Orchard & Tree Pests

There are a host of insects that feast on trees; some are deadly for them, with no known defense. Here are some of the more common pests you may find on your tree and how to control them.

Trees and ornamental shrubs will eventually encounter a variety of bugs. The difficulty is determining when, or if, many of these problems will reach a level where something must be done about it. Some tree pests are present every few growing seasons and require immediate attention, while many others are found each year but cause little or no harm.

(C) Gardener's Supply

(C) Gardener’s Supply

Maintaining healthy, productive trees means knowing about common pests. Survey your backyard regularly to identify problems at an early stage. Identifying the problem and evaluating its severity will help decide if control is necessary and, if so, what management strategy to take. The tree pests listed below are some (of the many) that homeowners are likely to encounter.

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