How Good is Rubber Mulch?


Rubber mulch is a reprocessed product created by used tires. As a result, it is really an eco-friendly product which is great for ecosystem and playground safety. It is a latest rubber item that can easily be placed on hard surfaces like playgrounds, landscapes as well as on gardens in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents happening. Rubber mulch comes in enticing colors and other designs and therefore, you happen to be given with some terrific options to select from.

Nowadays, rubber mulch is getting more and more recognition because of the positive aspects it could possibly give not just to your outdoor play area but also for gardening. Not just that, it also adds visual appeal to an area which is a wonderful means of decorating your outdoors. When you have used rubbers, you might already think of transforming it to rubber mulch but before you get excited, here are just a few of the advantages of rubber mulch.

•    Mulch helps soil retain water  - It helps retain the current water content making irrigation easier. This retained water can also be used as groundwater by the residents. There are numerous approaches involved with conserving water and one of such techniques integrates drip irrigation.

•    Helps prevent freak mishaps - Rubber flooring is impact-resistant and slip-resistant. The rubber is built to be flexible and springy. This lets it work as a cushion versus impacts and minimizing the likelihood of major injury whenever children slide from play structures. A lot of houses have playgrounds and yards for kids to relax and play on and thus the rubber mulch, when covered over grass, helps in avoiding children from getting wounded since the surface is smooth and soft. Parents also need to make certain children do not misuse the surface as the rubber part wears out over a period of time.

•    Safe for plants -  Concerns have already been raised about dangerous chemicals that are regularly found in rubber treatment and tire manufacture. However, research shows that this kind of mulch contains only small levels of some chemicals that are bad for humans and plants only in much higher levels. It’s better than organic mulch at insulating the soil, keeping it warm and rich. Rubber would not absorb water since it is non-porous and helps prevent dampening of the soil below. Therefore it prevents algae and other fungi from developing in the soil, commonly the rubber mulch are also called weed barrier.

In summary, rubber mulch definitely seems to be a fantastic option for an eco-friendly sound approach to landscaping. It has likewise gone through quality improvements over the last couple of years. Now rubber mulches, that happen to be suitable for home gardens and landscaping, are also available in plenty. It might take getting used to, but it seems like the tires will certainly keep rolling into our gardens, parks, and playgrounds.