Quality Sleeper Sofa Bed Buying Guide

In terms of sleeper sofas, trying to find the correct one is usually a challenge. If you are trying to fit a sleeper sofa into a tight space, the situation becomes even tougher. Though the names vary, the principle is the same: one piece of furniture has 2 uses. The quality and price of sleeper sofas varies, consequently shop around.”

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A sleeper sofa bed would be the best thing to buy if you find challenge of open space and you can’t support yet another bed there. The same as the name suggests, a sleeper sofa has two uses. You can use it as a sofa during the day time and can be easily turned into a cozy bed for friends or guests coming to your house for an overnight stay.

Dimensions:-It is crucial to determine the space where you want to keep your sofa sleeper and jot down these measurements correctly. While taking the measurements, ensure there be enough room to pull out the sleeper with ease. Also consider the width of the door also as you would require it.

Style: Because there are variations of sofa available for sale, you can surely find one that meets your home décor. Don’t forget to look for the color for the sofa bed mattress since it makes a lot of difference. Usually it comes in neutral colors like taupe. But you can still add more color to your sofa bed mattress with colorful pillows and throws.

Comfort: The mattress comfort, along with the seating, is essential. We have all knowledgeable sore backs from the old sofa beds, so choose very carefully. Mattress components vary from the dreaded thin inner springs, to foam, memory foam, air mattresses, and combinations of the above. Some new air mattresses provide the advantage of choosing your very own comfort level by controlling the air input with a single touch, an excellent advantage. Take a look at each mattress if at all possible, particularly if your studio sofa will be your primary sleeper in a small space. Remember that the sleeper bed is going to be closed most of the time, so ask just how easy it is to clean, if will it collect dust and mildew, and can it be replaced.

Fabric: Microfiber is recommended for people with allergies. “Brighten Up the Living Room with a Microfiber Sofa,” an article on the Microfiber-Sofas Website, says this fabric requires special cleaning products. Look into the fabric grade, which ranges from A, the most affordable, to F, the costliest.

Price: Remember that you will get what you pay for. Most of us have budgets, but look for value rather than the lowest price in a sofa bed. Look into the toughness and motion of the folding bed frame. Do not settle for something which is cheaper because probably it will not last as long as the ones that cost a little more.