Understanding the Dome Camera

There are several types of cameras available for sale. Dome camera is additionally one. We’ll define it as a camera which has a dome cover on it. It is a kind of hidden camera. This could have vari-focal lenses or fixed lenses. You can use these units in retail stores, casinos, restaurants, hospitals, schools, bus-terminals, shopping malls and apartments.

The dome camera is the camera of choice in many circumstances because they are usually more affordable and easiest to install. Also the indoor dome camera in a plastic cover can make it very hard to tell where the camera is pointed, so one camera could effectively deter theft outside of its normal field of view.

A number of its feature makes it more reliable. A unique feature of dome camera is pan-tilt zoom. The camera could cover any moving object by this feature. If a camera has this feature, it may record images from all angels because it moves on 360 angle.

Domes are also available with vandal proof protective casing. This makes it resistant to attempts to disable their functioning. The camera won’t quit working when burglars or thieves make an effort to corrupt it. Additionally, it may endure harsh climate.

Day and night surveillance feature of dome cameras offers total peace of mind to users and managers of especially sensitive areas just like banks and other security installations. The great part is that it could automatically change to black and white type recording for better clarity in low lighting conditions.

Dome cameras can be set up in two different ways. They could be mounted in to the ceiling or they could be suspended for the ceiling. Suspension mounting provides better face recognition. Some mounts enable movement for example tilting, panning, and zooming in and out while some are limited to only one position. This product can be purchased in color or black and white recording. The color recording, in many cases, is more useful in the case of a crime providing more detail.

With security becoming the order of the day, a significant part is often compromised on – surveillance. That compromise stops to exist with the fully equipped dome cameras.

What To Do When You’re Locked Out of Your House

Losing the key to your apartment is one of the occurrences that can lead you to being locked out of your own home. When such events take place, especially at odd hours when you really need to get into your house, most people turn to breaking down the doors or windows to gain access. But how do you address such kind of emergency?


So you’ve locked yourself out of your house. Now what?

Ideally, you’ll already have given a spare house key to a trusted neighbor or friend for just such an occurrence. But if not, here are a few things to try:

Ask for help

Do you live with roommates? Can they come home and let you in? Sure, it may be an inconvenience to ask your housemates to come let you in, but not nearly as inconvenient as being stranded outside your house, especially in the cold. If you rent your place, try reaching out to your landlord. They will usually have a copy of your house key and, depending on their location, may be close enough to swing by and let you in. If you live in an apartment complex, stop by the manager’s office and ask to be let into your place. Just make sure you can provide proof of who you are and the fact that you do indeed live in the complex.

Look for unlocked windows

Open window with plastic frame during cloudy day

Of course you would never leave your windows unlocked, but on the off chance you did, an unlocked window is the perfect entry point. Simply remove the screen, lift up the window, and shimmy through. Be careful as you enter through the window, as you’re likely to be off balance. Also be aware of what furniture or items may be lying below the window, such as end tables, TV’s, or other household items.

Grab a credit card

This method of lock-picking works only on spring bolts, the kind usually found on standard-issue doorknobs. Doors with deadbolts will not budge under the force of a credit card.

To attempt the credit card lock pick, start by choosing a card you won’t mind possibly destroying, such as a defunct Blockbuster membership card or an outdated gift card. Laminated cards tend to work the best due to the flexibility of the plastic.

1. Insert the card between the frame and the door at the point where the latch is located.
2. Hold the card perpendicular to the door and start pushing and wiggling the card.
3. While you push, start bending the card away …

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Digital Light Timers and Your Home Security

“Security has always been regarded as a main concern for most people, and many like to keep their precious belongings safe or under personal supervision. However, not all times we can monitor our belongings. Good thing, there is a continuous product development to ensure security especially on homes.”


Digital Light Timers and Your Home SecurityModern digital lamp timers have some great benefits over older, dial-based timers.

Iʼll try to convince you why these benefits make these timers worth considering for protecting your home or apartment. I’ll also report on two specific timer models Iʼve checked out.

A key part of deterring home theft is making potential burglars think someone is home.

