“Hallways are quite useful, but oftentimes not particularly exciting — long, narrow, windowless spaces sandwiched in the middle of a home. And they can be tricky to decorate, since often there’s just not much space. If your hallway is suffering from a case of the blahs, here are ten things you can do to give it a little life.”

Clever Ideas to Decorate Your Hallway
The hallway is way too often ignored when decorating… it is a space that is passed through so often, it deserves to have some attention! Since hallways tend to be small spaces, you don’t want to clutter or close it in, but you do want to add interest. It doesn’t have to be a boring, utilitarian space! Make sure you and your loved ones enjoy passing through… After all, isn’t life the journey, not the destination? :) Our feature below, is from ‘Emma’s Design‘. This is a hallway idea that can be done on a budget! Thrift store frames with character, all painted a fresh white… That’s it! We can all handle that!