Roofing Shingles: Better Alternatives to Cedar & Asphalt

Depending on your environment, budget, and personal preferences, it can be difficult to know how to choose between roofing options. Obviously, you’ll want to discuss roofing alternatives with your roofing professional, but these tips should serve as a guide to understanding your choices especially if you rooting an environment friendly option.


Roofing currently ranks sixth in the list of most popular construction projects in North America, surpassed only by interior remodeling, repainting, flooring, windows, doors, and landscaping.  Worth $15 billion annually in material cost alone, the US roofing market is growing: the demand in US is expected to rise 3.5% annually to 268 million squares in 2017.

Popularity among two conventional roofing materials – cedar and asphalt – is decreasing, and for good reason: cedar has disappointed, as it is non-sustainable and very costly to maintain, while asphalt’s lifespan continues to decrease, leading to diminished aesthetics and the requirement for multiple re-roofs over the life of a home.

What’s wrong with Cedar or Asphalt?

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While the most conventional roofing choice, natural cedar shingles are going out of style, fast. And there’s good reason for that.

Traditional cedar shingles are made from old-growth western cedar. Although it is very easy to produce cedar shingles, harvesting of old-growth cedar is neither simple, nor sustainable in the long run. Cedar is very expensive to replace, and old-growth cedar is no longer commercially available due to cutting restrictions.

Cedar is naturally combustible; it cannot be used in areas with a high risk of brush or forest fires. To improve its fire resistance, cedar shingles are pre-treated with chemical agents. In fact, regular treatments are necessary to reduce rotting, warping, moisture absorption and moss growth. Regular maintenance costs for a cedar shingles can run up to $3,400 per year for a typical roof. While life expectancy of a natural cedar roof is around 15-20 years, it actually starts to lose its aesthetic appeal after 5-10 years.


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Because of the low cost and ease of installation, asphalt shingles have largely replaced cedar and currently dominate the residential market at 57%. Use of asphalt shingles initially skyrocketed in late 70s – early 80s, when fibreglass-based shingles were introduced instead of existing asbestos paper based asphalt. Today, nearly 97% of all asphalt shingles used in North America are fiber-glass based.

Although cost effective, asphalt roofs have many issues associated with them. By replacing a cedar shake roof with asphalt, the home value automatically decreases. Asphalt roofs do not provide the same aesthetic of cedar, which has become a status symbol over the years. Asphalt roofs do not withstand winds well, and have many issues with cupping, curling, cracking, and granule loss as they age. Additionally, when exposed to high winds, asphalt shingles can be torn right off of a roof. The lifespan of asphalt shingles has also become significantly reduced since the change to fiber-glass based shingles. Most asphalt shingles will need to be replaced after 10-15 years, making them quite costly over the life of a home.

It is also worth mentioning that fiberglass used in asphalt shingles is bonded with urea-formaldehyde resin, a highly adhesive but toxic material that …


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Metal Roofing May Provide Valued Choice

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Are you currently taking into consideration updating your old roof? Or perhaps you simply want to upgrade your current one? If the answer is yes, you very well may be looking for something that’s long lasting and best for the home. A roof that is certainly suitable for any structure and will provide long long-term protection from the outdoor conditions. However, with numerous choices on the market nowadays, it may seem difficult to acquire the perfect one.

In many circumstances, individuals don’t realize that the roof is in fact the foremost feature of the house that actually has a large impact on the exterior of the building. As soon as it’s due for replacement, they would simply opt for exactly the same materials without thinking of other possibilities. People don’t like change at all so they prefer to stick to things that are accustomed to.

Considering the variety of options, Metal roofing is the choice of roofing material for homeowners nowadays. It is not only versatile and will fit in with any house type, it will also withstand the weather conditions for a long time and still look wonderful! Among the important benefits of metal roofing and the answer why it’s becoming so well received is that metal has sun reflectivity properties, which permit it to reflect the heat radiation away from your roof keeping your house cool and your energy bill reduced. That is just one of the ways that metal roof covers itself

It may look counter instinctive, however the fact is these roofs are best at reflecting solar heat compared to the asphalt shingled choices of roofs. They come in various pigment coatings and each coating type has its own solar reflectivity. The ideal coating, with the slope kind of the roof that is taken into account, it will give the best in energy competency despite climate.

A common misconception concerning metal roofing is the pricing is too high, but the fact is that these roofs contrast absolutely with other choices. The cost of asphalt roofing and the price of oil have become very much expensive; thus making the roofing tiles pricier.

Metal roofing is lightweight when compared with other materials just like tile or concrete. Generally, metal roofing is from 50 up to 150 pounds for every square. The truth is, some types of metal shingles can be used over an existing roof without tearing it off, thus adding support for the structure. Therefore in conclusion when all factors are considered, metal roofs are an certainly an exquisite choice for homeowners.

How to Shingle a Roof With Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles add longevity and visual interest to a roof.

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Have you ever wondered why some people prefers to invest in architectural shingles rather that the regular ones? Do you think it’s because of the aesthetics? Perhaps there’s a more important reason behind that. If you are planning to upgrade your regular shingles, check this out to be familiar on the architectural kind.

“Architectural shingles add texture and a three-dimensional appearance to a roof. Their benefits, however, are not just aesthetic”

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Intall New Shingles

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Want to try an extra challenging home improvement activity? Why don’t you try installing your new roof at home? But wait a minute! You’ve got to put your guard on as this is going to be tough. Yet, with extra care and guidance it’ll come out just as what you wish. Take a peak at these tips to start doing your new roofing project.


But remember, you’ll have to have it inspected, and in many areas, inspections take place before you’ve finished.


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