Home Interior: Paint or Wallpaper?

A fantastic wall interior creates a good impression for your residence. If the house is embellished with wallpapers or painted with great colors, it immediately sets the atmosphere of the place. But some might find it hard to decide whether or not to go for wallpapers or paint mainly because both have advantages and disadvantages. In case you are having the same dilemma, here we will try to talk about the difference of both so that you can decide what’s best for your home.



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Advantages: Low cost and easy – many individuals could execute a sufficient paint job and both material and labor for painting isn’t costly. Reduced preparation time and extra layers may hide problems well. Irregular walls are best concealed by using a solid colour in order for the corners or borders don’t highlight a skew line. Paint is readily painted over, and you may choose between a matte or gloss finish.

Disadvantages: Heavier oil based paint will dry slowly and most likely need a professional to apply it as oil based paints often run. Paint with high oil content is also less resistant against heat. Paint may also emit hazardous compounds called VOC’s. Paint usually lasts from 5-10 years however subject to your paint choice it’s also possible to find yourself painting more often.


Advantages: Many contemporary wallpapers will last for ten to fifteen years, while, repainting often must be done as frequently as every few years. This lowers your costs. Wallpaper could add intricacy and fascinating characteristics to a room and wallpaper has several kinds of ‘looks’ like patterns, textures as well as created to look like wood or cloth.

Disadvantages: Firstly, wallpaper is more costly by square meterage and labour. Setting up wallpaper is more challenging to do than painting is, and when you get tired of your wallpaper it’s not as simple to paint over because you have to clear out the wallpaper before painting. If you install new wallpaper it’s usually better off taking out the wallpaper too as opposed to just papering over it. Newer types of wallpaper may be simpler to remove than old types, but you can also come across preservation issues if section of the wallpaper will get ruined and requires replacing. Even when you could match the paper, the existing paper might have changed colour in the sun thus it can make it harder to match than paint (where new paint could be mixed to complement the washed out colour).

But actually, you will not be obliged to pick one as you’re able combine both in your walls. For the kid’s room, you may have wallpapered walls since they are more interested in patterns whilst in the master’s bedroom, you may opt for painted walls. Whatever your own preference is, it truly is up to you and your family’s choice.