Quick History: Wicker Furniture

“If you are a fan of wicker furniture, might as well we give a little throwback of this particular furniture. Let’s look how it all started and how it became one of the most loved furniture in the world despite of the new furniture in the market today.”


Wicker furniture might seem like an invention of the Victorian era, but that’s just when it hit the English and American markets. In fact, wicker is one of the oldest methods of making furniture, common all over the world for thousands of years. But wait, I’ll bet you’re wondering what wicker is exactly, am I right? So let’s define our terms, and take a quick look at the history of wicker.

Wicker is the term for the product of weaving any number of natural materials, including rattan, cane, willow and raffia, among other plant fibers. The material is typically cut into strips of proper width, dried, then soaked in water to make it flexible before it is woven into wicker. So in other words, wicker can refer to anything that’s woven, while, say, rattan refers to anything made specifically from the rattan plant.

Although modern wicker is not necessarily made of rattan, it often is, because rattan is stronger and more durable than reeds and other fibers. Last week, we discussed cane, which is the outer skin of rattan. Rattan wicker furniture is typically made from the tough inner core, or pith, of the rattan vine, woven around a solid rattan or wood structure.

Wicker is an ancient craft that initially developed as basket weaving. Delicately woven rush or reed furniture was buried with pharaohs in ancient Egypt, including Tutankhamen (ca. 1341-1323 BC), who was buried with several examples of wicker, from a chair seat to a headboard to a stool (image 2). The Romans were inspired by Egyptian woven furniture, and adopted wicker as their own furniture technique, spreading the style across their empire.

By the 17th century in Northern Europe, wicker began to look much like it does today. In Holland, wicker was considered particularly appropriate for baby-related furniture, including cribs, bassinets and low-slung nursing chairs (image 4). It was also used for high-backed or hooded chairs, like porter’s chairs, favored by the infirm and elderly (image 3). Wicker was considered a healthful material, more breathable and comfortable than solid wood, and more hygienic than upholstery. It didn’t hurt that wicker was also pretty cheap, natural fibers being an inexpensive alternative to timber.

During the next couple of centuries, the rise of trade with Asia brought rattan to the West, introducing a stronger material that lent itself to wicker work. Imperialism also contributed to a new perception of wicker as exotic and Eastern, since European colonists encountered the technique in Southeast Asia. Rattan wicker was an ideal material for tropical locales, since it wouldn’t warp or crack in heat and humidity.

Wicker furniture soon spread across the British Empire, from India to the West Indies, and to England itself, where it was associated with a safely civilized exoticism that captivated the …


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Bathroom Fixtures in Colors

If before we can only experiment on our walls to add color on our room, well in this new age you can have wide choices of colorful fixtures to choose. You can now have a red sink, a blue toilet, a pink tub and or whatever you want inside your bathroom. Today, almost everything is possible especially when it comes to home improvement. Just always remember that when try out these fixtures, you have to consider the interior design basics as these colors may be overwhelming if not incorporated properly.


Bathroom Fixtures in Colors

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 Adding Color to the Bathroom

If you’re like most people, your bathroom is the one room you haven’t changed as long as you have owned your house. Rooms like the kitchen and living room clamor for our renovating attention, leaving the bathroom last on the list to be upgraded.

But when the time comes to modernize your bathroom’s décor, plan to do it right. Don’t just repaint the walls with a new color. Think of going all they way. Plan to replace your outdated sink, vanity, tub and toilet. With today’s selection you can install bathroom fixtures in colors to fit any decorating theme.

Color can be added in small ways for a quick way to freshen the look. The easiest way to add smaller splashes of color is to accessorize with things like shower curtains, borders …


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12 Amazing Bedroom Vanity Table and Chair Ideas

Vanity sets will always be essential for nearly all bedroom designs and styles to give an area for day-to-day grooming. This is most especially true for girls who usually can go outside without checking  themselves in the mirror.  Not  that just it helps you fix yourself, its design can simply make huge difference and impact in your room’s design.


A vintage flavor and traditional style, this vanity set features a neutral duo tone and a very sophisticated essence. You’ll have some space to keep your necessities, space to style the tabletop as you see fit and a personal space to enjoy everyday. And pay attention to the beautiful details of this piece with its custom-designed crystal hardware and heirloom look.

Bedroom Vanity Table and Chair Ideas


This vanity selection has a delicate fashion but also versatility, functionality and options. Instead of the shelving for organizing and displaying, you can opt for a mirror and switch out the pieces as you see fit! This pick is a great choice for a young teen or even a college student with her own apartment.

