Planning a Cloakroom Bathroom

“Cloakrooms are usually limited in terms of spaces which mean that you have to be resourceful and creative when designing one. Cloakrooms are a welcome addition to any home, providing visitors and family members with a space especially when a house has more than two storey or more. “


Know your Space

The first thing you need to do is understand just how much space you’ve actually got at your disposal. Cloakroom bathrooms are designed to be compact but that doesn’t mean you can afford to be reckless when it comes to measuring.

Take a range of measurements, considering different angles and placements, and remember to allow extra room for ventilation and plumbing.

Only buy what you need

Oviedo Wall Mounted Corner Basin with Waste

Oviedo Wall Mounted Corner Basin

When space is at a premium you need to be cautious with what you buy. Cloakroom bathrooms typically don’t require larger units like baths and showers, so stick with toilets and wash basins instead.

Our range of clever corner basins, including the Rincona and Oviedo Wall Mounted Basin with Waste (pictured) are perfect for cloakrooms and can be matched with a number of our toilets. If you’ve got a fairly generous cloakroom bathroom then a close coupled toilet should fit in comfortably. If you’d rather keep everything compact then our space saving back to wall toilets and wall hung toilets are ideal.

Our Palm Bathroom Suite Range (pictured below) is specifically designed for cloakrooms, with a specially-designed corner-fitting toilet and basin.

Keep it Clean

Clutter will make any bathroom look cramped so in small spaces this really needs to be avoided. Keep your cloakroom bathroom clean and clear to make the best use of space. You can even get back to wall toilets fitted as part of a combined …


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