Bathroom Mirrors – The Three Different Types

What makes bathroom mirrors different from the other? Is it the size, the mirror itself, the cabinet it’s fitted into, or the lights that revolve around it? Well, perhaps it is a few of these things. Yet, a bathroom mirror is generally categorized based on where it’s set onto. Despite the fact that mirrors can take various forms, designs and sizes, they can be mostly categorized by many shops this way.

What Should You Choose

The best bathroom mirror is the mirror that you like. It’s got to also be a mirror that suits your taste, the décor of your bathroom, and your budget. There are several bathroom mirrors available in the market today. And it is you alone who is able to tell which mirror suits your bathroom best.

Obviously, the selection of the mirrors depends not just on your taste alone. In selecting mirrors, you need to carefully consider your budget and the kind of bathroom you’ve got at home. If your bathroom features a modern design, you need to go with a modern mirror as well. The majority of shops offer advice in choosing bathroom mirrors. You could ask the experts about the right choice of mirror for your homes.



The Three Types

Generally, bathroom mirrors fall under 3 various categories. First, there are fixed mirrors which can be fitted into cabinets or right into a door. Next, you can find hanging wall mirrors that are literally set into your bathroom walls. And ultimately, you’ll find moving mirrors which can be mounted, moved, and pivoted.

o The Fixed Type

Fixed mirrors are often installed in doors or cabinets. They are largely utilized for cabinets of the bathroom. These mirrors are categorized in the standard forms that have a useful and practical style. Although it is not viewed as a fascinating or state-of-the-art type of mirror, it was still used in the majority of the homes for their functional purpose.

o Hanging Wall Mirrors

Popularly noted for its style and elegance, these usually give a stylish appearance to the rooms. The hanging can be found in several shapes and sizes to fit various decorations. These bathroom mirrors also come in various sizes and shapes; you will find small, medium and sized mirrors that full length in hanging mirrors too and thus offering various choices for your bathroom

o Moving Mirrors

The moving mirrors are also regarded as quite popular, since it can be moved based on individual requisites. Though common in hotels, the movable ones are slowly making way into homes because of their versatility and convenience. They could be moved and adjusted to have the ideal viewing angle.


Bathroom Mirror Frame Kits

“While I still prefer to buy a framed mirror at the store as this is more convenient, mirror kits would be a great option if you want you old mirror to have a new look.”


Framed Mirror

If framing your bathroom mirror yourself seems a little daunting, consider bathroom mirror frame kits. Available in a wide selection of styles, mirror frame kits can transform any mirror in minutes.

Where to Buy Mirror Frame Kits

There are several retailers who make mirror frame kits in a wide range of styles and colors.


MirrorMate has dozens of styles, grouped into colors for easy planning. They cut everything to order and ship directly to you. Search by style, color, price or decor to help narrow down your choices. Included in their hundreds of different options are kits such as:

  • Simple hardwood frames
  • Glazed-stone frames
  • Ornate metal frames
  • Venetian style frames


Mirrorscapes is a division of Moen, the faucet company. They have several different frame kits available, each in five different finishes to match their faucets. Each of the frame kits offers straight frames for the sides, along with decorative, square corner pieces. Use these kits to get a semi-custom look by combining different corners with the frames.


Mirr.Edge was created to hide imperfections on the sides of frameless mirrors. They offer a variety of styles, all with decorative corner pieces to hide the seams between vertical and horizontal pieces. You will need to score and snap these pieces to size yourself on-site.

All of Mirr.Edge’s frames are available in both wood grain and acrylic finishes to match a number of different bathroom decors. All of their frames also offer corner plates, which helps give an Art Deco style to your frame.

Frame It

If you are looking for a heavy, ornate frame for your mirror, consider Frame It. Frame It’s frames are completely custom, taking the size and dimensions of your existing mirror and building …



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