Silhouette Blinds vs. Honeycomb Shades

“There are many aspects to take into consideration when choosing a window treatment. If you want a hassle free set up, then you can go for silhouette blinds. But if you variety of styles, then perhaps the honeycomb shades are for you. It is important that you distinguish the features of each so that you can have the most suitable one for your home.”


Silhouette blinds and honeycomb shades are two very popular types of window treatment designs. But which one would work best for your windows? Silhouette blinds and honeycomb shades have their advantages and drawbacks and once you know what those are, you can make a better decision as to which of window treatment designs is best for you.

Silhouette blinds are distinguished by their capability to let some natural light shine through the window even when the blinds are closed. In essence, silhouettes combine the light control of mini blinds with the privacy control of honeycomb shades.

You can rotate the slats to whatever angle you wish to have the shade you need for yourself and your furniture. When raised, the blinds become completely enclosed in the head rail giving you a wide view through the window. The top down/bottom up feature of silhouette blinds is also helpful. With this feature, the blinds can open from either the top or the bottom which increases your control over light and privacy.

silhouette honeycomb blinds

The main down side of silhouettes is that when they are totally closed, you not longer have any view through the window.

Honeycomb (or cellular) shades have become very popular recently as they are known for increasing home energy efficiency.

This is because honeycomb shades are designed to avert heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the …


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