Remove Moss on Roof…or Replace Your Roof. Which Will It Be?

“I guess some are indeed asking these questions primarily because they think it’s just OK to leave the moss on the roof. But what if it does you harm instead of good, will you still just ignore it? Read the article below to guide on making the right decision.”


Green moss growing on roof.


See the picture above? This is a picture of shake-shingle roof, with moss growing like a lawn. Think that’s bad? I’ve got a neighbor whose roof-moss is so thick, you cannot see shingles anymore. The moss is a good 1″ thick. It has practically become a living roof.

When I first moved to an area where moss is prevalent in shaded areas, I thought: How picturesque! It sure looks fairy tale-like, I thought. But owning a house with moss on the roof is quite a different matter.

Recently, the neighbor whose roof is shown above had to completely replace it because of this moss–over $10,000. He has a small roof, and he contracted with a super-bargain roofing company.

Liquid or Dry Applications

I like my Pacific Northwest home, but the same directional rule of thumb that applies to trees (moss grows on the north side of trees) definitely does apply to my house and everyone else around here. As such, due to the shorter daylight periods, moisture, and general gloom, I use moss-killer from Fall to Spring. Summer is the only season when moss does not grow


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