Home Improvement Pre-renovation Inspection

Prior to a home makes a decision for a major renovation or remodeling projects in the home, it’s best to take a little precautionary actions and guidelines just before doing it. Below are some pre-check activities that you should do prior to doing such activity.”

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A quick pre-check on your home before starting a renovation is a brilliant idea. Here are a few things you want to check out prior to committing to a minor or big reconstruction.

Try to be resourceful and reuse some of the home parts like doors, windows, glass and etc.

Make a priority list of things that you want to change or those that makes you feel uncomfortable in the home. Determine what exactly is best for the whole family and what is suitable for the family’s way of life..

If you can effortlessly access your homes roof space, look into the insulation levels, condition of the roofing and whether there are any major fixes necessary.

Check showerheads to see if they must be improved for energy-efficiency.

To conserve hot water system energy, you can fix leaks, install low-flow fixtures, and buy an energy-efficient dishwasher and clothes washer. Making sure your hot water systems works fine means more savings for the entire family.

You’ll want to decrease the energy utilization of your lighting. You’ll save money in the event you change incandescent bulbs with warm white fluorescent bulbs. You can also use 50W halogen bulbs as opposed to lower wattage IRC bulbs. This can save energy.

Identify potential hazards like: termites, dampness, asbestos, architectural problems or accessibility to the site. These may cost you more money than you anticipated.

Renovating isn’t as simple as everyone thinks particularly when one is in a restricted budget and not a professional. That’s why you should really plan and think of everything you want to achieve in advance. It’s very easy to change your mind, increasing the scope of the job, as the renovation is happening.. If everything doesn’t go as planned, it can cause more costs.

It is indeed a good idea to list down first your priority and evaluation on every aspect of the home. When renovating, first impressions count. The first impressions create the perception value of a house. How you execute everything will do an impact on the look of your property. It is best that you not just center on one area and try to look in the exterior and interior facets of the home. You possibly can explore creative yet affordable ways to enhance your home. Accessories could also build a more attractive and improved worth of the house.

You can use your time wisely by comprehending the range of the design, knowing what you desire the house to be and the form and function of each and every room or space. While planning, do not just focus on the aesthetics but on the overall reason for the renovation. Take into account the funds, comfort as well as the adjustments of the whole family along the way..

Pros and Cons of DIY Home Improvement

House upgrading and maintenance could demand very much. This might be precisely why many people prefer do-it-yourself building initiatives instead of just getting qualified personnel. Undoubtedly, the concept of getting this done all on your own brings enough charm because it is a hit and win game almost all the time. On one side, you could remove expense for innovations and fixtures in your own home while it feels simply amazing to recognize that you’ll be able to perform a many things at a flexibility of your choice and manner.”

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Nowadays, sometimes the things that had been categorised as non-do-it-yourself have remarkably turn into Do-it-yourself considering the effectiveness it brings in saving the costs of accessories and improvements. Some people are convinced that they are able and handy enough to carry out changes and fixes on your home so they ought to get it done themselves rather getting professional. It’s been the best alternative in order to save a lot of money.

DIY or do-it-yourself improvements have both benefits and drawbacks. It helps you save cash on easy renovations and repairs, provided that you are doing an outstanding job. Yet, there is still the chance of a terribly executed task, especially if you do not possess the required abilities. This might lead to much more serious challenges, that may then eventually result in much larger expenses for you. Prior to finalise your own preference of whether or not to commence with your Do-it-yourself plan, there are lots of things that you have to remember to consider.

The Pros of DIY Home Improvement

Well, aside from carrying out straight home improvement functions, how about we begin to discuss the fixing. Assume your sink is intensely clogged or maybe your dishwasher stops responding to your requirements, you can always find some basic DIY repairs you can attempt yourself, which if went good could save you a good amount of cash which a professional service may charge, often times for very easy solutions too.

Minor fixes are mainly done with a DIY activity due to the fact they have come to be simpler because of the instructive materials you can obtain from the Internet and also construction companies. When you alone worked on a home project, you will get the fulfillment that you simply won’t experience in the event that you engaged a person to perform everything for you. Also, If you are going to complete the improvement by yourself, it’s easier to make transformations particularly if you often change your mind very often.

The Cons of DIY Home Improvement

Alright, right now we’re on some serious facet of DIY. Think about if it’s your very first attempt, you’ll obviously need lots of tools, designs, items, and also other necessities to perform your job effectively which can be not often available around your residence. Actually, having those DIY products looks a bit costly thing to do while somebody else could finish up performing more cheaply.

