Types of Surveillance Cameras

Are you planning to buy a security camera for your home? Do you already have an idea of what to buy and what to look for in a security camera? Before you make that purchase, carefully read this first to guide you on the types of cameras available in the market and choose what is really suitable for your need.


Wireless X10 Color Camera Wireless Color Camera: These indoor cameras are convenient for watching a specific room or area. Although the video signal is wireless (letting them transmit to any TV in the home) they still require power. They can run from batteries or plug into a wall outlet. Sometimes, low end wireless cameras use the same frequencies as WiFi Internet and will jam your wireless internet connection. Also, you may not be able to operate more than 1 or 2 at a time.
Low Light Camera Low Light Camera: As the name indicates, these are cameras that operate in low light. They are typically Black & White cameras with a large lens that allows them to capture a lot of light. More expensive cameras will operate in Color during the day and switch to Black & White at night. Check the lux rating on the camera to see how much light is required for the camera to capture an image.
Infrared Camera Infrared (IR) Camera: The LEDs around the lens of this camera emit Infrared light. This light is then captured by the camera itself allowing it to see heat. IR cameras are typically Black & White cameras that function as low-light cameras when IR is not needed. IR cameras have a 0 lux rating since they can see in no light, but the IR emitters have a range that limits the distance that the camera will work. Also, IR cameras are specifically designed for indoor or outdoor operation. Too many IR emitters in a small room can overpower the sensor leading to a washed out image.


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