Types Of Dining Room Tables

Dining room tables appear in numerous shapes and sizesThey’re also manufactured from various materials such as wood, glass as well as metal. Before buying a dining room tableyou will need studied the aspects of your home and put into considerations the style, space and family preference. It’s a must to pick the best one that will be fit your lifestyle.”

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Dining room tables are available in various sizes and stylesAlso, they are manufactured from different materials for example timber, glass and even metal. Among the most common varieties of dining tables are:

Rectangular and oval tables

Rectangle tables are probably the most popular shape of tables and are created from a variety of materials. This is actually the perfect table for large households and those that usually host parties in the homeThis type of table can hold from 6 to 12 depending on the size you decideAlsoit could show the hierarchy of the family with respect to the seating arrangement.

Drop-leaf and expandable tables

A drop-leaf table is a table that includes a set portion in the middle and a hinged section (leaf) on either side which can be folded down (dropped). These tables can be made of a number of woods from Cherry to Walnut, to Maple or Mahogany. Depending upon the style or drop leaf or gate leg tables, the leaves change from coming almost down to the ground to only coming down a little.

When considering extended typesthey often come with an extra piece in the center that can be removed to help make the table smaller or added assuming you have many individuals who want to use the table. These units are not just good because they permit you to control the number of people who can seat in them, but they’re also great simply because they save a lot of space.

Round and octagonal tables

These sorts of tables are really easy to sit at with there being no legs blocking the way - only a single pedestal in the middleThey’ve got a fantastic usefulness because they are so versatile so it is regarded as the best choice for a dining room tableUnlike the rectangular tables, they eliminate the hierarchy or “head of the table” classification by allowing every person to face one another equally.

If you wish to seat four, then the table that has a 40 inches diameter is the ideal size. If, however, you will need seats for 5 or 6 people, then search for a round table that features a diameter for at least forty eight inalthough more should be fine. Always look at the diameter prior to getting one.

Square tables

Square tables not like the rectangular ones, maintain balance and proportion in rooms which are symmetrical. It often holds from four to eight personsAlsoshould you have scarce space inside the room, a square table will easily fit in and each person can have their own side of the table and nobody has a privileged spotHoweverit can be difficult to fit large number of guests during events.


These are among the most common types of dining tables. Regardless of style that you selectyou ought to ensure that you buy it from a respectable outlet that will not rip you off.