Childproofing Your Kitchen

Parents are quite watchful while taking steps for their child’s safety. However a possible danger-zone that they normally forget about is their kitchen. Uncomplicated to open cabinets and doors, knives and sharp objects scattered in all places, a damp floor etc. can create problems for the kids. Yet don’t worry since you can now keep your kitchen child-proof with these basic steps:

A. Block access to dangerous things. Install a child-safety gate in the kitchen doorway to ensure that children don’t enter the kitchen when you are away or without your permission. Keep all sharp objects like knives, forks etc. in a separate cabinet along with dangerous things like matches, cleaning fluids etc. Your cabinet needs to be at a height, thereby being accessible just to adults. Ensure that your children are safely away when pouring or stirring hot liquids. The same rule applies when you’re frying anything. And don’t leave a hot utensil near a child even when it is not on the stove.

B. Get rid of hazardous items and risky habits: Little ones love to tug on the corners of tablecloths, cords of kitchen blinds/electric coffer pot/toaster etc. that dangle. As a result, switch to tablemats and use self-adhesive window films/wooden shutters in your kitchen. Additionally, maintain electrical cords for your kitchen appliances away from the child’s reach. You need to avoid using small magnetic cabinet keys or kitchen magnets, which can be choking hazards.

C. You have to practice safe cooking: Turn the handles of saucepans in when you’re cooking: This may prevent your toddler from reaching up and pulling the pan off the stove. If you can, try and use the burners at the rear of the stove. Also, do not allow your toddler to sit on the counter top. Once your toddler is in reach of kitchen tools, you’re getting trouble. You also would not like your child to think that it’s okay to be sitting there, or next thing you realize, they are climbing up the next day. It is also encouraged to spend on smoke alarms, fire extinguisher and fire blankets.

D. Keep your floor neat and well organized. Most people are tempted to use wax or floor polish for making their kitchen smooth. Yet try to keep from doing this because it adds to the risk of a slip and fall. Also, tidy up spills immediately after they happen. Else, your child may slip and get hurt. Make sure to remove telephone cords as well as other electric gadgets from common traffic parts of your kitchen since they too can be risky for the child.