Top Bridal Bath and Bedding Gift Requests

Don’t fret yourself anymore when it comes to gift shopping. You just have to opt for the basic essentials. You don’t need to buy too extravagant things since all you need is the couple’s basic necessities.

Give a shower curtain as a wedding gift

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  1. High thread count sheets: Topping the list of best wedding gifts is a set of sheets with a 600 or higher thread count. It’s typically a good idea to ask for sheet sets in a neutral shade like gray so that they remain a classic staple in your linen closet. If you’re buying a gift for couple without a registry and want to purchase nice sheets, try white since it will match a wide variety of bedroom color schemes.
  2. Decorative shower curtain and liner: Shower curtains are like a giant piece of art for your bathroom and high on the list of most requested items on a wedding registry. If you’re purchasing a shower curtain as a gift, don’t forget about the liner and curtain hooks. These are little details that will make a difference when the wedded couple goes to hang up their new curtain. If you’re asking for a shower curtain, pick that out first and build the color scheme of your bathroom around it.

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