How to Making Your Scent Last All Day

Keep your scent last all day with this simple hacks. You can ensure that you’ll be smelling free all day without reapplying your perfume again and again.



Perfume has been described as being the “ultimate sensory experience, calling up emotions and forgotten memories.” If there were lessons in fragrance then fragrance 101 would be learning the secrets to making your scents last all day.

How long a fragrance lasts on the skin is not the same for every individual.As a general rule a perfume (or parfum) or eau de parfum should last anywhere from six to eight hours while an eau de toilette can last anywhere from three to four hours. The higher concentration that an eau de toilette has the longer it will last. Dry skin doesn’t retain scent as long as oily or combination skin. Oily skin contains more natural moisture and that’s why it holds in scent longer. The PH levels in a person’s skin (which is the amount of acidity in the skin) are not the same for everyone. What your own personal levels of PHs are will determine how a scent will react to your skin. Other things such as pregnancy, menopause, stress, medication and hormonal changes, even eating foods with a lot of garlic or spice in them can affect how they smell on you and how long the scent will linger on your skin.

The best way to encourage your scent to last all day is to layer it.┬áIn other words use more than one product of the same scent. For example start with a body wash or body gel and then use the complementary scented soap. If your fragrance doesn’t have its own soap, then to avoid a clash of scents, use a non-scented soap. After your bath or shower while your skin is still wet apply a generous amount of body cream or lotion and then