Landscaping Brick Colors

“Using landscaping brick is a great way to improve the look of any landscape design. You’ll find a lot tricks to stack and position them to get the designs you envision in your mind. But one way to create its impact is to choose a perfect color that will complement your landscape design.”


Gray landscape bricks are matched with a gray house.

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Well-planned landscapes often have a variety of color pairs that bear a relationship to one another on the color wheel. Blossoms may be chosen to contrast with each other while plants that feature interesting foliage may present an analogous color relationship, such as foliage in different shades of green. Amid all this color, landscaping bricks are often neutrals. By establishing lines on a landscape, neutral-colored landscaping bricks create order in a chaotic design. As a gardener, you can choose the most appropriate brick color, or brick colors, for your garden.

Color Effects

The traditional brick color is an orange or maroonish red, but landscape bricks are made in a variety of colors, from dull brown to light gray and white. All of these colors have different effects on the people who see them. Red bricks have associations with architecture and urban settings. Gray bricks are reminiscent of stone, worn wood and rocky landscapes. Light colors such as yellow capture the attention of a wandering eye while darker colors, such as dull brown, blend into the …


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