Learn tips and tricks for vegetable gardening

Onion Seedlings

Spring is traditionally the time to plant a vegetable garden. Here are some newly sprouted onions, poking their heads up. (Photo from http://www.sanluisobispo.com)

It’s been a disorienting year. Spring planting may seem odd — shouldn’t it come after winter? We all know how winter went. Those two (was it three?) days of winter really took it out of me. Whew!

Now I look at my little seeds and starts and wonder — is this spring? Should I contemplate a little vegetable garden considering the water crisis? Should I call the whole thing off?

If you are feeling as discombobulated as I am, then hustle down to the Master Gardener’s Advice to Grow By Workshop this Saturday. Not only will you be reoriented in regards to the correct season, you will be privy to a nice permutation on spring gardening. The focus will be on vegetable gardening, but the eye never leaves the storyline of this year: drought.

You will glean handy growing tips and water conservation tricks that will have you growing healthy veggies in our arid climate. Learn what watering methods will best suit your needs and discover ways to plant that will naturally save water. Leave with innovative ideas and renewed motivation.

Drought tip: Don’t throw leftover water away after boiling vegetables. Let it cool and use it on your plants.


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