New Uses for Things in the Bathroom

“Don’t we just all love recycling or perhaps discovering new innovations to make the more efficient without having to spend a lot of cash. Well after reading this, you might want to rush in your bathroom and apply some of these tips that we’re going to show you.”


1. Electric Toothbrush as Grout Scrubber

Scour bathroom crevices with a battery-powered toothbrush.


Toothbrush used to scour bathroom

2. Soap as Zipper Unsticker

Loosen a stuck zipper by rubbing a bar of soap along its teeth. The trick also works well on furniture drawers that are hard to budge.

Soap as Zipper Unsticker


3. Cotton Balls as Teddy-Bear Stuffing

Has Paddington ripped and lost his padding? To add fluff, cram cotton balls behind the torn seam, then stitch him back up.

Teddy bear opened up with cotton ball stuffing showing


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