Granite Countertops Care 101

Granite is a unique and exquisite stone which comes in a wide selection of shades and hues. It is cherished since then as a building material, due to its it sturdiness. Granite countertops are a magnificent addition to just about any house, beautiful to behold, introducing a touch of class and magnificence to any room.

A granite countertop can be a great investment in your house. Some home owners go for granite counters in the kitchen area, while others prefer them in the bathroom. Yet it’s more visible on kitchen areas as they are stain, heat and scratch resistant which means you can place a hot pan and not worry about dulling it.

Here are some tips to ensure you keep the granite countertops in top-notch condition:

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Granite countertop can get stained if the liquid poured isn’t wiped instantly. Be sure to not use some of the acids like citric acids lemon juice, vinegar or strong wine since these are the acids that make the place unclean and it gives stains in the place. When acids dropped in granite by mistake, clean it immediately with the gentle soap and water and don’t use rough cloth since it leads damage or it is going to change the color of the granite.

Always make sure to clean the granite countertops often. While cutting fresh meat or fish, clean up the granite soon otherwise granite will damage easily. The easiest way to clean the granite countertops is clean the countertop with mild soap and water to clean the place. While washing the countertop use detergents or cleanser don’t make use of rough cloth for it is going to certainly scrape the granite.

Sealing your countertops should be done about once a year but maybe more, at least in some places that get more wear. It’s going to extend the life and look of your investment. To test if it’s time for your countertop to get resealed, try the water test. By simply spilling just a few drops you’ll be able to detect if you need to seal it soon. First thing you will need to do is thoroughly clean your granite countertops. Look for a cleanser that’s specific to this type of countertop and be sure to enable the granite plenty of time to dry out completely. The sealant you’ll need ought to be created for granite and must be water-resistant and also resistant to oil-based stains. It is your decision, normally, on whether you use a cloth, rag or brush to carry out the application. Normally, it takes approximately 30 minutes or a bit less for the granite to absorb the sealant.

These are just some of the methods for you to care for your granite countertop. By taking daily maintenance steps, promptly cleaning any spillages, eliminating stains that already exist, and sealing your countertop for protection, it can improve the look of your home and add to its value for decades to come.