The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends For 2018—And What They Cost

What are some of the latest Kitchen Design trends? Check out the latest trends this year 2018 to make your kitchen a wonderful place to work and to hang out.

Think your all-white kitchen is timeless? You might not like what design experts see coming in 2018.

(C) Uhozz

(C) Uhozz

Two new reports, the Zillow Home Trend Forecast and the Trulia Home Design Panel, suggest the new year could see the demise of some of America’s longest-loved decorating trends including granite countertops and clean, monochromatic cabinetry. Think you’re safe with trendier touches like bar carts and Instagram-ready succulents? These 2018 predictions won’t spare you either.

If all of this caught you off guard, don’t panic. There’s no way of knowing whether the trends at the top of the pile in 2018 will stick around for years or go the way of avocado green and harvest gold come 2019. If you love your kitchen cabinets the way they are or would never dream of replacing your windowsill cactus with a full-sized ficus, there’s little reason to jump at a new trend you don’t love.

That said, if having an on-trend kitchen is of extreme personal importance, you can get one — for a price. Here’s what it would cost to build 2018’s trendiest kitchen.

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