DIY Soap On A Rope

“If you are DIY lover and you also love making soap, then this activity is definitely for you. It is so easy peasy and you’ll gotta love it. You can even put some colors of your liking resulting and instant colorful bathroom decor.”

Hi, friends! It’s Katie here again.I’ve been dying to make soap on a rope since I spotted some BEAUTIFUL soaps at a farmers market recently. When I got home that day I was full of inspiration, so I quickly went to work at developing my own method. I knew I wanted them to be neutral in color, smell amazing (duh, it’s soap), and easy to make with things around the house. Here’s what I came up with:

Supplies for DIY Soap On A Rope

-glycerin melt and pour soap base (also available at most craft stores)

-essential oils—I used lemon, lavender, rose, and mint
-household containers in any shape or size you’d like

Cube your soap base before heating

To begin, cut your soap base into cubes. DO NOT swing your knife around like a sword. Okay, okay… do it. Just be careful! I think it’s impossible for me not to pretend to be a samurai while holding a large knife. It’s one of those things.

Melt and pour soap base

Now it’s time to figure out how much soap base to melt. A little bit of this melt and pour base goes farther than you would imagine. For the ice cream bucket I used about four or five 2″ x 2″ cubes for a pint size container. Once you figure out how much you’d like to use, melt it in the microwave or use the double broiler method on the stove.

Add essential oils to melt and pour soap baseMaking Soap On A Rope in household containers

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