35 Inspirational Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

“If not pink, this is probably the second option for most teenager or girls out there. Yes I do love purple but maybe I don’t want to have it all the way. Maybe a mix of some other color would be great. If you want a purple room, here are some ideas for you.”


Deciding to design your new bedroom? Well what you’re gonna need first is a perfect color scheme. This year, purple is the hottest color of the season. Thus, it could be the best color scheme for your new bedroom. As a result we have compiled this list of top purple bedroom design ideas. After reviewing this list you will be inspired to paint and design your bedroom in whatever shade of purple you desire.

The Purple Palace Bedroom Design

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This Purple Palace bedroom design does its name justice by being befitting for a queen. With its high canopied bed with quilted silky lavender headboard, the Purple Palace is definitely for the opulent lifestyle. Most importantly this room is covered head to toe in various shades of purple. However, what’s significant about this design are the various textures at work within the Purple Palace. This includes a purple carpet made out of velvet, as well as matching purple bedspreads and silk curtains. The purple chaise lounge adds an additional touch of elegance and majesty.

The Purple Flower Power Bedroom Design

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