Moreover, mishaps can happen at any time, anywhere. Such a thing happens very much in building projects. Once you work with a service provider, you’ll be assured that the house and the workers for the task are protected by insurance policies. Whenever you face accidents, you don’t need to bother about extra expenditures. Moreover, improvement can be observed in a short period of time since they will dedicate plenty of time on the project as opposed to performing it your own. Therefore, it’s necessary to realize when it’s advisable to perform it, and the time that it’s more practical to work with a contractor.

Cost Considerations in Roof Replacement


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A damaged or badly maintained roof might cause thousands and dollars in damage to other areas of the home. Repairs could only go so far, and eventually it’s going to be time to replace your roof totally. Roofing material replacement is expensive and quality installation is required for the roof to last. If inquiring with roofers, perhaps you may question why you are given different pricing. To be guided on your decision, check out the elements why you can find variations in the quotes sent to you.

Roof Size
Of course, a much larger roof structure need a lot more materials and this will affect the total cost. Likewise, larger roofs require more hours for removal and set up, therefore labor expenses will be greater as well. Normally, contractors will meticulously evaluate your roof and make use of this info to determine an estimate.

Roof Pitch
There’s two reasons why the slope or pitch of the roof will impact the cost of replacement. Most of all, extremely high roofs demand more mindful precautions as the steepest ones are probably not ideal for walking. As a result, companies are going to put much more time and effort into making the roofing environment safe for work. In addition, the pitch of your roof will determine your underlayment system a result of the required fire rating of the roof being installed.

Tear Down
The removal of your old roof depends on the kind of material you’re heading for. Some materials tend to be heavy and they will include considerable weight to the supporting structure so, any time either your previous one or present roof is of the heavier kind it probably needs to be removed before new ones are installed. This just means that additional work is needed thus resulting to a higher labor cost.

Roofing Material
Materials will be the greatest element roof replacement cost. One of the most sought after materials used for roof are asphalt shingles that happen to be sold in bundles of approximately twenty five shingles in one bundle. If good material is made use of, your roof could possibly serve you for a lifetime. Yet another popular roofing material is the galvanized steel. To understand which kind of roof that’ll be best for you, check out factors such as the weather and the environment combined with the cost and availability of the material you would like.

Warranty Type
Ultimately, an additional major factor that will affect your budget is the warranty. An ordinary warranty usually constitutes a contractor backing the labor and craftsmanship of the product; whereas extended warranties may be backed by manufacturers. With respect to the warranty coverage you’ll need, you’ll find your costs to vary, sometimes a great amount.

Take into considerations these factors to assist you towards the best decisions for your new roof.

Basic Interior Design Principles

Do you really need an interior designer for your new home? For me, I think it’s not if you are just working on a small or limited space. Just couple of years ago, I did my own interior decorating for my small apartment and unbelievably, it turned out so well. Interior designing is really just about understanding the concept and knowing what you like. If you have the vision and if you have the basic skills, then you could basically do own your thing.


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“When you know the basic interior design principles you can transform any space to look fabulous. You know what it feels like when you walk into a well designed room. You can sense how everything feels cohesive and put together. It feels just right. You can achieve that effect in your own home with a little knowledge of basic design principles. Pair that knowledge with practice and experimentation and you’re on your way to creating a beautiful home.”


Read guide here: http://furniture.about.com/od/furnishingdesignresources/a/basicdesign.htm



Living Rooms Themes and Design


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Most people believe that interior styling signifies expending lots of money. In case you are in a tight budget, you could always do it yourself instead of employing an interior designer; but if you can afford to employ a superb decorator, then why not. There are already lots design ideas and rules on the internet and magazine which you could follow to start things out.

Right here of the well-liked living room area design ideas that you may find online and in various home design magazines and catalogs:

1. Classic-Modern Design
Classic-Modern Design is probably the most common living room design ideas. Homes which use Classic-Modern style design enjoy typically on the calming feel and formation of the living space. For those who have an extremely geometric or distinct edged space, toning and softening it with textures will be the technique of doing it.

2. Tropical Style
Tropical Style draws in the outdoors color pallets. The luxurious greens and yellows of natural flora are two of most typical hues you’ll find in a tropical living room design concept. Pick colors which can be naturally found such as the color of trees and shrubs, plants, flowers and fruits. Visualize a tropical woodland or a market stuffed with tropical fruits to inspire your design.

