10 Most Expensive Beds

Isn’t it ridiculous how people would go far just to stand out from the crowd? We could not blame them since they have the capacity to buy these ecstatic funitures! But can you just imagine the price of these beds? Perhaps, we’ll only understand it once we belong to the rich and famous!


“Beds are essential in providing a resting place. After working all day, the best thing to do at night is get some good sleep. This rejuvenates the body for the next day. Although almost any type of bed can serve the purpose, there are some elegant beds which have been optimally designed. There are usually beds that can be spotted in celebrity homes. These masterpieces combine technology, fashion, art, design and luxury.”

10. Sphere Bed, $50,000

Sphere Bed

Image courtesy of http://www.therichest.com


9. Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed, $50,000

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

Image courtesy of http://www.therichest.com


8. Monarch Vi-spring Bed, $50,000


Image courtesy of http://www.therichest.com


7. Cosmovoide Bed, $60,000

Cosmovoide Bed

Image courtesy of http://www.therichest.com


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