Stair Lifts and Safety

Due to aging, injuries or disabilities, a lot more the people won’t be able to access upper levels of their homes in the coming years. This will eventually force many to move from the home and reside in an unfamiliar setting, even later, which may be traumatic. For many who wish to be able to stay in their properties right after a loss of mobility, a stairlift can offer more independence for those who most need it.

They are special chairs that are put on the wall where your staircase is in your home. This chair has a motor attached to it which will lift a person up and down the stairs. That is some thing that can come in very handy for anyone with a problem going up or down stairs. You simply sit in the chair and the stair lift will carefully take you up and down.



Both straight and curved stair lifts are provided with lots of standard safety measures such as safety brake, height adjustable footrest, wall mounted call / send controls, automatic sensors, seat belts and swivel seat cut-off switch, and much more. Straight chair lifts designed for use in both outdoor and indoor settings are offered. It is just about the most used lifts and is called a straight lift since it is mounted along a straight staircase. This is easy to use, without necessity for much modification. Just the length has to be altered according to the length of the stairs. The installation process in your home depends upon the kind of stairs are in the home and just how wide is the walkway between banisters or walls. Straight stairwells are definitely the easiest and most inexpensive to put in.

The custom curved kind of device is basically similar to the straight except that the rails are custom-made to suit the house’s curved stairway. Curved stair wells are usually a little more challenging to downright purchase. Most householders with a curved stair case will most likely have to have a custom made lift for their residence. This is to make sure it travels appropriately around each curve in the staircase.These types of stair lifts are more expensive compared to straight ones and could require more time to design, personalize measure and install.

Stair lifts provide a great way to bridge the gap between areas of various elevation at home. They may also be used outdoors on the front steps and tremendously improve mobility.