Top 10 Must-have Cooking Tools

Cooking is definitely faster and easier the right utensils and tools. You really don’t need to spend on new gadgets or over the top food processors as you only need the basic ones to prepare your food. With these 10 essential cooking utensils available in your kitchen, you can do almost any cooking job without fuzz.

10. Strainer

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9. Wooden Spons

Choosing a spoon made of hard wood will ensure it won’t soak up too many juices from what you’re cooking. This helps to keep it bacteria-free and prevent the food you’re cooking today from tasting like what you cooked yesterday. You can also protect your wooden spoon from soaking up liquids or harboring bacteria by rubbing it with mineral oil or coconut oil.

8. Thermometer

With some foods, knowing when they’re cooked completely can be a guessing game, especially if you’re working with an unreliable or unfamiliar oven. But undercooking meat isn’t something to mess around with. Poultry in particular can transfer harmful bacteria if not cooked fully, and many food-borne illnesses can be prevented by ensuring food is cooked to a safe temperature before eating

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