This is why we should care about timers. They ought to be part of your basic indoor lighting strategy for home security.

Huge improvements over old-style timers

Older, dial-style light timers turn lights on and off only at pre-programmed times. This improves your home security, but only to an extent.

Such timers deter casual burglars who just happen to be in the neighborhood.

But a burglar doing a little bit of homework may notice that your lights on such a timer follow the exact same pattern each day.

Modern, digital light timers provide a key benefit over the older style: variability in a lampʼs on/off pattern.

Digital timers do this in two different ways:

  • Unique on/off control by day of the week
  • Randomness

This second feature, randomness—the ability to have lights cycle on and off at random intervals—is huge.

Ideally, what you want is randomness, but within a range you can specify, usually from around dusk to sometime during the night. A lamp on when the sun is up but dark during the evening hours doesnʼt do you much good.

Strategy tip

A good combination strategy would be a light in one room, such as a living room, to come on at dusk and then stay on until “bedtime” but have lights in some other rooms (dens, bedrooms, etc.) randomly go on and off.

Shopping tip

When youʼre shopping for a modern, digital timer, look for compatibility with energy-saving bulb types such as CFL and LED.

A limitation of some timers is that they donʼt all work with energy-saving bulbs such as CFL and LED bulbs!

Youʼll need to carefully inspect the packaging before you buy a timer. Why anyone would bother (or should even be allowed) to sell timers without this capability these days is beyond me. Buying a timer should not be a hassle!

Fortunately, over the next few years it will become less and less of a problem as the USA phases out incandescent bulbs.

Test before you rely on your new timer

After you buy one, test it out. You not only want to make sure it works with the bulbs you have, but to make sure you learn how it works.

You donʼt want the first time you use it to be when you go on vacation for two weeks and then find out the lights never came on because you misunderstood the directions. Like anything else these days involving …


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Doorknobs Buying Guide

“It is always best to have a background of whatever you want to spend some money with. Especially when it comes to home security, knowledge and information is best strategy to keep criminals away from your home. Here is just one guide to ensure the security of your family and property.”


When choosing a doorknob or lockset for your home’s exterior or interior doors, it pays to have a clear understanding of the differences between various types. This expert guide will help.

Mortise lockset for an exterior door is made to insert into a rectangular cut-out in the edge of the door.


Because doorknobs (also called “locksets” by the trade) must open, close, and lock doors on a frequent basis, it’s important that they work smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

And because they are also a highly visible part of your home, doorknobs should be chosen with an eye toward quality and style.

Prices for doorknobs are all over the map, running from a low of about $30 to $800 or more. In most cases, you get what you pay for. Quality locksets are finely machined from high-quality steel and brass and are beautifully plated with brass, bronze, chrome, or similar finishes.

When buying a new lockset, you must distinguish between several variables. Most notably, you must choose whether:

1) It is for an interior or exterior door

2) It will include a lock, and

3) It will be a cylindrical or mortise lockset.

Doorknobs and locksets are readily available online.

Interior Door Doorknobs

Interior locksets may be referred to as interior knobs, passage locksets, spring-latch locks, or tubular locks.

Conventional interior lockset has a cylindrical body that fits into holes bored into the door.

The most familiar type that has a push-button lock on one side, often used on bathroom and bedroom doors, is called a privacy lock. Privacy—not security—is the operative term. It is not meant to be used as an exterior door knob. This type of lock is easy to release from the outside by pushing a thin nail or sturdy wire into the hole at the center of the knob.

Interior locksets come in chrome, bronze, brass, and other finishes. In addition, they may have round or oval-shaped knobs, or straight, curved, or ornate levers. Prices typically run from $30 to $100.

Though some older homes may have doors equipped with old-fashioned mortise-style locksets, nearly all contemporary interior doors utilize cylindrical locksets because they’re easier to install—in fact, many new doors are pre-bored to receive cylindrical knobs.


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Security Camera Types and Thier Features

These days, security cameras are usually everywhere you go. They can come as small or as large as required, could zoom in or out, there are also spy cameras and wireless cameras out there. They’ve become amazing devices in supervising pretty much everything at home or in any organization. To get more ideas on security camera, listed here are just the widespread types.


