7 real reasons you want an open bathroom concept in your HDB flat

“If some are open to new trends these days, there are also those who find it hard it to accept the new way of thinking of people. Just like these open bathrooms. Though as for me, I have mixed emotions about it since my own little privacy is invaded but I also love the idea of the boldness of this design. So, how about you? Would you want to have an open bathroom in your home?”


Open concept bathrooms: A growing trend in hotels that somehow think it is sensual for people to bathe/ conduct number one/ number two sessions openly in front of someone else who is also occupying the room.

Some might say the open bathroom concept is a unique use of glass, while others feel that it is a validation of the concept of exhibitionism.

Regardless, here are 7 real reasons you want an open bathroom concept in your HDB flat primarily to validate who you are as a person:


1. You want to let whoever is in the room with you have no choice but to watch you shit and shower


Photo from newnation.sg


2. You have no concept of privacy because my body is your body


Photo from newnation.sg


3. You have secret fetishes of watching and being watched


Photo from newnation.sg


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