Fall Clean-Up: What to Do When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

Autumn is a time to make sure that your yard is in the best shape for the forthcoming year.Understanding how to dispose of autumn leaves can help you clean up your lawn and dispose of them properly.

(C) Mark Kaufman Roofing

(C) Mark Kaufman Roofing

You know autumn is here when the evenings grow cooler and the leaves began to change from green to a dazzling array of colors. Then they begin to fall. That’s when you reach for the rake. But there are other alternatives if you don’t relish that task. Consider these other options instead along with some suggestions on ways to recycle leaves from ISA certified arborist Max Burton of Monster Tree Service.


Mow Them

Use a lawn mower with a bag attachment to handle leaf debris on your yard. Disposal becomes a simple matter once the ground-up leaves are collected in the bag.

Vacuum Them

With a leaf vacuum, you can suck up all of the fallen leaves, twigs, acorns, pine cones and other debris into a bag and then grind them up for mulch or compost.

Blow Them

A leaf blower is recommended for managing and redistributing fallen leaves in large yards with lots of trees but raking is more practical and less time consuming if you have a small lawn or garden area.

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