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a.    Indoors

Indoor CCTV cameras are made in a variety of forms and sizes. The important requirements to concentrate on are the resolution, lens and optics and blending. For the resolution, top quality indoor needs to have no less than 520 lines. Whilst for lens and optics, it needs to be able to focus or zoom in to a small area to allow it to capture facial shots that can be used as legal evidence where needed. You have to ensure that it could blend or covered through the interiors of the home.

b.    External

External cameras are created with weather-resistant and sturdy enclosure in which shields the electrical related factors. A high-end camera can adjust to numerous outdoor light situations whilst supplying a number of wide-angle views. Typical features of the external cameras include wireless connectivity, motion detection, infrared night vision, tilt control, and remote pan. Any of the state-of-the-art cameras will be able to provide the outside space equivalent protection to rooms at home.

c.    PTZ

The PTZ camera or PTZ dome cameras are the interesting ones in movies which may pan, tilt, and zoom in and out. PTZ dome network cameras are cool in that they can cover a very wide area with all the versatility in pan, tilt, zoom and flipping motions. This is what they call continuous pan, where the camera can tilt 180 degrees or 360 degrees.

d.    Wireless Technology

Wireless security cameras are highly versatile making it easy to install in a position that would be difficult for the hard-wired unit. These cameras are the easiest to have put in due to lack of wiring, but the actual camera might be more costly to get when compared to hard-wired models. The vast majority of security camera units (motion-sensing, fixed, external, internal, etc.) come with wireless technology.

e.    Motion Detector

A mixture of camera and motion detector makes up the motion detector cameras. Such type of camera will stay inactive until finally some form of activity takes place within its noticeable reach. As soon as motion is observed the camera will start to record or transmit. Motor detector units are perfect for those wishing to avoid recording countless hours of non-activity. In addition, these cameras are generally better at giving an instant alert when suspicious activity is noticed.

Don’t Let Thieves Spoil Your Holidays


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Breaking free of all the stress and all, the holidays is the most anticipated season of the year because it opens loads of fun activities for the entire family members.But if some anticipate for the amusement, there are a few who thinks of gaining from this very busy season.It’s correct that during holiday season, we wish to display our amazing lights so we would turn off other home lighting to concentrate a person’s eye to the lights. Because of this, a home is dimmer thus tempting more thieves.Because most purchases occur in this season, from gifts to discounted furniture and appliances, the thieves take it as a greater chance.

These days, social networks are contributing to the increased rate of home break ins.Through the posts in these sites, burglars will look for all those individuals who won’t be home for a quite some time.People announce that they will be heading out for a vacation to all of their friends, yet at times those who are not friends are looking in on their activities, just awaiting the opportunity to show up.

Furthermore, when individuals post images of their newest purchases or any high-priced things in their home gives a preview to burglars things to search for in the house after they break in. When the homeowners are away, they will have all the time to find and get those high-priced and valuable items, as a result be cautious about what you post. If it is possible, be as low profile and post vacation images when you’re already at home.

Furthermore, one other way for criminals to take advantage of you is asking for money for charities and alike.Because it is the season by which people are extra generous and would wish to help in any way the ones that are less fortunate, heartless people will approach you to ask charitable contributions with a sympathetic face and tone.Sad to say, it can be tough for you to know the legit organizations as soon as they knock on your door because they will also bring docs that’ll make things look realistic so it’s suggested that you just go to the agency or charity where you wish to donate.

The following are other strategies that you need to observe on holiday seasons;

Set up a security system at your home, Home alarms could be a good investment since you will never know when the criminals will enter your house.

Check out the organization or charity’s track record before you decide to give any amount.

Ensure your house does not seem like abandoned and ask your neighbor to check on it now and then in case you are out.

Don’t make any important items visible from outdoors.

Break down and cut box after you open your presents so that you won’t advertise your new things by putting them out on the curb for the trash.

The holidays is definitely a great time of the year, but if you get robbed, it’ll not be the splendid time it should be. Be careful and take extra methods to be safe and secure and your holidays will continue to be extraordinary.