Tips in Getting the Right Extractor Fan


Lots of people have problems with their bathroom not smelling as fresh as they should, or the humidity level is just excessive. In order to help solve these problems look no further than an extractor fan. To be certain your property is properly maintained the installation and use of a bathroom extractor fan plays an important part. Bathrooms could build up a high level of condensation and, as a result, moist air and bad smells can become a problem when left unattended by causing mold and damp spots.

Features to look for?

To begin with, let’s look at an often overlooked piece of details about the fan you’re going to have put in; the decibel level. A lot of people don’t even look at this; however it’s one of the main things you notice about a fan. For a standard bathroom or toilet, you ought to be looking for a 4″ extractor fan, and when noise is at all a concern for you, you need to be searching for one as quiet as possible, they start from around 24dB, thus target that if you can.

Figuring out the type?

Extractor fans are flexible when it comes to size. They are exclusively dependent on how big the room and just how frequently the room is utilized. For a bathroom or toilet it has to be 4 inch, or 100mm. This measurement refers to the diameter of the spigot, or pipe that sticks out of the back of the fan. In almost every case a 4 inch bathroom extractor fan will suffice. Six inch fans need only be considered in bathrooms greater than three meters squared, or where special circumstances demand a more powerful fan such as bathrooms without any natural ventilation or especially cold, north facing bathrooms.


Don’t forget aesthetics! For a few it’s the 1st factor however other people completely just forget about how the fan will look once in position. In the last five years designs have changed: the old slatted front grille or louvre, whilst far from obsolete just isn’t as common as in the past. Numerous fans today utilize a solid front panel, resembling a tile extracting through the side vents. Others make use of an ‘opening eye’ front louvre for an awesome look.

Look into the brand-new range of designs in bathroom extractor fans that are not only sleek and chic to look at,but give some very nice features that will come in handy. In addition, you have to do some research about the company you are buying your fan from, and make certain that they can offer a fast call out, and they also have sufficient spare parts and support.