How to Repair an Asphalt Shingle Roof

Asphalt shingles typically last between ten and fifteen years,. However, asphalt shingles do get damaged and worn down by debris and weather, and all roofs need to be inspected from time to time.

Roofing problems make themselves known in the form of leaks and drips. Repair leaky roofs before ceilings and walls are damaged; better yet, check your roof at least once a year before the storm season (and after a major storm, if necessary). If your roof is leaking but you’re not sure where the leak is occurring, please see How to Find & Fix a Roof Leak.

To test an asphalt shingle roof’s condition, bend over a corner of one or two shingles on the sunniest side of the roof; if they break rather than flex, or if they appear gray and bloated, the material is nearing the end of its serviceable life.

Wear is another factor—a collection of mineral granules in gutters or at the base of downspouts indicates that the protective mineral surface of asphalt shingles is wearing away.

Also check for bald spots, cracks, or curled shingles. Small tears, cracks, and holes can be repaired, but missing or severely damaged shingles must be replaced.

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Home Exteriors: Metal Roof Colors

It is often tough to find the right color for the metal roof. The reason is , there are numerous selections that you could choose from. Even though, there are numerous color options that you can pick from, not all shades are great for your metal roofing. To be on the safe side here are a few of the best color options that you should choose:

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I.    Neutrals

Neutral shades are: gray, black, white, and brown. Gray and brown are often the most widespread colors and they easily attract interest of numerous people; so, if you wish to draw attention, they are the best shades to get.

For gray color, modern house with aspects of black and white perfectly fits this roof color as it automatically gives that classiness and intricacy to the home. You can’t ever fail with grey as it’s timeless and never goes out of craze.

II.    Earthy colors

For earthy colored roofing, you should examine you surrounding. Get some time to observe your yard or maybe your landscape. It’s easy to observe the colors that stand for or indicate nature that are green brown, blue and red. These colors tend to be suitable home with wood, stone or any other earthly materials as they fuse well with your environment. To guide you on this choice you’re making, ask an expert.

III.    Contrasting colors

Get rid from the matchy matchy style for your roof. If you look in the color wheel, you will find what colors contrast the other. Look at the exteriors of your house and see what colors contrast it.

An example, a green color blend or a brown color blend works with the area perfectly whilst a red roof could well be vast contrast. But beware of high contrast colors since high contrasting trim will outline your home and make it look like a coloring book.

IV.    Bright colors

Bright colored roofs are rarely used for homes as they tend to be overwhelming as an exterior for the home. Yet, if used and blended effectively it could have a great effect as well as captivating accent to your house. Additionally it is made use of by some to create a mark making their houses stand out amongst others. If you wish to be unique, pick bright colors but don’t forget to seek assistance with professional if you aren’t quite certain in your choice.

When you choose a roof color, please be reminded to check on your local community if there are color rules. Furthermore, observe your surroundings and weather in the area to enable you to come up with your best option. If you are not yet confident, seek professional’s advice.

Roofing Maintenance

When you want something to last or you want to get the most of a certain product, most probably you’ll take care of them and maintain them regularly. This is the same case when it comes to roofing. Though we often overlook its condition, having a regular maintenance on our roofing could make a big difference on its efficiency and longevity.


“You are aging. Don’t deny it. Every day takes its toll on you little by little. Because nobody wants to get old, we do things to delay the inevitable — we eat right (some of the time), exercise regularly (or occasionally) and see our doctors for check-ups to be sure that we have no serious problems. After all, if we take care of the small stuff, it will delay the more serious issues that can shorten our lives.

A roof is the same way. Everyday exposure to sun, rain, air conditioning repair people, and other wear and tear slowly ages the roof membrane until the service life ends. Every extra year one can eke out of the roof is that much more money that can be saved for other purposes.”


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