3. Hawaiian-inspired Design
Hawaiian-inspired Design is not so difficult to accomplish. You can now actually include the clean scents and radiant color of the island in your very own living room. Embellish the room using an entire Hawaiian style, or just put a few island-inspired objects, such as flowers and breezy fabric.

4. Modern Zen Design
Modern Zen Design is inspired to make a comforting and peaceful living space. In interior decorating, it demonstrates balance, harmony and comfort. This is actually the ultimate way to blend comfort and style altogether.. It often makes use of natural hues, clean and slick lines with some touch of nature to complete the entire design

5. Victorian Design
Victorian Design is centered on sophistication and heritage. The Victorian Home Decorating color palette was actually pretty classy, with a certain emphasis on tertiary tones. It makes use of complicated styles and possesses furniture and accessories that were detailed and varies from fine to massive. This style is often regarded intense as it flaunts designs and elements extremely. Lavish levels of high-class textiles begging to be touched, sensually wooden decor, and amazing decorations add to the seductive appeal, this is the reason its noted for its affectionate style.

Whatever it is that you need to use in your house or in your living room, always ensure it is based on your preference and taste. It should match the lifestyle of the family and can give enjoyment to everyone. If you’re not yet certain and confident of doing it yourself, you may always seek for a designer’s help and advice.

When to hire an interior decorator

If you can afford it, why not, right? Interior designer sees things differently and they wide ideas of themes, décor, design and everything. If you want your home to reach its full potential, it is best that you hire one.



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“You probably have a firm idea of what kind of furniture appeals to you whether it’s traditional, mid-century, or totally modern. You can easily identify the colors and tones of wood that just say “you.” So, you’d never need to hire a decorator, right? Wrong! Having a great sense of your likes and dislikes is a great starting point, but there’s so much more to a well-designed room than simply filling it with your favorite things.”


Read more here: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/when-to-hire-an-interior-decor-148312

10 Things Every Fairhope Homeowner Should Know!

When plumbing goes wrong at home, we tend to panic and call plumbers immediately. However, there are a lot of different things that people should know about their home to avoid emergencies especially in plumbing. Here are some tips that homeowners should learn from plumber experts themselves.


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  1. Water Shut-off Valve Location: Know the location of the water shut-off for the whole house. Most sinks and toilets have a shut-off valve under the fixture but knowing how to kill the flow throughout the home is imperative if needed in an emergency. If a leak pops up, shutting off the flow will limit the amount of damage, repair costs, and headaches.
  2. Gas Shut-off Valve Location: Same issue as the water valve but with greater emphasis toward safety. A gas leak can cause a fire or explosion so shutting it off at the sign (smell) of a leak or other danger is imperative.
  3. Electric Box Breaker Switches: Be sure everyone in the home knows the location of the electric panel. Each breaker should be labeled for efficiency and safety. This will save you frustration and time during electrical issues.
  4. Repair Water Leaks ASAP: A huge percentage of home repair costs can come from water damage. Once you have detected a water leak have it repaired immediately. The longer you let it continue, the more it will cost you to repair.


Read more: http://www.affplumbing.com/Fairhope-Plumber/uncategorized/10-things-every-fairhope-homeowner-should-know/

Roof Maintenance Tips

The interior of the home are mainly our concern when we conduct maintenance, repairs and renovation. But let us not limit ourselves to these things only because as much as we need interior maintenance, exterior maintenance is essential as well.


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“Roofs may be classified as flat roofs (less than 10 degrees slope) or pitch roofs. Although some roof systems require less maintenance than others, all roof systems should be checked periodically to ensure that they are free of debris and that the drainpipes are clear.”

Read here: http://www.bca.gov.sg/myhomeeservices/HomeOwners_Maintaining_Maint_RoofTips.htm

15 Tips For Creating A Romantic Bedroom Retreat

Sometimes a well-designed bedroom is not just all about big space and furniture. Adding some accessories could actually make a big difference to a plain and boring room. If you want that extra romantic and intimate vibe in your room, there’s no need for you to have that major renovation. Just follow and get some inspirations from the following tips and examples;

“There’s no one definition for a romantic bedroom in terms of décor. You can dress your walls with shimmering patterns to add glamor, choose deep, passionate reds to create an aura of seduction, or rely on subtle hues for a more feminine, relaxing feel.”


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