Top 10 Retro-themed Rec Rooms

“Thinking of a new to style your recreation room? Well, maybe you want an old style with a twist. Retro style is one of styles that just never grows old. It can bring back memories, music and fashion that many can relate to.”

A recreation room is the perfect place to express your fun side with family and friends. The typical rec room has a nice mix of games like pool and ping-pong, and many have a home theater and entertainment system. Paying homage to a particular era can add some playful style. Here are 10 blast-from-the past ideas to spice up your rec room.


10. Age of Aquarius

Nothing like a little flower power to take you back to the ’60s. A rec room with a laid-back hippie vibe will ensure a cool atmosphere in your chill-out space. Shag carpet is a must, and don’t forget plenty of bean bag chairs. Psychedelic posters, daisy chain curtains and some tie-dye prints scream Woodstock. And what ’60s rec room would be complete without a few lava lamps? Finally, add a vintage turntable to complement your modern entertainment system and you’ll be ready to turn on, tune in and drop out. Yeah, baby!


9. Disco Inderno

Disco was the hottest thing in the 1970s, and you can create that same burn, baby, burn vibe in your rec room for a little Saturday Night Fever fun. No disco room would be complete without the requisite spinning disco ball and, of course, plenty of space to boogie. A great sound system is a must if you’re going to be cranking the Bee Gees all night long. Frame some ’70s albums for the walls and dust off that old fondue set. Bell-bottoms optional.


8. Wild Wild West

The Old West may conjure up images of tumbleweeds and quick draws, but turning your rec room into a Western saloon can be a slightly more civilized undertaking. If you’re going for a saloon look, don’t skimp on genuine items like swinging saloon doors and a big wooden bar. Touches like Old Western bar stools and a tin ceiling can add authenticity. Frame some old “wanted” posters, and hang a set of bull horns on the wall. If you’ve got some extra dough, a player piano can round out your theme. Then, invite your cowpokes over for a cold sarsaparilla.


7. Grease Is the Word

“Happy Days” and “Grease” may have been made in the ’70s, but it was clear people still yearned for the days of sock hops and soda fountains. You can capture the 1950s era with diner decor. Start with a jukebox stocked with plenty of period music. An ice cream parlor vibe is perfect for the main hangout area. Add a real soda fountain for period detail, neon signs and a few retro chrome tables with vinyl tops. Vintage accessories like Pepsi or Coca-Cola bottles will complete a rec room that even the Fonz would give a thumbs-up.


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