Protecting Yourself From Indoor Air Pollution



Based on the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollution is 5x more serious than that of outdoor air quality. Even worse, this air pollution plays a role in many health problems many people experience. Indoor air pollution contaminates the air we breathe every single day.

The quality of the air that you simply breathe inside your home may have a major effect on your wellbeing. Part of having a healthy home environment is being able to breathe clean air. Ensuring the quality of air at home is good needs to be one of your top priorities. Clean air in your home will help keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Who Is Affected By Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Those who usually undergo the most from the effects of poor air quality are the ones who remain indoors the most. This consists of the very young, individuals who are chronically ill, and people in the elderly population. Most of the time, removing the person from the area or getting rid of the cause of the air pollution can turnaround for the discomfort that the person is feeling, but in other cases contact with contaminated air can result in devastating illnesses. Poor quality air can be particularly hazardous to the people struggling with respiratory illnesses or cardiovascular disease.

There are many factors which affect the quality of indoor air. These could include uneven temperatures, poor ventilation and air flow, mold and fungi, a high level of pollutants as well as other suspended particulate contaminants. Thus, fresh air, adequate sunlight, good ventilation systems, and controlled humidity may dramatically bring about a healthy working place at any workplace. Oftentimes, odor control may also be an important aspect of maintaining the high quality of indoor air.

How Can Quality Be Improved?

There are many different ways to improve the quality of indoor air. One of many easiest ways is to put in a high quality filter in the heating, venting and cooling system (HVAC) of the building. These high quality filters are able to remove contaminants and air pollutants from the air because it circulates through the system, capturing the contaminants deep in the filter for later removal.

Additionally, ventilation system in your own home is also probably the most significant things to fix inside your homes. Ventilation may highly contribute to reducing the number of pollutants in your homes. In a poor ventilated home, the concentration levels of pollutants can easily increase. Hence with good ventilation system, bad air is exhausted outside and cleaner and fresh air is being brought inside.