Granite is a kind of igneous rock which is formed below the surface of the earth. It’s the origin which makes granite highly resistant to heat, moisture, and regular damage. Granite floor tiles thus make the best choice for kitchen floors, and bathroom floors.”

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With qualities like beauty, style, durability, resistance to heat, scratches and the like, granite is a huge common selection for kitchens and bathrooms. The igneous rock is granular in texture, and is thus called granite. Having its luxury and elegant look, it’s no longer only used as kitchen backsplashes, countertops or bathroom flooring. Right now, you can use it in a number of ways to decorate a room and put a little bit of style in rooms like the bedroom and living room.

Durable & Long Lasting – Granite is among the hardest natural materials we have, this quality causes it to become ideal for kitchens and even bathrooms. It’s ability to stand up to the high traffic and daily abuse a kitchen endures makes this tile countertop choice a smart one also. As an example, if you remove a hot pot or pan from the stove and set it on a granite tile countertop it’s got no effect, granite is impervious to heat. It doesn’t burn the surface like Formica or butcher block. Basically granite tile countertops are almost indestructible.

Beautiful & Unique – Granite is an extremely beautiful stone that features a porous surface. It’s got various small (visible and invisible) pores making it appear beautiful. The word granite originates from a Latin word granum (meaning – grains), and its surface looks exactly like food grains are spread over a surface. This natural stone is made after natural volcanic activities. These activities give it a natural texture. Whenever you installed their tiles on your floors, you get the same unique and delightful texture at home. It is present in different colors and shades, and gives you freedom to choose. It undeniably is one of the best advantages.

Low Cost – After marble stones if you have anything to name with regards to feature and look both, granite tiles stand apart. These tiles amazingly give you the attributes just like marble but are too cheap to afford. Therefore, those people who are not very interested to go for marble tiles for their high price they could easily opt for granite. Alternatively they are not behind in any terms. So, granite is a very nice alternative for high cost marble. If you keep the comparison aside you will discover they are beneficial in practical way.

Easy Maintenance – Even though granite tiles come with an extremely hard surface, they’re also porous, thus spills needs to be wiped up from counter-tops or floors as soon as possible to stop the possibility of staining if allowed to set for several hours. Harsh abrasive chemical cleaners aren’t required and are not recommended for caring for this natural stone. A mixture of gentle dish detergent and warm water will do..