Three Drawer Vanity Desk


A vanity set without the “normal” Victorian appeal, this modern piece is perfect for smaller spaces with a contemporary vision. It’s classy, elegant and clean but still very serene and functional to help get ready for your day. The mix of silver and traditional neutrals also make for an interesting and easy piece to blend.

Small Contemporary Vanity with Mirror


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How To Make Your Kitchen Exciting


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There are lots of strategies that makes home captivating and eye-catching. Nevertheless it only takes some few gadgets so it will be cooler. Much like when we are redesigning a kitchen. A kitchen can be more attractive and alluring to the house owners if this incorporate concepts and accessories that makes it cool. Should you be already thinking about redesigning your kitchen, these are some inspirations which you could add;

•    Cabinet Lighting
Kitchen cabinet has been around for a long time as the best way to keep and preserve kitchen supplies and equipment without looking drab. However, the ideal way to boost the productivity of these things would be to put lights onto it. Kitchens should be well lighted, for the reason that trying to wash up, clean surfaces, make meals and much more, in a inadequately illuminated kitchen isn’t amusing! By integrating lights, you’ll instantly provide that cool and attractive décor in the home.

•    Granite Countertops
Kitchen granite countertops are unique because no two pieces of granite are a similar, therefore granite gives an appealing design element and adds certain richness and texture to your kitchen not present in various other surfaces. Granite adds a individuality and character to kitchen countertops which is unrivaled. Even though it might be more costly to put in granite countertops, they continue to be the favored choice for more trendy properties, because they keep their value better than most home improvements. How cool is that?

•    Wine Coolers
In several high end kitchen areas, one of many outstanding equipment is the wine cooler. It is a beautiful refrigerator, full length glass door, that are part of the wall next to the complementing fridge and freezer. With this installed in the house, it can automatically provide that luxurious and innovative ambiance in the house. Should you be a wine drinker or you usually have guests in the home, this appliance is unquestionably for you.

•    Butcher Board Island
If you’re a real cook at heart, you might want to have a butcher board island set up in your home. Butcher board make for a great top for just about any island in the kitchen. The island cannot just provide you with a place to cut and dice fruits, vegetables and meats, but it surely can also be used as useable space. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you’ll be able to modify a butcher board island to extend your work surface and your space for storage. You might even put your wine cooler inside your butcher board island!

Always be advised that if you are not competent enough for any activity in your kitchen remodeling, seek the assistance of a professional. Consider your budget prior to making any acquisitions and think for a hundred times before you decide anything at all.

Tips in Designing the Master Bedroom


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The foremost function of the master bedroom is to give haven and personal space to the owners of the property. That is why it is essential to get that personal touch and participation in styling the masters bedroom. Due to its importance, it should obtain that great design, convenience and usefulness in comparison to the other parts of the property. Luckily, you could now start developing and designing your room using the little assistance from your partner or partner.

Redecorating your own room tends to be entertaining. You only need the fundamentals to remember so that you can be directed by this. In this case, considering the following aspects may help when beginning the master bedroom design you must have:

A. Patterns and designs – similar to the other parts of the property, your master bedroom really should have a fantastic style and design. Always try to make it inviting and enjoyable as possible so that you’ll take pleasure in every moment of your stay in this room. Tranquil patterns, ordinary yet distinctive, unflustered art pieces, and toned qualities of the master bedroom design could make it the best haven for both of you.

B. Bedroom Color – the wall surfaces and the ceiling need to be painted with colors that will jive with everything inside the room. Remember to consider what sort of mood, the colors may bring inside to both of you and your spouse. When your room is small, choose the light color so that you’ll feel its spacious, but if you have bigger room, you could experiment with dark colors.

C. Pieces of furniture – purchase only the furniture that will be necessary inside the room in order that it won’t stack up in your room and you will still have sufficient space to move easily. Ensure that these furniture accentuate your room color and design. In reality, it really is the bed that’s the most important piece of all because it will consume a lot of space. Just always remember to incorporate all the pieces together in a unified way.

D. Window treatment – this is basically the element that concludes the details in the bedroom. Whether in need of romantic feeling, blinds to regulate sunlight or window treatments to secure your privacy, you’ll be able to personally style your bedroom windows. Window treatments put softness and privacy and are also an excellent way to fully show your personal style therefore it should considered with much worth when finalizing the overall look of your bedroom.