate family, preparing meals in an inefficient kitchen is something you just get used to. Add in friends, neighbors, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and your inefficient kitchen can be very frustrating.


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