“Bedroom Plants” Are Just What You Need To Sleep Better at Night

Is your bedroom really plain? Then add some green color on it.  If you ever get bored while you are on your table, you can simply look at the vase and be refresh by a plant.

This spring, everyone was obsessing over “shower plants,” which can help keep your bathroom clean. But the benefits of house plants don’t end there. Now, more and more people on Pinterest are putting plants (whether hanging or potted) in their bedrooms — and for a very good reason.

(C) slucasdesigns.com

(C) slucasdesigns.com

It turns out, a better night’s sleep could be down to something as simple as adding a little life to our bedrooms. A study by NASA has shown that certain plants can purify the air in our homes (great for preventing colds and allergies, especially important this time of year), while the aromas of others are known for their relaxing capabilities (holiday stress-soother, anyone?).

As we head into the cold-weather months, now might be a great time to try your hand at some indoor gardening with added health benefits. According to The Joy Of Plants, these are eight of the best house plants for your bedroom which may just make you sleep a little more soundly tonight.

1. Areca Palm

We know, these palms don’t even need to help you sleep for you to want them in your bedroom, which is why their added air purification benefits will make you rush out to the nearest garden center almost immediately. The Areca palm is even better if you suffer from regular colds or sinus trouble, according to The Joy Of Plants, as they release moisture into the air which should make it easier to breathe while nodding off.

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Types of Bedding

“We’ve come across so many bedding but I believe some of us how to call or the names of each one. We are familiar with comforters and pillows but there are still more that you need to be familiar with.”


Bedroom - Rob Melnychuk/Stockbyte/Getty Images

There are many different types of terms used to identify certain pieces of bedding. Knowing the correct terms will help you shop and find the right item for your bed. Whether it’s linens, bed coverings, pillows, or the stuffing you use for a duvet cover, this list will help you find the perfect fit, along with some tips you may not have known in regards to bedding.

Top Sheet

A top sheet, also known as a flat sheet, is the sheet you put over the top of your bed to separate you from your comforter or duvet.

Some duvet or comforter sets do not include a top sheet because they’ll have a smooth, crisp cotton side instead, which replaces it.

Bottom Sheet

A bottom sheet, or fitted sheet, is the sheet with the elastic-edge that is used to fit over your mattress–hence the name bottom or fitted sheet.


A coverlet is a decorative fabric covering that does not touch the floor and normally does not cover the pillows.

Woven coverlets and quilts fall into this category.


A bedspread is similar to a coverlet–a thin, decorative covering–but it normally covers the entire bed and touches the floor.

Blanket or Throw

A blanket or throw is a small covering normally found at the foot of a bed used for extra warmth or decorative accents.


A comforter is a bed cover stuffed with fibers or down then sewed together at all four sides. This stuffing is …



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