Solid Surface Countertops Are They for You

Nowadays there are plenty of materials and goods for kitchen worktops that it could seem really overwhelming and how do you know what is most beneficial? Picking your kitchen worktop surface has not been more complicated and never have there been so many different and various choices, but luckily we now have the solid surface countertops to make our choice less complicated.

What is Solid Surface?

Solid surface goods are made in acrylic, polyester, or another hard artificial materials and primarily used in bathroom and kitchen hardware like sinks, shower walls, service counters, and tubs. Solid surface is a extremely versatile material that could supply a number of advantages regarding aesthetics and performance. Yet, just before setting up this sort of product it benefits to request a sample because certain materials are prone to scratch very easily. Due to the design versatility, texture, and color options, the products have become a firm favorite with home owners, architects, and builders in the process of renovating a property




For those who have health problems or small children, these countertops make a fantastic choice to avoid bacterial contact. Because the surface is nonporous, there aren’t any places for bacteria to settle in to grow. A lot of manufacturers add additional items to the epoxy to inhibit microbial growth. Some surfaces such as wood allow bacteria to get into deep surface areas and breed. Therefore when you use solid surface countertops, families is not going to worry much about hygiene.

Easy to Maintain

Much like natural quartz or stone, a solid surface material is easily integrated into a work surface to make a very streamlined and smooth look that’s appreciated for its easy to clean surface. Because this material is 100% non-porous it is extremely sanitary and perfect for use in the kitchen or other eating areas. And also the style of the solid surface products signifies it’s stronger than a material like laminate as the plastic goes the entire way through the surface. Meaning it’s more effective at standing up to impact damage. Understanding these, you will no longer bother about maintaining and replacing them after few years.

Wide Selection

These modern surfaces are made from materials like polyester or acrylic resins which are easily heat sculpted to produce the more unique shapes and designs. Polyester is appreciated for its ability to contain the darker colors, while acrylic is more flexible which makes it easier to create the more exceptional shapes. Also, the manufacturing process causes it to be feasible for this material to appear like other materials, such as stone. These allow people to have a wide variety of choices with regards to looks and style.