How to Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric



Some components of finding upholstery fabric might appear pretty obvious for instance selecting a color, the single biggest element in fabric selection. In spite of this, since it’s advantageous to look at your preferences in mind, here are a few other factors you may want to consider.

Fabric Durability

Choose a fabric in accordance with who might be making use of your sofa. In case your pets will also be sharing your sofa with you, look at a microfiber fabric or leather as they can put up with heavy use. Consider fabric durability if your sofa will likely be positioned in a high-traffic area of the home. Woven patterns endure more than printed ones, as do higher thread counts. Thread count indicates the number of threads per sq . inch of fabric, and denser fabric lasts longer.

Fabric Style

Your fabric choice ought to mimic the fashion and character of the piece it’s covering. As an illustration, a traditional fabric would probably appear better on a traditional style of frame. Certain fabrics seem informal, while others could look more formal. Pick out a fabric to match your personal style or theme that you’ve set up in the home. Look at the scale of the pattern. It has to be best suited to the size of the furniture it is covering, and also the room size. A big bold, pattern could work better in a larger room, while a more muted or smaller one could be a better choice for a smaller sized space.

Fabric Color

Color is an aspect you have to concentrate upholstery fabrics. The great thing is that regardless of whether you choose plain or pattern, you’ll find upholstery fabrics in an massive range of colors, ensuring that you will find the one that will blend into your space with ease. Colors which are neutral and paired with neutral pattern types are easier to use in various types of rooms, and seem to be in style longer. If you pick neutral colors for your upholstery fabric, you happen to be normally wanting to highlight other parts of the room, like accessories or decorations. Yet, bright or unusual colors, particularly when paired with unique patterns, might make a significant decorating statement.

Special Considerations

Fade Resistance: Should your room receives a lot of sunlight, you may need a fade-resistant fabric.

Mildew Resistance: Try to find fabric which is mildew resistant if you reside in a humid climate that builds mildew.

Allergies: Take into account fabric like microfiber for certain allergies because it’s lint free and doesn’t attract dust.

Pets: For those who have pets avoid delicate fabric such as silk, or any fabric with a lot of texture. Pick pet-friendly upholstery instead.